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Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2016

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This month’s focus for career and money horoscope is on self-improvement and growth. One simply doesn’t stop changing and improving oneself, especially once you get out in the real world.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, and you need to be able to catch up with the times. If people just learned Wordstar in the 90’s, nobody will learn about Microsoft Word. If fashion never changed, you will still be wearing the animal skins that our forefathers wore.

You get the drift.

In the corporate setting, you are your brand. You have to market your brand in a way that suits you best.

You have to protect your brand so that nobody copies it, or passes it off as something else. You also need to update it once in a while to keep it relevant with the changing times.

This applies to skills and knowledge as well. What you learned or read about in the encyclopedia when you were younger may not be entirely accurate today.

How people know you ten years ago will not be the same now, because you have grown up and experienced a lot of things that changed you.

So yes, keep on changing and reinventing yourself. This is the only way you will truly get to know the real you.

The key days in January, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are January 14th, January 19th, and January 30th 2016.


For this month, Sagittarius career and money horoscope wants you to slow down and kick back. You have been working so hard that your family and your rarely ever see you. That’s not good.

You should never be too busy for your family and people who are important to you. But most of the time, you really just have no choice, because duty calls. You’re the only one who can do the job.

Otherwise, it will be a real mess.

If you work too hard, you’re also the best candidate for work related stress and burnout. It’s important that you achieve a work life balance so that you can avoid being stressed or burned out, which can affect your health in the long run.

Take a break regularly, especially when your days are really busy or hectic. Prioritize and work on your time management skills so that you don’t end up working overtime every day.

Make sure that you get plenty of rest on weekends, and plenty of sleep on week days. Make it home for dinner so that you can spend time and talk with your family.

Doing these small changes and these simple steps can greatly change your work day and how you feel about work.

The key days in February, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are February 9th, February 11th, and February 24th 2016.


This month signifies a strong and stable period, according to Sagittarius career and money horoscope. Sales targets will be met, and income will be generated. There will be a high demand for your services, and you may have to work seven days a week just to accommodate the demand.

In the office setting, everybody is in high spirits because of the company’s good performance, which signals a bonus or a party to celebrate the occasion.

It will be a financially rewarding time, with successful turnouts for projects and collaborations. It’s a great time to be employed, a great time to do freelance work, and a great time to run your own business.

There may be a few hiccups here and there, but overall, it will be a happy and fruitful month filled with promise.

You need to sustain this good fortune by working hard and making sure that clients and customers are happy with your service and satisfied with your product. You also need to be constantly networking and marketing to get new contacts and new clients. Not to mention building a strong online presence for customers who prefer to do everything online.

It’s a great and exciting time to work and generate income.

The key days in March, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are March 12th, March 17th, and March 30th 2016.


The month of April for Sagittarius career and money horoscope predicts a time of leisure and a well-deserved slow down. It will be a pretty stressful and toxic month, so you need to take plenty of rest and relaxation to keep you energized and revitalized.

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You will be tempted to work seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, but your poor body cannot keep running on those long hours. You need to take a break and make sure that your body can catch up on sleep and rest.

Your job can be physically demanding, not to mention mentally draining. You need to take care of your body now. Otherwise, it will just bog down one day and you will have nothing left to do but feel sorry for yourself.

The busier you are with work, the more time you should devote to rest. Don’t take this lightly. Stress is a silent killer. You won’t know just how stressed you are until you stop and take a breather.

As much as possible, make your weekends sacred. No work on weekends. Catch up on sleep.

Swim laps. Exercise for just 15 minutes. Run around the block. Eat a delicious and well-balanced meal.

The key days in April, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are April 1st, April 11th, and April 20th 2016.


Fun and passion are what Sagittarius career and money horoscope will be focusing on for this month. What a boring life it must be if there’s no fun and passion to be had. It’s perfectly alright to work hard, but you have to have fun once in a while, too.

Having fun is a good way to release tension. When you’re too tense, you can’t think or function well. That’s why some people resort to smoking, drinking, or exercising just to take the edge off.

If those are not your thing, you can engage in some sort of creative play. If you like to read, write, draw, paint, sing, dance, or do any other artistic and creative expression there is, do this to relax and have fun.

These are such simple activities that you can do almost anywhere. Anyone can do it, and it’s 100% effective.

These activities are also great ways to combat boredom, or burnout, or stress. If you start jumping and dancing around in the office, don’t worry. No one will think you’re weird.

Just do what needs to be done to shake those blues or tension away. It’s simple and it’s easy. Best of all, it’s free.

The key days in May, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are May 3rd, May 17th, and May 21st 2016.


For the month of June, it’s time to bring the Sagittarius career and money horoscope’s focus on financial activities and spending habits. The bigger you earn, the more you will spend. That’s the logic. But why not change it to: the bigger you earn, the more you should save?

These days, people are putting more emphasis on spending rather than saving, not knowing just how beneficial having a savings fund is in the future.

If you’re one of those responsible ones that take a portion of their earnings to their savings account, a round of applause for you. You know the value of money, and how tough it is to lose it.

That’s why you’re saving what you can while you can. Other people may not be so inclined.

If you don’t have a savings account, this is the best time to get one. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, but it’s always good to be prepared.

If you don’t prepare for your future, you can go broke in just a matter of days.

You’ll end up asking help from friends and family members. You don’t want that, do you? Start spending responsibly and take a huge chunk of that to savings.

The key days in June, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are June 13th, June 19th, and June 24th 2016.


When it comes to Sagittarius career and money horoscope, July can bring some discontent, confusion, or frustration to the workplace. Things may not be going as planned at the workplace and tension is brewing among everyone.

