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The Elephant Spirit Animal

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elephant spirit animal

Because of its massive size and towering height, the elephant spirit animal naturally signifies strength and power. The elephant symbolism can easily command power because of its dominating presence and air of authority.

It’s no wonder that the elephant is a born leader because of its wisdom, strength, and leadership. But even with its intimidating presence, the elephant totem can also be one of the friendliest and gentlest creatures in the world, provided you are friendly and gentle with them, too.

Common Elephant Spirit Animal Meanings

The elephant meaning in your life indicates your level of intelligence. You are wiser than you let on because you know when to flaunt your gift and when to downplay it.

Like your elephant spirit animal, you are blessed with a good memory. It’s natural for you to ponder on things like a baby does with its favorite soft toy.

You think things through before saying or acting on anything. You know when to state your piece and you know when to speak your mind.

Like the elephant, you are patient and persevering.  You work tirelessly to achieve something that you most desire.

As with the Grasshopper Spirit animal, with the Elephant you have honor and integrity. You always think of the good of everybody, not just your own.

The meaning of the elephant also resonates with pride and dignity, and with power and reliability. Standing up for others and defending their rights come naturally for you, and this elevates your status to everyone you know.

Here is why the Elephant Spirit animal is Lucky for some…

The elephant spirit animal can bring luck to you because its appearance in your life indicates that you are completely in control. You have the freedom to do as you please and achieve what you want to achieve.

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With nothing stopping you from accomplishing anything that you set your mind on, your pursuits will end up successful, and you will experience the rewards of your hard work! Just be patient and continue to work for it because soon you will taste the sweet taste of success.

If Your Spirit Animal is the Elephant, read this carefully…

The elephant spirit animal represents strength and power. If you are looking to have some balance, stability, and security in your life, seeing or dreaming about the elephant totem can only signal good things!

There will be a new or an improved relationship in the works. It may not be something you’re looking for at the moment, but don’t say no to it, either.

It can be something that you didn’t know you needed, something that can last for life, and something that can give you real joy. Just remember that the elephant totem will appear to you at a time when you’re too focused on something that you forget to focus on other more important things.

Positive Traits of the Elephant Spirit Animal

If you have the elephant as your spirit animal, consider yourself extremely intelligent, too. You are wise and intuitive, and you don’t need everything to be spelled out just for you to understand it.

You feel things on a deeper level, and you respond to things from this depth of emotions. You fight for those who are too weak to fight for themselves and who are helpless about their situations.

You possess a connectedness to people, and you demonstrate this by being loyal, sensitive, and sympathetic. Despite difficulties and less than ideal situations, you remain faithful and steadfast and always see the good in everyone.

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Like your elephant spirit animal, you are naturally responsible even at a young age. Taking care of people, both young and old, and even risking your life just to keep someone out of harm’s way, makes you happy.

You are a natural provider, and you will go through pain and hardships just to be able to see your loved ones happy. Because of your persistence, commitment, and confidence in your abilities, you can easily do all these!

Be inspired by your elephant spirit animal as it plows through challenges and crushes difficulties with its sheer size and attitude. Use your sense of empathy to iron out differences in your family, or in your personal and professional relationships.

Negative Traits of the Elephant Spirit Animal

The elephant is a proud and dignified animal. It symbolizes royalty and authority.

With the elephant totem, it can sometimes be a challenge accepting defeats and setbacks. Sometimes, when things don’t turn out like you’ve planned, your pride and sense of dignity can get in the way of dealing with the loss.

Call on your Elephant Spirit Animal when:

  • You are feeling weak in body, mind, and soul.
  • Your elephant spirit animal will give you the strength that you need, just like what the elephant does when it forages for food and water to sustain its young. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, though, because there’s no way that you can achieve all your goals if your body is not at its 100%.
  • You need to be reminded about your driving force, your motivation, and your life goals.
  • Be inspired by the commitment and the strength of your elephant totem. Think about your loved ones and the future that you want to have — this should be enough to get you back on your feet.
  • You feel unsure about where to take your life.
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It’s okay to feel lost and confused from time to time, because not everybody has life figured out already. Take the lessons and let them guide you on your next adventure!

My final thoughts on the Elephant Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

What the elephant meaning wishes to impart is for you to take care of your overall well-being before helping other people. You will not always be young and strong, so keep your body, mind, and soul nourished!

Also, keep the closeness and intimacy alive with your family and loved ones. This connectedness is what will propel you to bigger things.

Be proud of all that you have accomplished and will still accomplish in the future. You are destined for great things, so stand tall and proud like your elephant totem!

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