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Aquarius Life Quote

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Of all the quotes and sayings about the Aquarius sign I think that this is my absolute favourite Aquarius quote of all time.

Some people might read this and think it reflects badly on the Aquarius sign but it is my belief that the exact opposite is true.

Here’s why.

Aquarius Signs Can Stay the Distance

What this means is that although they might be slow to start most Aquarius signs have true grit and determination.

This applies to all aspects of the Aquarius whether it be when it comes to Aquarius and love or even when it comes to their career prospects.

Although it might take a little longer for the Aquarius sign to get with the programme and get moving, once they do there really is no stopping them.

This is why I love this Aquarius Quote. It sums up the good and bad parts of the more stubborn side of the Aquarius personality.

If you know an Aquarius or you are an Aquarius who can relate to this go ahead and like, share and pin the image 🙂


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