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You will find that you may have to take sides, even if you don’t want to. Some may be growing impatient, while some are just plain frustrated. It’s like a bug going around, and as much as you want to stay positive, you can’t help but share the same sentiments.

Airing it out in public won’t do you any good, though. Instead, it will just pass on to the next person, and they will end up feeling frustrated, too. The best thing to do is to just shut up and think happy and relaxing thoughts. When you’re calm inside, it will show, and you’ll be able to think clearly.

It’s normal to feel negative feelings once in a while, but you have to be an adult, and act like an adult.

Any issue should be dealt with in a mature and professional manner. If you really can’t control it, at least hide inside your cubicle where nobody can see you moping around. You’re not a child anymore, so don’t embarrass yourself by acting like one.

The key days in July, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are July 8th, July 19th, and July 30th 2016.


According to Sagittarius career and money horoscope, this will be a difficult month, especially when it comes to finances. All other aspects of your life will be quiet and stable, though. No need to panic or be over dramatic.

Everybody goes through rough patches when it comes to finances. You’re not the first person to ever be stressed financially. The great thing about it is that money can be earned.

If you work hard enough, you can turn the situation around. It’s not a permanent thing. There will just be some days when sales are not good and customers are very few. There will be days when no work is coming in despite your heavy advertising.

You just need to learn how to bounce back, and have faith that it will all work out in the end. You have to work just a little bit harder in order to meet your targets.

At least you’re healthy and strong, so be thankful for that. At least you’re safe and secure, so be thankful for that also. At least you’re surrounded by friends and family.

Not a lot of people can be lucky enough to say that. Just have faith, for better days are coming.

The key days in August, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are August 2nd, August 16th, and August 29th 2016.


When it comes to Sagittarius career and money horoscope, September foretells a great and exciting travel abroad. This may be for work or for pleasure. Quite perfect timing, too.

Lately you may have been feeling overworked, so this trip is the perfect way to get away from work for a while and just relax. It doesn’t matter which destination, as long as it’s away from the office.

An opportunity to mentor someone may also present itself. This is perfect if you run your own business and need someone to help out with customer service or administrative work.

You can supervise while teaching all that they need to know in running an office. Your customer base is growing bigger by the week, and by the end of the year, you may have to consider hiring a full-time staff for daily operations.

Even if you don’t get to travel abroad, you can still find a way to relax right at home. Make sure that you do it as often as you can. Especially when you have no time to relax, because that’s the time that you really need to relax.

Having enough sleep is a good way to relax. Why don’t you start with that?

The key days in September, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are September 9th, September 11th, and September 30th 2016.


When it comes to career and money horoscope, Sagittarius in October predicts an exceptional month. Your career, finances, personal life, and professional life are all at their peak. Everything is going smoothly, and you’re enjoying a relatively peaceful and rewarding period.

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You will have the chance to reflect on what else you want to accomplish in your life, and you will find the answers deep in your heart. You may be thinking of getting married and having kids.

You may be thinking of pursuing higher education, or teaching as a profession. You may be thinking about going on an expedition in the Arctic.

Anything is possible right now because you’re experiencing your peak moment. You may feel invincible, with a never ending supply of energy. You may focus your energies on the easier, more practical, and more realistic goals first.

Like expanding your business, or introducing a new line of products. Or losing weight. Or growing your own English garden right in your backyard.

It’s better to set smaller but more achievable goals, because when you achieve them, it will feel like such an accomplishment.

There’s nothing wrong with setting big and fantastic goals, but these things can take time. Set goals that you can complete today, as soon as possible.

The key days in October, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are October11th, October 18th, and October 26th 2016.


When it comes to career and money horoscope, Sagittarius in November feels like you’re on top of the world. Everything is going just as it should, and you are feeling a warm and happy feeling, overall. After working so hard, all the things that you have been wanting to achieve are here.

Health is good, as well as financial matters, personal relationships, and career. They are all enjoying a good and happy period.

Right now you can say that there’s nothing that you’ll want more, because everything you need is right here. Now is the time to start giving back for all the things that you have been blessed with.

You can share your blessings to the less fortunate, or to the people who have been there with you from the very beginning. They are part of your success, too, so don’t forget to share your success with them.

The only thing that concerns you now is what next project you want to be working on. It seems that all you set out to achieve have been achieved.

Do you pass on the torch to the next in line and enjoy semi-retirement? Or do you actively seek out new goals to accomplish to keep you feeling vibrant and alive?

The key days in November, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are November 13th, November 16th, and November 27th 2016.


Sagittarius career and money horoscope for December predicts that you will be feeling a need for change. You may feel the need to change certain habits, certain styles, certain ways of thinking, and certain emotions.

There’s also a feeling of restlessness that you’re not sure where it’s coming from. All you know is that you need to change mind sets and attitudes in order to see real change.

You may have been sheltered and protected for too long that every new emotion or idea that doesn’t fit the mould makes you feel lost or confused. That’s okay. You may be going through a period of self-awakening.

Just feel the emotions that you’re feeling and acknowledge them. You will achieve clarity at your own time. And when you do, there’s no need to feel scared or lost. You will figure it out, just like you always do.

Keep an open mind and remain focused. Everybody goes through a period of self-discovery. It may be brief. It may take a few months, even years.

Take as long as you need. Your friends and family will still be there for you, no matter what. It’s a scary but exciting time, and you will learn a lot about yourself that you never knew before.

The key days in December, as far as Sagittarius career and money horoscope is concerned, are December 10th, December 16th, and December 25th 2016.

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