Positive Vibrations – The Secret to Health and Happiness

Positive Vibrations – The Secret to Health and Happiness

Positive vibrations are linked to health, happiness, and abundance, and have a higher frequency. There are some signs that indicate new beginnings and freedom from old shackles. These signs have positive vibrations and one that you may observe is the repetition of Angel Number 111 in your life.

This Number has a high frequency and indicates positive vibrations. It is the only sign you need to focus on genuinely healthy things that will bring guaranteed happiness. Now you must focus on raising your frequency to truly let the healing begin. This process would help you resonate with the beneficial frequencies of the environment and assist you to clearly see the Ascended realm.


A vibration is a state of being and the energetic quality of the Matter you are composed of, the atmosphere, your thoughts, and how you manifest things in your life. It is an intuitive quality- much like how you can tell a person’s intention or read the room. All living beings, sounds, and even thoughts have their own vibrations.

Everything has a Frequency


Frequency is measured in Hertz and is the rate at which vibrations occur. This unit is used to determine and differentiate between vibrational patterns and scales. Differentiating between these frequencies is essential to understanding how health and well-being are influenced by the pattern of frequencies.

Frequencies And Vibrations in the Spiritual World

Every living thing is Matter and vibrates at a particular frequency. Similarly, spiritual elements also have a vibrational rate that can have a significant impact on your life. As this frequency increases, our ability to harness calm and help from our spiritual guides ultimately leads to enlightenment, health, and happiness.

Human beings and even your soul have a vibrational range and spiritual frequency. This means you move up and down this scale in different phases of your life. While you may be born at a different frequency, it is always possible to reach a higher frequency to connect with your spiritual helpers.

The more you move towards self-love, gratitude, and forgiveness, the higher your frequency rises, and your mortal self reaches the peak of well-being.

How Frequency and Vibrations Affect Your Health and Well-being

Often, we feel unnecessarily down and burned out. It is almost like nothing is functioning as it should be. This is because humans have an optimal frequency; when every cell in our body vibrates at the frequency it was designed to. It is highly specific, and minor deviations may have a significant effect.

There’s a strong connection between your mind and body. What one does, the other follows, and together, these two alter your vibrations. This may be for good or for the worse.

This is because emotions and thought patterns such as joy, peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and victory create high frequency, while negative feelings and mindsets create low frequencies. This indicates that the more you work on creating higher frequencies, the better health you will achieve.

Frequency and Vibe Drop

A healthy body and mind resonate at a frequency of 62-70 MHz. When it drops to 58 MHz, you are open to attack from opportunistic diseases.

Your frequency is disturbed, and this could be because of your current mindset, people with low frequencies around you, or negative feelings.

This is a sign that you need to change your vibrational energy and start working to resonate with higher vibrational beings to get your life back on track. Absorb the high frequencies from the nature around you and release all that doesn’t serve you anymore.

You may feel low, but all this is just a test to resolve karmic energies around you.

Maintaining High Vibrations

According to the universal Law of Attraction, like attracts like, and since your spiritual guides won’t resonate at a lower level, you need to work to raise your vibration. It’s fairly easy to raise your frequency. Once you start working, soon you will be influenced by your spiritual guides and attract positive and healthier well-being.

The more you stay in a higher frequency range, the more you will connect with the spiritual realm and attain a more transparent and beneficial state. When vibrating at a higher level, you automatically feel happier, calmer, and more at ease.

You enter a state of higher consciousness where you let go of confusion, sadness, and laziness. Anger, jealousy, deceit, and retribution must be expelled from your mind. You will soon be thriving on these higher vibrational rates and experience mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. It is a signal that you are about to achieve your goals. Once you have planned to raise your vibrations, you are already halfway through to abundance, wealth, and health.

Great opportunities will attract you and come your way; just make sure you stay on the positive gradient and don’t miss them.

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