12 Little Known Facts about Aries’ Ruling Planet

12 Little Known Facts about Aries’ Ruling Planet

What is Aries’ Ruling Planet?

The ruling planet is the planet which has the most influence over a sign of the zodiac. The rulership of signs by planets is one of the most ancient and central parts of astrology. The powerful and unique properties of each planet have a direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign ruled by that planet. Since the planets are all named after Ancient Roman gods, the stories of these gods have a great influence on the signs that they rule.

Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars was named after the Ancient Roman god of war, also known as Ares (a homonym of Aries – no coincidence!) in Ancient Greece. There are many myths surrounding him, both his relationships to other gods, and his relationships to the human world.

He is one of the best-known Roman gods today, and was recently featured in the blockbuster DC film Wonder Woman. He’s also one of the four gods whose domains are commonly said have remained equally important from the ancient world until today (the other three are Venus, the goddess of love; Minerva, the goddess of wisdom; and Discordia, the goddess of chaos).

Because of its association with the god of war, Mars is the planet of aggression, courage, and outward activity. But there is a lot more to Mars than that. It also represents physical strength, a quick temper, and a brave ability to stand up for what you believe in, and it can have a huge impact on romance, attraction, and the entire course that your life will take.

It’s important to have a general understanding of your ruling planet, since it is such a significant influence on your sign. However, while many people already know the main characteristics of their planet, there are a lot more details you should learn, in order to fully harness the power of your ruling planet for your own protection and success, in all fields of life.

Please continue to research your sign in order to get multiple perspectives, as planets are extremely dynamic and complex parts of astrology. But as a starting point, here are twelve facts that you may not have known about Mars, Aries’ ruling planet.

Facets of Aries’ Ruling Planet

Because of Mars’ association with violence and anger, some people are frightened or worried when they find out that it is their ruling planet. Who would want to be ruled by anger?

Here’s the good news: even though Mars is the god of war, people born under Mars have not been shown to be any more prone to violence than any other planet. There is no statistical basis for thinking that you might be dangerous, just because you were born under Mars.

Maybe in the olden days you would have solved all your problems with your fists, but today, it’s much easier and smarter to fight with words and ideas than with physical violence.

Mars is less about fighting in the physical sense, and more about fighting for what you believe in. It’s heavily associated with honour and bravery. Remember, the Ancient Roman idea of war was a lot less brutal than the modern idea – for Ancient Romans, war was almost as much about your display of discipline and strength as about killing the other side. While our modern idea of war is very negative, the Ancient Romans saw it as a much more positive thing to be associated with.

Mars is sometimes called “the planet of small misfortune” in ancient astrology texts. This is another reason some people are wary of it. They think that, because of this name, Mars will bring unhappiness into their lives.

Well, for one thing, it’s not exactly something you can escape – if Mars hasn’t brought you misfortune yet, he’s not about to start now, just because you know about him.

But furthermore, the name “the planet of small misfortune” doesn’t really mean that you will experience a lot of small misfortunes in your life. “Small misfortune” refers to fights, arguments, and shows of temper. This is something you need to be conscious of, although not afraid of. Just be aware of this part of your personality, and use it to your advantage, rather than to your disadvantage.

You have probably been told at various points in your life that you have a very strong temper. Maybe you were a stubborn or argumentative child, or now, you can frequently feel anger bubbling under your surface. Sometimes you get so angry about things (especially issues of injustice) that you feel like you’re going to burst!

This isn’t a bad thing – it’s something to harness to make you stronger. You can use the power of your anger to do good in the world. You are only susceptible to the “small misfortune” described in ancient astrological texts if you allow yourself to become ruled by these feelings rather than ruling them and directing them towards your goals.

Mars is a planet of powerful leadership. Many divisive leaders in history have been ruled by Mars, like Eva Perón, Otto von Bismark, and even Al Gore. Hey, I never said that Mars was strong enough to singlehandedly make you into the president – but think of Al Gore’s controversial and unwavering views on climate change!

Because of your strong sense of ambition, your tireless drive, and your fearlessness when it comes to voicing your opinions, public opinion is not always your best friend. Many people find your opinions too strong, to the point of being uncomfortable, but Mars refuses to allow you to waver in your opinions, and you stick by even your most controversial opinions without fail.

