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The Lion Spirit Animal

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lion spirit animal meaning

Known as the king of the jungle, the lion spirit animal represents courage in the face of difficulties and strength in overcoming challenges. The lion symbolism also means that something difficult to control is happening, or is about to happen, and that you should rely on your own personal strength to get through it.

Common Lion Spirit Animal Meanings

It’s truly no surprise to know that the meaning of the lion is strength. After all, it will not be called the king of the jungle for nothing!

But more than its strength and intimidating appearance, it’s also because of the lion’s ability to lead and influence others. When the lion roars, it’s already making a bold statement.

When the lion spirit animal rises, everybody takes notice. This symbolizes how the lion totem dominates in relationships, both personal and professional.

The lion symbolism also emphasizes personal power – your strength, self-confidence, courage, and assertiveness. It also signifies how you are the master of your own domain, and how you are the epitome of strength, power, and masculinity.

The lion is ferocious and at the same time beautiful. It is graceful and elegant, and it has a commanding presence.

It doesn’t need to roar loudly for you to know that this is an animal of strength and power. Just by looking at it you will know that it is a creature that you should not mess with.

This is the meaning of the lion that you should apply in your own life. Work hard to be respected and to be admired that anything you say will be valued by people.

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Strive to achieve that personal power which will allow you to accomplish your goals and turn your dreams to reality. Aim for higher heights just by the power of your words and the reach of your influence.

The lion symbolism is also about your personal struggles. It’s a reminder to control your temper, your urges, and your impulses.

Listen to both sides of the story before you strike back, and think about the consequences of your actions should you even strike back. Do not put yourself in a position where you will be forced to do something that you will regret later.

Unlike the meaning of the mouse, the meaning of the lion wants you to choose your battles. Think long and hard before doing something, and be brave enough to accept the repercussions.

The lion meaning also places emphasis on the family, your close relationships, and your desire to nurture the people who are important to you. As a provider and a protector, you will fearlessly step forward in defense of another.

You will rise to the occasion just to see someone you love happy. Oftentimes, you will forget about your tough reputation if it means a priceless memory for your loved ones.

The Lion Totem is bad luck for some, here’s why…

The lion spirit animal points out your weaknesses. Who likes being called out for being weak, right?

Some people don’t like the lion meaning because it emphasizes all the things that they are not good at, and the things that they do not have. For this reason, they avoid the lion spirit animal.

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They take foolish or unnecessary risks, or they make foolhardy decisions. All these because of their exaggerated courage or their secret fears and insecurities that lie deep within.

In some cases, the lion symbolism serves as a warning of a threatening or alarming situation. You truly cannot blame some people if they think the lion totem is bad luck!

Lion spirit animals as messengers of change

When the lion spirit animal comes roaring into your life, it’s encouraging you to keep the overall balance. Do not overdo things that can affect your mind, body, and spirit.

Use your personal power to make positive changes in your life and the lives of others. You are more powerful and stronger than you think, and you can inspire change!

Positive Traits of the Lion Spirit Animal

People who share an affinity with the lion are natural nurturers. They teach their young to take care of themselves without leaving them weak and vulnerable.

But it’s in their nature to protect the weak, family or not. This is what makes them such great leaders and protectors.

The lion spirit animal is brave and just, and mighty and gentle at the same time. This is the kind of person that you are if your spirit animal is the lion!

Negative Traits of the Lion Spirit Animal

With the lion spirit animal, you are also prone to predatory feelings, like aggression, and anger aimed at yourself or someone else. There is an innate need for you to always be in control or in charge.

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There are also moments when you fear your own strength and power, causing you to hold back for fear of ‘devouring’ or ‘consuming’ the people you love. The lion meaning also points to the negative external powers that rule or dominate your life.

Call on your Lion Spirit Animal when:

  • You are ready to face your personal challenges head on.
  • Even the most successful people have their bad days and not so promising starts. Concentrate on the person that you want to become, and go at it slowly but surely!
  • You have goals to accomplish.
  • Anything is possible! Train your mind to think like a winner, and take care of your body so that you will be able to accomplish even the most arduous tasks.
  • You need strength and courage.

Fear is a natural emotion. It’s an emotion that can be overcome by courage, so go out there and be courageous!

My final thoughts on the Lion Spirit Animal and its Symbolism

If the lion spirit animal appears in your life, it serves to remind you to take better care of yourself. There are so many things that you can do take care of your well-being, like expressing yourself more openly and positively, no matter the level of your frustration.

Be ready for trouble and tough times ahead. But do not actively seek it or bring it into your life!

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