5 Reasons Taurus will Find Love in 2019

Taurus people like life to be pleasant, predictable but, make no mistake, plentifully passionate.

These aren’t the kind of people who are content with some polite bedroom connection once a fortnight and then to idle the days away doing their own thing the rest of the time.

Likewise though, Taurus people need the breathing room to make their own way in the world, and in their own time.

These people have an aptitude for patience that sadly isn’t as easily found in many other signs in the zodiac.

Taurus people understand that good things take time, and certainly are not inclined to rush into a relationship overnight – but also don’t really like life without one.

However, all too often, they can get hassled into connecting with someone who just seems to bicker and bring drama.

Luckily for you, dear Taurus, the winds of change are upon us all as 2019 matures – but don’t look so squeamish.

This isn’t the sudden sweeping up the rug from beneath you change of which you are so very suspicious.

Instead, this is instead a kind of changing of the tides, of the rhythms of life around you – you’ll find that times in which you’ve had to stand your ground making a point, for example, suddenly feel less frequent and contentious in 2019 than they have in prior years.

This aura of agreeability and persuasiveness is simply an indication that the soul work you’ve been quietly putting in over the last few years is finally bearing fruit in 2019, Taurus.

And with that comes the certainty that a loyal, productive and passionate partner is right around the corner.

Here are 5 reasons why Taurus folks stand to gain some solidarity in their love lives during 2019.

Reason 1 – Traditional courting is coming back into style

There are plenty of things in this life that can make the Taurus person raise one eyebrow and emit a quiet little chuckle.

Among them is the rise and decline of hook-up culture – a superficial little fad that some Taurus folks despaired at, while others shrugged and quietly waited it out.

Those embroiled in the swiping left and right, the meaningless meetups leading to awkward back and forth, the ghosting, the drama and the occasional downright oddball have come to realise what Taurus folks have realised all along – that the old values are called ‘values’ for a reason.

Taurus knows that to woo and be wooed is, indeed, invaluable, and these are people who will work to show their affection in the most earnest and charming ways.

Yet in the past, this has so often been a one way street, leaving poor Taurus feeling a mite underappreciated.

Have no fear, Taurus dear – the old school is becoming new school.

While you might chuckle at the virtue signalling of new partners surrounding you in your social circle who big up how they’re turning to chocolates, flowers and unexpected weekends away, you know this isn’t as new as it is tried and true.

And that doesn’t make it any less special and meaningful when it happens to you, either – in fact, it’s richly deserved!

A creature of pleasure such as Taurus deserves to put their feet up and luxuriate in the pampering of a thoughtful partner.

Look out for those dates who go the extra mile in 2019, Taurus – these are your hints that you’ve backed a winner this time around.

Reason 2 – Taurus at work is finding more time to play

The long hours, the thankless tasks, the nitty gritty and the details everyone else missed on the jobs nobody else wanted to do.

With everyone scouring the online job sites looking for the fast road to success, Taurus has always known that keeping their head down and clocking up the miles is the surest way of finding prosperity.

That nest egg, untouched by even the most wild of economic fluctuations, has no doubt helped plenty too. Taurus folks are almost as good at making money as they are keeping it.

This all adds up to a moment or two in 2019 when finally, triumphantly, everything clicks.

Your hard work is recognised, your promotion or raise gives you extra vacation days, or your business takes on enough autonomy for you to take some much needed downtime.

Yet just as Taurus feels like there’s nothing to do and all day to do it, along comes a new mate who’ll give you oh so many things to get as deeply involved in as you like!

It’s indeed the case that the stars forecast that career and romantic success go hand in hand for Taurus during the course of 2019.

But more than this, it’s apparent that these folks are going to experience a shift in how their time is spent.

Long hours and persevering against gossiping coworkers and the odd layabout who somehow got promoted first will suddenly shift into a world in which Taurus calls the shots, gives the orders, reaps the rewards and, most importantly, relaxes aplenty.

And there to rub your shoulders, kiss you goodnight and spoil you rotten with bubble baths and long, loving nights is a partner who seems to understand implicitly how important your business is to your state of mind.

Just keep your eyes wide open, Taurus, because success can attract more parasitic paramours as much as it does the earnest and the true. Yet don’t let that put the fear up you too much, because….

Reason 3 – In 2019, Taurus won’t get fooled again

Almost every one of us at some time has to, unfortunately, endure a relationship in which the wool was pulled over our eyes and our loved one wasn’t who they said they were.

For a Taurus person who has found financial success, this can be an especially frightening notion.

