Understanding Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Understanding Zodiac Sign Compatibility

zodiac sign compatibility

Zodiac sign compatibility is perhaps one of the most frequently requested questions I get asked about. In fact not a day of the week goes by when I do not get several emails asking about various issues to do with Zodiac sign compatibility and how it can affect a person’s life.

What Zodiac sign am I most compatible with? Which zodiac signs are a great match for love and romance?

These are all questions that I get on a daily basis.

Rather than reply to hundreds of emails each week I have spent the last two weeks preparing this detailed analysis of all the issues surrounding Zodiac sign compatibility. I want to publish it here so that all of my loyal readers can read it and apply my research and analysis to improve their own lives.

My Opinion on Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Zodiac sign compatibility really does not have to be complicated. I see so much nonsense written about this topic that it really is time to put the record straight. I trust that all my readers will find this useful and can use this special compatibility analysis of the Zodiac signs to improve their own lives.

If you think about it hard enough, there is really no such thing as two incompatible Zodiac signs. We are all hybrid creatures with many different traits and characteristics.

Each Zodiac sign has both bad sides and positive sides and it is my belief that we are all combinations of the positive and negative. That’s just a fact of life.

This is why there is no such thing as truly bad Zodiac compatibility.

With that said, there are certain aspects of each Zodiac sign that make them better partners, better friends and more compatible lovers with other Zodiac signs than other signs.

However let me be very clear – this doesn’t necessarily mean that Zodiac sign compatibility is set in stone. This doesn’t necessarily mean that certain signs cannot be friends or lovers.

This just means that certain signs have certain predispositions or certain tendencies. Keep that in mind when looking through Zodiac sign compatibility for each sign below.

Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility

When it comes to Aries zodiac sign compatibility there is one thing that you must keep in mind at all times – Aries people love to be the centre of attention. They like to take charge and they like to be perceived as being in-charge.

Nothing excites them more than charging into situation and saving the day. While this is the picture they like to imagine of themselves, the reality could sometimes be very different from this mental image.

It’s not uncommon for an Aries to be indecisive. It’s not uncommon for an Aries to be overly stubborn. Aries zodiac sign compatibility tends to match the Aries with people who can get along well with people that are okay with others taking charge.

Alternatively they are highly compatible with other signs that have another emphasis or other focus in their lives. This is why Aries zodiac sign compatibility matches extremely well with Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini signs.

Taurus Zodiac Sign Compatibility

When it comes to the Zodiac sign compatibility of Taurus it is crucial to understand that Taurus is usually a very strong character.

People born under Taurus are also usually very attractive to other signs so this makes for excellent Zodiac sign compatibility in terms of sexual compatibility and romantic compatibility.

If there is one sign of the Zodiac that tends to produce people that are good looking both internally and externally, it would be the Taurus.

With that said, Taurus can also be a raging bundle of contradictions. That in control and very composed and powerful Taurus you see in front of you might actually be very weak and doubtful and worrying on the inside.

This is key to understanding the true nature of the Taurus sign. Once you understand that insecurities and self doubt can become an obsession for Taurus you can better understand the person.

In my experience it is only once doubt can become an obsession for Taurus you can better understand the person.

In my experience it is only once we understand the real person that we can then begin to develop and improve our Zodiac sign compatibility with that person.

Another thing to remember about Taurus people is that they can let gossip get the best of them. Due to this internal contradiction and their need for decisiveness and their overall strength, Taurus can be compatible with certain signs better than others.

zodiac sign compatibility chart
Zodiac Compatibility Chart

Taurus Zodiac sign compatibility is best matched with Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Taurus can cast a long shadow and can provide a lot of protection. This makes them a great and highly compatible partner for the doubtful and often insecure people born under water signs.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Gemini among all the other Zodiac signs can at least at first get along with everybody. In all the signs they are the sign that that enjoys the greatest level of Zodiac sign compatibility with most other signs.

This is due to the fact that Gemini is good at mirroring. You think you’ve met a new Gemini in your life and this person seems very interesting. You might think that this person says all the right things and listens really well. Guess what, if you videotape your interaction with that Gemini, Gemini is just throwing back at you and reflecting back to you the signals that you send.

