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The Bear Spirit Animal

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bear spirit animal

The bear spirit animal has been worshipped throughout time because of its raw power and strength, serving as an inspiration for big and small animals to be brave and stand up against adversity. The bear symbolism invites you to be in touch with the earth, and to understand the cycles of nature to experience healing in your body, mind, and spirit.

Common Bear Spirit Animal Meanings

If you wish to know the bear symbolism and what it means in your life, you should know that it symbolizes fortitude. The bear spirit animal is not only size and brawn, but also strength of mind!

It possesses a sense of self-assurance and confidence, apart from the raw power and physical strength. Your bear totem represents the depth of power that you possess, and the strong pillars of support that you have during difficult times.

The bear meaning speaks about your inner courage and your stable foundation that will help you face your personal difficulties. It symbolizes your confidence and how you present yourself to the world, knowing what you want and where you are going.

The bear symbolism also highlights your aptitude to take on a leadership role, because you know the meaning of devotion and what it is like to be a fierce protector. You are fearless just like your bear totem.

You act without fear, and you are fully prepared to defend yourself and others when provoked. You are ferocious but with a gentle spirit, just like the mama bear who protects her cubs with all that she’s got.

Similar to the crow, the bear symbolism is also about patience. You know that to be successful, you need to hibernate your ideas until you have the perfect timing.

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Just like the bear who takes a long and deep sleep, you also need to go on a meditative journey to know yourself and realize what your heart is seeking. You need to be alone with your thoughts and be comfortable in your solitude.

The bear spirit animal symbolizes dominion and authority, and being larger than life. It signifies respecting the laws of boundaries and standing tall against adversities.

The bear meaning also speaks about protection and commitment. Just like the kind of protection and commitment that bear mothers give to their young.

The meaning of the bear focuses on the need for solitude, rest, and quiet time. Just like in life, there is a need for rest and recuperation after a long period of battle.

Does seeing a Bear mean Love is coming?

The bear spirit animal makes its presence known to people who have the appreciation for the sweetness of life and love. If you’re one those people, be ready for love!

The presence of the bear totem in your life signals the time for self-examination. This is the time to figure out what you truly want.

Just like the bear who hibernates for months, give yourself some ‘cave time’. This will allow you to better listen to your heart and know what’s best for you.

When the bear spirit animal appears in your life, it’s time to take care of yourself and give yourself time to heal and reflect. Call on your bear totem to direct your energies in a more focused way!

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Do this if you see the Bear Totem in Your Dreams

The bear spirit animal spends most of its time alone, hunting and walking through the forest. You are being encouraged to enjoy the journey and delight in the sweetness of life.

The bear knows the land well, and it knows where to go to get what it wants. It knows where to find the nutrients that it needs for sustenance before hibernation.

It knows when to rest or back down, and when to stand up and be bold. When the bear totem appears in your dreams, it’s time to be bold and courageous.

Positive Traits of the Bear Spirit Animal

Having the bear totem in your life signifies that you are also a powerful person in your own way. You do not run out of strength, even during times of weakness, helplessness, or uncertainty.

You are authoritative. You effortlessly give direction and guidance, and your presence commands respect and admiration.

You are strong and confident, making others follow and be inspired by you. But even with all these gifts and talents, you never lose your humility, which is also one of your biggest strengths.

Negative Traits of the Bear Spirit Animal

If your spirit animal is the bear, you are hot-tempered and easily upset. Be careful not to attack at random or without cause.

Because of your many skills and talents, you can also become overconfident. You can also be quick to act on your temper and explode in fiery anger.

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You can throw caution to the wind. Most of the time, you let your emotions get the better of you.

Rise above the negative bear meaning and start paying attention to how you feel, think, act. Be mindful of how you treat people when your emotions are running high.

Try your best to make decisions that come from a place of peace and stability. Let your emotions settle before saying or doing anything that you might regret later.

Call on your Bear Spirit Animal when:

  • You need protection.
  • There’s no better protector than your bear spirit animal, which is just the right combination of strength and gentleness. Whenever you feel scared, channel your inner bear!
  • You feel like life is starting to lose its sweetness.
  • Sometimes all you need to start appreciating life is to meditate and shut out the noise. This will help center you, and this will help you focus on everything that you should be grateful for.
  • You need to stand tall and face your fears.

Be like the bear who is always courageous, even when it’s not. Even if you’re not feeling brave, the world doesn’t have to know it!

My final thoughts on the Bear Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

Call on your bear spirit animal to help you find your center and become more grounded. Dedicate more of your time and energy to introspective pursuits.

Regroup and find some quiet time to rest, no matter how busy you are. Do not underestimate the power of a good rest!

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