Yet due to how the planets are aligned and how Taurus folks have grown during life on Earth in the last four years particularly, there is an aura of insight and knowledge about people inherent to Taurus folks during 2019.

This energy will build and further develop going into the 2020s, making for quite the decade to be, but in the meantime will also steer Taurus right in separating the wheat from the chaff in the dating game.

No longer will a few charming lines or some fluttering lashes be enough to sway Taurus from their goals or their principles.

Likewise, Taurus won’t unwittingly become the sugar momma or the sugar daddy to a freeloader looking for an easy ride through life.

While there’s no harm in looking after those less fortunate than ourselves – especially our partners – those with disingenuous intentions simply won’t make it past the gate into the Taurus kingdom any more.

Why does this promise love in 2019 if Taurus is turning so many people away, you may ask? Well, because… just wait until you meet the person who does tick all the boxes!

Reason 4 – 2019 is inviting Taurus to try something new

Taurus people are pretty well known among those who follow astrology – as well as practitioners of telling fortunes, reading tarot cards and so forth – as souls who like to establish what works and sticking with it.

This creates those jokes about the famous Taurus stubbornness, of course, as these people get set in their ways – and of course, Taurus is that steadfast as to just shrug off any of that gentle ribbing!

However, in 2019, a lot of fresh starts, new opportunities and ways of shaking up what seems to be tried and true will present themselves to Taurus people.

It won’t always be easy or comfortable, but you’re being encouraged, dear Taurus, to refine your approach.

You’ll find that opening your eyes to these new avenues in life will, in a similar way, open the possibilities of new people to enter it.

And those people will, more often than not, hold the same views on life, love and loyalty as Taurus does.

If you’ve been stuck in a rut rather than enjoying what you’ve carved out as your own niche, Taurus, then it’s time to take a bold step in a new direction.

However, if that feels daunting, it doesn’t need to be.

Why? Because the partner to whom Taurus is expected to become devoted in 2019 is a partner able to calmly, rationally and convincingly steer Taurus in the right direction in those rare times they themselves lack the best approach.

You can expect not just a partner in 2019, Taurus, but a comrade in the utmost sense of the word.

Sure, the bedroom will light up with your antics, and your sunsets will be spent strolling arm in arm and sipping the finest wines your hard won wages have brought you.

But those changes you need to be your best, and the means to make them happen without upset or incident, can be helped along by a loyal lover who has your best interests at heart.

Reason 5 – In 2019, Taurus is done with the bull!

2019 is helping to guide Taurus people away from the pettiness, the drama, the shallowness and the hyperbole.

This is a year in which genuine values are finding their feet again in a saturated world that feels confused and out of touch.

Taurus, you’ve been done with the bull, so to speak, for some time.

You’ve had enough of gossip as soon as your back is turned, of fairweather friends who duck out when your chips are down, and – yes – partners who are only after one thing, or too slushy with their feels trips.

All these things and more reach a head during 2019, Taurus, so be warned – if you’ve been hoping to wait out a tumultuous time in an existing relationship in the hopes that things might get rosier, there could be a bit of a rude awakening.

Similarly, if that little voice in the back of your mind has convinced you that this new good looking potential partner you’ve had an eye on is bad news, and will only bring drama and split up friends and send weird texts to their ex… well, doesn’t it suck when you’re right sometimes, Taurus?!

Take heart though Taurus, because your stepping away from this nonsense is like a declaration of intentions to the universe at large.

By raising your standards of who you can let into your inner circle, you’ll find that all at once you seem to draw those people to you by default.

Look for the chance encounter while out and about with someone whose profoundness and sincerity you can practically feel in the air.

Watch for coy eyes and a smile with parted lips on a lazy summer’s evening, Taurus – or a midwinter’s chance encounter under a full moon.

Final Thoughts

Taurus is a star sign with a romantic nature that comes coupled with a strong work ethic and a and a pragmatic mind.

However, these are people who hate to be single for too long – and arguably, are earnest and sweet enough that they don’t deserve to be alone.

After a peculiar few years for us all, Taurus people in particular can expect for 2019 to grace them with a thoughtful, compassionate and giving partner who respects the mighty Bull of the zodiac’s need for independence – but also for romance and sensual pleasure.

Indeed, sparks will fly behind closed doors, but may not fizzle out – so what an exciting time indeed for Taurus folks. Just be prepared, Taurus dear – you might need to make a big step in a fast way to make this happen, with the kind of quickness you wouldn’t normally exercise.

But I promise the end result shall be worthwhile!