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Virgo Aquarius Compatibility

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virgo aquarius compatibility 2014

When it comes to a love match nothing is more exciting and heady than Virgo Aquarius compatibility.

If you are worrying about Virgo Aquarius compatibility, the answer is yes, the signs are that very good that these two signs of the Zodiac are highly compatible. This extends to love compatibility and friendship compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius.

My analysis reveals that these two signs have a lot in common, at least on the surface. It’s very easy to get into a Virgo Aquarius relationship. Much easier than trying to make a match between Virgo and Aries work for example. The problem is making sure that relationship not only survives but grows. There are certain common minefields that you need to avoid in your relationship.

This compatibility guide will help you learn each other’s signals so you can build a more productive and meaningful relationship between Virgo and Aquarius. This guide also helps you if you are a Virgo or Aquarius trying to approach an Aquarius or Virgo respectively to start a brand new friendship or relationship.

The same ideas and situations flow whether you are trying to get into a relationship or are already in a relationship and are trying to take it to the next level.

Virgo Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Virgos and Aquarians tend to be focused on ideas. Virgos have a very distinct idea of the way the world should be and the way things should be done. Aquarius signs, on the other hand, tend to focus on things in the future that they’d like to see happen.

They have these ideas that they would like to become reality. On the surface, you might think that these two traits would make for a great combination. You would be absolutely correct. When it comes to striking up a conversation, getting deeper and really feeling out and knowing more about each other, this is one commonality that Virgo and Aquarius people can really connect on.

However, when they are already in a relationship, or if they are in a business relationship, this can be a serious issue. The Virgo tends to focus on ideas and tends to be obsessive compulsive about some issues. There’s no other way to say it. There’s no polite way to frame it.

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They tend to get caught up in details because they’re so focused on perfection. They’re so focused on having this distinct and clearly drawn idea of how things should be that nothing irritates them more when they realize that the world operates according to another set of rules.

As a result, they tend to get stuck on details. This is very annoying when you’re in a Virgo Aquarius relationship, whether it’s a romantic or business relationship. Many relationships break up because of this, because the Virgo just simply can’t let go. The Aquarius, on the other hand, is so airy that he or she is at risk of being accused of having his or her head in the sky. This works in the exact opposite way that a relationship between Virgo and Aries tends to work.

Obviously, this is not the way to live. There is this inherent tension regarding ideas but the key here is to focus on your common ideas and ground each other. I’m not talking about depress each other or shoot each other’s dreams down but to help each other develop more fully.

Virgo Men and Aquarian Women Relationships

Virgo male personalities, by framing the world in terms of perfect and imperfect, tend to be by nature quite pessimistic. How can they not be? The world is obviously not perfect, and if you are walking around with these unrealistic ideas of perfection, you are bound to get disappointed every now and then. Virgos tend to do this – especially in the coming months.

As a result, their friends tend to think that they are downers or pessimists. In their mind, however, Virgos look at themselves as emotionally and intellectually authentic. They look at the world in terms of this perfectionist filter, and everything else is impure or simply wrong.

They think that they are the world’s ambassador in terms of authenticity. This trait can run head long into the Aquarius personality trait of over optimism. Aquarians love to make plans, but they can’t seem to get things together to actually pull those plans together.

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The best Aquarians, on the other hand, are those that work with Earth signs like Capricorns or Taurus.

The Aquarian comes up with these amazing ideas, the Capricorn or Taurus comes up with the execution plan, and things happen. As you can well imagine, when you put together the Aquarian pie in the sky mentality with the Virgo pessimism, it might not be a recipe for success for a good match between Virgo and Aquarius.

While initial progress can begin, the Virgo will eventually step on the brakes, and the Aquarian is forced to tailor his or her ideas based on reality. While this may be good if it remains on a realistic level, the Virgo as mentioned above can get quite unrealistic and this is where the tension comes.

It can actually blow up into very nasty arguments. This is not theoretical. This can seriously harm a romantic relationship between Virgo and Aquarius. If you can’t see eye to eye because one person’s head is in the sky, and the other person is just nit-picking the small details, then it can be a serious cause for disagreement.

Aquarian Commitment to Virgo’s Non-Committal side

Aquarians, since they love new ideas, love new possibilities. They are always ready to commit. They look at thinking of something as working at that thing. They are very ready to sign on the dotted line when it comes to strategies, goals and relationships, you name it.

Virgos, on the other hand, tend to look at all opportunities based on their very fixed and limited ideas of what should be. They are so perfectionist that they tend to have a tough time committing.

This can be a serious issue in terms of Virgo Aquarius compatibility when it comes to buying stuff or deciding on certain things for the relationship. For example, if you have a child, and you’re trying to decide which school to send the child, this could be a serious issue.

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The Virgo partner might be focused on details that don’t match his or her idea of a perfect reality while the Aquarius partner is so caught up in the necessity and the rightness of sending a kid to a particular school that arguments flare up.

You have to temper each other’s commitment readiness. The Virgo should lay out some realistic ground rules. The Aquarian should measure the decision based on these parameters. Then, they should come to a quick agreement. That’s how commitment issues are resolved when it comes to Virgo Aquarius compatibility.

Relationships Based on Virgo thoroughness and Aquarian Passion

Aquarians can be passionate. Let’s get that out of the way. It’s no mystery that Aquarians can really get excited about latest and greatest ideas. However, that passion tends to be very fleeting. How come? A new idea comes. A better deal makes its way on to the Aquarians table, and they easily forget the previous deal and the previous idea.

This is what tends to drag Aquarius Virgo relationships down from greatness. The Virgo, on the other hand, tends to get stuck on details and then tend to be very thorough. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, if you put these two tendencies together, the Virgo and Aquarius can actually produce a solid relationship. We’re not just talking about friendship based relationships, were also talking about romantic relationships. When it comes to Virgo Aquarius compatibility, Virgo thoroughness and Aquarian passion make for a great combination.

Don’t get this wrong. Don’t mix it up. Don’t mix the signals. If you get this formula right, not only would you have a happier relationship, but you could actually do a lot of things with your relationship.

You can really have a very fulfilling relationship where you explore all ideas that arise in Virgo Aquarius matches and relationships. When you zero in on certain shared ideas you will live life to the fullest and will really make the most of your compatibility between Virgo and Aquarius.

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