In other words, Gemini is just mirroring you on an emotional level.

Unfortunately, this can get Gemini into a lot of trouble and ultimately will harm their Zodiac sign compatibility with other signs.

People will sometimes think that they know Gemini well enough, but really all they know is that “emotional mirroring”.

In other words, they don’t really know Gemini at all. What they do know is the signals that they send which are their own signals in the first place.

When triggers happen and Gemini shows their full personality, this people feel betrayed or let down. If you are wondering about relationship compatibility or even marriage compatibility with the Gemini Zodiac sign you should take a step back.

Ask yourself if you really know that person or are they just putting on a front to please you. If you find an answer you do not like be honest with yourself. Maybe your Zodiac sign compatibility just is not meant to be and you should consider leaving your Gemini behind.

In my analysis Gemini Zodiac signs are most compatible with Pisces and Sagittarius when it comes to Zodiac sign love and marriage compatibility.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Cancer Zodiac sign compatibility is very similar in many ways to Taurus compatibility.

Taurus is very strong outside, but inside there are usually hidden issues.There are certain debates. There are certain doubts. There are certain worries.

Cancer on the other hand is very strong outside, but there’s no debate inside. Why? It’s clear. Taurus is always insecure. It’s always feeling weak. This should not be a surprise. Why?

This Zodiac sign is based on the crab.

The crab has a very strong outer shell but when you crack that shell it’s just gooey and tasty crab flesh inside. This is why crab is very picky when it comes to friends and why Zodiac sign compatibility for Cancer can be a tricky issue.

It doesn’t want to get hurt and Cancer signs often know through painful experience that nothing can get you hurt faster than letting people in.

Once you let them get past your armor and they really dig deep and sink deep into your heart, they can do all sorts of damage. This is why Cancer is quite selective when it comes to friends. It can make Zodiac sign friendship compatibility really quite difficult for Cancer signs.

If Cancer can learn to let go and to trust then Cancer is well matched with Pisces signs.

One word of warning though – Gemini signs will need to watch out with Cancer. Cancer might feel betrayed if you show your full self and you’re not emotionally mirroring. Cancer and Gemini Zodiac compatibility is perhaps the most risky of all the relationships within the Zodiac so if you are a Cancer sign or Gemini you should proceed with extreme caution.

Leo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Leo Zodiac sign compatibility is all about positive energy, after all Leo is the essence of a true leader. Leo is all courage. Leo can just go into any situation with guns blazing.

With that said, Leo often finds itself fighting a losing battle. It often finds itself losing battle with itself.

Since they are so full on most of the time it’s no surprise that some Zodiac signs just run away from Leo and this can really have a negative effect on their compatibility with other Zodiac signs.

They think that they are too much and that Leo loves a good challenge. Unfortunately, these people often end up inflicting a lot of damage without meaning to.

That’s just how they are because they tend to rush into things. When it comes to the most compatible Zodiac signs for Leo – Leo is well matched with Aquarius and Virgo in friendship and in love.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Compatibility

The biggest problem for Virgo Zodiac sign compatibility is that Virgo looks at the world in terms of black and white.

Virgo is often dissatisfied and disappointed that life doesn’t follow the script the Virgo would like life to follow. In other words, Virgo is an idealist because Virgo’s biggest challenge is to get past this virginal mind set and really enjoy and appreciate the world for the way it is.

Virgo gets along great with most Zodiac signs with the exception of Gemini. Virgos can often feel manipulated and lied to when they become very deep friends or become lovers with Gemini. It is my experience that if you are looking for true Zodiac sign compatibility – Gemini and Virgo are best avoided in matches in love, marriage and even in friendship.

Libra Zodiac Sign Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility the biggest thing that you need to understand about Libra is that Libra is very big on conventionality.

This flows from the Libra mind set of trying to balance things. Libra balances things not because it’s trying to decide a question of law or it’s trying to make a decision. Libra balances because it prices stability above all else.

In many Libras minds, stability is all about appearances and this is also true when it comes to their compatibility with other Zodiac signs. This is why Libra is one of the most conventional signs of the Zodiac.

