Angel Number 118 And Its Meaning

Angel Number 118 And Its Meaning

Most people fail in life because they lack someone to guide them. If you do not have a guider, then you might face many problems in life. It is not a must for one to seek guidance from human beings. You can find advice from a supernatural being like angels. Angels are known to offer guidance and support to human beings. They come into someone’s life to help them overcome an obstacle or encourage them to go on the right path.

As much as angels want the best for humans, they may sometimes come to you in ways you cannot comprehend. Most people find it hard to notice that their guardian angels are communicating with them. Angels do not come to humans directly, but they instead use signs to draw your attention. They will keep doing something until you notice them. For some time, angels have used the repetition of numbers to catch the attention of humans.

You may have noticed that you have been seeing a specific number for quite some time. Yes, it might be a coincidence, but what if it is not? When you see a number appearing to you, you should look deeper into it. It might be your guardian angel trying to tell you something or to warn you. Some of the angel numbers that signify something in your life are angel number 545, 334, 1114, 118, etc. You should be able to know the meaning of the angel number that you encounter.

The Angel Number 118

Angel number 118 is a number most angel love using, and it is a good sign when it appears to you. It is an angel number made of attributes of number 1 appearing twice and features of number 8. You will also find other angel numbers in angel number 118 like angel number 8, 188, 181, 18, etc. All the angel numbers in angel number 118 have their meanings, which point back to angel number 118. That means that if you want to know angel number 118 meaning, you should first identify the angel numbers in it and their meanings.

Number 8: Angel number 8 shows the manifestation of wealth and abundance in your life. It is a sign that your finances will be in abundance. Therefore you should continue doing your work with passion and determination because it will bring a lot of money. It also shows that other aspects of your life will also nourish and be abundant.

Those who see angel number 8 stop at nothing until they reach their achievements. Angel number 8 encourages you to have self-confidence and believe in your abilities. It mostly comes to those who fear competition and do not believe in themselves. The number comes to remind you that you are the best among the best and achieve your goals no matter what. You only need to work hard and be patient.

Angel number 8 is also a sign that you are a true leader. You find pleasure in serving others, and you show compassion to everyone. You are a person who always plays a vital role in society and changes other people’s lives.

Number 188:  Angel number 188 might be a warning to how you are using your money. The number comes mostly to those people who like to overspend on irrelevant things. Therefore, angel number 188 comes to remind you that you should have inner wisdom with your finances. It tells you to think about the future and ensure you and your family do not face difficulties in the future. It encourages people to save or invest more because you will struggle in the future if you waste your finances.

Angel number 188 also encourages you to be hard-working and have a positive mindset. It tells you that hard work and a positive attitude will increase your finances. Therefore you should remove anything negative in your life that makes you not move forward. It would be best if you also left behind things and people who make you lazy. It acts as an assurance that you will be successful in life if you continue with your hard work and optimism.

Number 181: Angel number 181 encourages you not to give up and stress yourself because of your current situation. It reminds you that there is nothing permanent in this world. It tells you that sadness and hard times will always give way to happiness and good times at one point in time. Therefore you should have perseverance and patience and never let the situation you are in discourage you.

Angel number 181 is also a reminder that your guardian angel is still with you. It does not matter what situation you are in but your angel will never let you walk alone in difficult times. It tells you to have faith that your angel is making the right path ahead of you when struggling with your current situation. Therefore when you see angel number 181, know that your current situation is about to end, and good things are coming your way.

Number 18: Angel number 18 appears to people to remind them that they should listen to their guardian angel. When your angel sees that you are not doing as instructed, they will keep sending you this number to bring you to the right path.

It also encourages you to trust your skills and abilities. It would be best to believe that your skills would take you to greater heights and be a better person. Therefore you should continue doing what you have been doing since it will pay off in the end.

Angel Number 118 Meanings And Symbolism

When angels communicate, they do so in mysterious ways. It is even sometimes challenging for you to not only comprehend what they are saying but also to notice them. Therefore you should ensure that you find a way to understand what your angel is telling you. When your angel sends you angel number 118, you should know there and then what they are trying to communicate. Here are some of the meanings and symbolism of angel number 118.

Good Health And Abundance

Angel number 118 symbolizes good health in your life. It shows that sickness is not your portion. Your angel ensures they protect you from any illness and any form of bad health. Your guardian angel encourages you to do exercises and eat healthily to maintain your good health. It guarantees that you will be successful in life as long as you remain healthy to work hard.

It is also a sign that someone who was sick in your family is about to get healed and recover. It also shows that there will be an abundance of everything in your life. You will not lack anything, and hence in return, you should have the heart of giving.

End Of A Particular Phase In Your Life

Angel number 118 signifies that something in your life has to come to an end for other doors to open.  It shows that you should leave some things behind you and be open to new things. It would be best if you also left some people behind in your past for you to achieve your dreams. It shows that a new beginning is about to come to your life.

Spiritual Awakening

Angel number 118, signifies that your angel is telling you to focus more on your spiritual life. It shows that you have been ignoring your spiritual life. When you see this angel number, you should know that it is time to have a spiritual awakening.


Angel number 118 signifies that you are that person who is independent in doing your things. You like to do things your way and do not need help from others. You are capable enough to do even the most challenging task alone. It also shows that you do not like relying on others for anything.

Angel Number 118 and Love

Angel number 118 shows a lot in your love life. This angel number mostly appears to those who are single. It is a sign that they are about to find what they have been looking for in a relationship. It shows that someone is about to come to your life who will give you all the love you want and make you happy.  It also appears to those who are in unhealthy relationships. It tells them that their relationship is about to come to an end and a new one is coming soon.

Interesting Facts About Angel Number 118

  • It is the number following 117 and preceding 119
  • It is an even composite number because one multiplies two prime numbers to get 118, 2, and 59.
  • The sum of its prime factors is 61.

Seeing Angel Number 118

If angel number 118 appears to you continuously, it is clear the type of person you are. Angel number 118 shows that you are someone who loves doing things alone. You do not want to depend on anyone. You work extra hard to provide what you do not have for yourself. It is also a sign of new things and experiences coming your way.


There is no other better way you can explain the meaning of seeing angel number 118 repeatedly.  Therefore when you see this angel number, know what your angel expects from you.

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