Libra gets along well with Sagittarius, Capricorn and Gemini as these signs provide the stability that the Libra sign tends to look for. When it comes to friendship compatibility Virgo and Libra Zodiac signs are an ideal match.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Scorpio Zodiac sign compatibility is similar to Virgo in that they can’t let go of ideals. However unlike Virgos, Scorpios tend to view just their emotional world in terms of black and white.

Virgos tend to look at all of their world in terms of black and white.

Scorpios have a tough time forgiving. They have a tough time letting go of things and this can cause problems with their compatibility with other Zodiac signs.

For the most part, Scorpios can get along well with most Zodiac signs except maybe Gemini.

Once Gemini turns and shows their different face, Scorpio might feel really betrayed. This could lead to a very explosive situation. In terms of compatibility, Scorpio is most compatible with fairly stable Zodiac signs like Capricorn and Aries.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Sagittarius is one of the most easy going signs of the Zodiac. They tend to forgive easily. They tend to look for the best in people. They tend to get along with everybody.

This makes Zodiac sign compatibility for Sagittarius pretty easy. The problem is that they tend to be fairly superficial as well. It’s really hard for them to develop really deep friendships.

By deep friendships, we’re talking about friendships that are very emotionally intimate, spiritually meaningful and long lasting. In a very real sense, Sagittarius is like jack of all trades master of none on a personal relationship level.

In terms of compatibility, Sagittarius is great with everybody. In terms of really deep friendships and long term Zodiac sign love compatibility, Sagittarius is best matched with Capricorn.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Capricorn is the workhorse of the Zodiac. Don’t let stereotypes fool you however. Capricorn is both part goat and part fish and this has a major impact on the Zodiac sign compatibility of the Capricorn sign.

If the Capricorn person is born right near the middle of the Capricorn period then you have a solid Capricorn. This is person is very practical, business-like and very straight forward. Capricorn is very intelligent and hardworking. The problem with Capricorn is that it’s very easy to think that the Capricorn is dull and lack spontaneity. Because of this, Capricorn is very compatible with Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius.

The best chances Capricorn has for true Zodiac sign compatibility is with a person who can bring excitement to the relationship. If this can be achieved then there is no stopping the good things that can happen between the two.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Compatibility

If you are an artist or a poet or a writer, you would do well if you’re born under the sign of the fish.

Pisces is one of the most emotionally authentic and in touch signs of the Zodiac. This is your power. Your ability to dig deep into that deep emotional waters and take something out is your big gift to the world.

Don’t get me wrong, Pisces can make great business people as well. Why? Most business people tend to be so practical that they really fail to solve the problem. Pisces tends to look at things from a perspective of emotions and there are some seriously valuable solutions from an emotional perspective.

After all, business is all about manipulating and managing emotions. Pisces Zodiac signs are well matched with Sagittarius, Taurus and Virgo. You can read more detail about my predictions for Pisces love forecast here.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Aquarius people are people who are very idealistic. We’re not talking about idealistic like Virgo. Virgos are idealistic in a very restrictive sense. Aquarius is idealistic in the sense that they tend to walk-walk around with their head in the clouds.

They are not satisfied with how things are that things could always be better and things can always be improved. What make them different from Virgos is that they are not pessimistic.

They are very optimistic if they see that things aren’t they wish on. They look at how things can be changed. This is what separates them from Virgo. Virgo would throw temper tantrum and Virgo would feel disappointed. Aquarius on the other hand would feel challenged and start to put in the work.

My analysis of Zodiac sign compatibility reveals that Aquarius gets along well with Taurus and Sagittarius and is best matched with Gemini when it comes to love.

My Final Thoughts on Zodiac Sign Compatibility

This concludes part one of my special analysis of the compatibility between each of the signs of the Zodiac. It has been a long report but I believe this will be an excellent resource for people to check and return to as and when they need it.

Remember – Zodiac Sign Compatibility is not fixed. It is not set in stone. The pull of the planets, the traits and characteristics of people and life events all play a major part in shaping overall Zodiac Sign Compatibility in terms of love, friendship and even marriage. Please bear this in mind when you read this report.

The next part of my special series on Zodiac Sign Compatibility will reveal the four most compatible signs of the Zodiac. There are some suprises ahead and even a few shocks so make sure you check back for Part 2 of my Zodiac Sign Compatibility special report.


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