Mars is not always a tactful planet, though, and you’re very prone to throwing yourself into arguments without thinking through whether or not it’s worth it. You would benefit from practicing containing your controversial opinions (however right they are), and voicing them in more tactful and diplomatic ways. Don’t let the heat of excitement or righteous anger burn your opinions and make them bitter for the people hearing them. Your lack of tact can be the biggest obstacle between you and your goals

Romance and Compatibility with Aries’ Ruling Planet

Mars (along with Venus) rules lovemaking desire. Since Mars is traditionally thought of as masculine, and Venus is traditionally thought of as feminine, Mars rules the traditionally “masculine,” aggressive elements of desire. Mars’ lovemaking power including the forces of passion and lust. On the other hand, Venus is more focussed on the traditionally “feminine,” receptive elements of desire, like romantic love.

Naturally, women experience both aggressive, passionate desire, and receptive, romantic desire. You can read more about Venus in “13 Shocking Secrets about Libra’s Ruling Planet.”

Don’t allow traditional ideas of femininity to stop you from expressing the full range of your seductiveness. There is no reason to be afraid of your desires. As long as you can express them without doing harm to anyone, you can only do good for yourself by being conscious of them, and only do harm by trying to hide them.

Older women especially should not feel like they need to shut down their seductivity once they reach a certain age. It is an important and joyful part of human life, and it’s definitely worth celebrating!

In Roman mythology, Venus, the goddess of love, and Mars, the god of war, were lovers (although Venus was married to Vulcan, the god of fire). If you are lucky enough to have both Mars and Venus in your chart, you are certainly destined for an especially passionate and fulfilling love and bed life. However, it may also predispose you to have a bit of a wandering eye – nothing that you can’t keep under control, of course, just something to be conscious of!

The planet Mars is ruled by fire, which means they are most compatible with other signs that are ruled by fire. These signs are Leo (which is ruled by the Sun) and Sagittarius (which is ruled by Jupiter). Both Leo and Sagittarius have a strength and personal power that are highly attractive to Leo. You will have highly dynamic and fulfilling relationships (both business, personal, and romantic) with people whose sun is in these signs.

If you are in a relationship with another Aries, or person whose chart is otherwise ruled by Mars, you could go one of two ways. On the one hand, you two have extremely similar focusses and goals. Like attracts like when it comes to the zodiac, and the shared power of Mars will make you into an unstoppable power couple.

On the other hand, you may find yourself butting heads too frequently, resulting in an antagonistic relationship. While like attracts like in astrological terms, two personalities that are too similar can be a genuine problem in regular everyday life.

It may be that, while two Arieses are not quite suited to a romantic partnership, you can make a dynamic duo in business, planning, or organization. Seek out another Aries at the top, even if you’re not planning on dating them.

For the most part, because Mars is her ruling planet, Aries should avoid pursuing intimate relationships with people whose charts are ruled by Saturn or Neptune. Both of these planets are extremely “cold” (literally as well as figuratively!) and have difficult times communicating with Mars. The passion and energy of Mars struggles understand Neptune’s contemplative and intuitive nature, or Saturn’s steady and solitary approach to success. Aries’ energy fizzles out in the face of their colder attitudes, leaving both parties feeling frustrated and unfulfilled.

Of course, there are always exceptions. Astrological compatibility is a complicated business, with a lot of subtle factors that are very hard to judge against a general standard. If you are an Aries who is in a successful relationship with someone ruled by Neptune or Saturn, congratulations! You’ve beaten the odds! Tell us the secret to your success.

Using the Power of Aries’ Ruling Planet in your Life

Mars’ energy has traditionally been called masculine, but that doesn’t mean that women who possess it are any less powerful! In fact, today, it is more important than ever that women have the strength to stand up for what they believe in, which is something that Mars can help you with. You can harness Mars’ masculine power in a male-dominated world.

Don’t feel that your natural strength is unbecoming to your gender. For centuries, brave and outspoken women have been silenced, but today, you have a stronger voice than ever. Women are being rewarded more and more for speaking their opinions, and behaving in a more aggressive fashion. Take advantage of living in this modern time, and make your voice heard.

Mars is a charismatic leader, so if it is your ruling planet, you can use it to whip up the energy of the people around you.

Mars is an especially useful planet to have on your side when you’re dealing with political matters. Whether you’re running for office or protesting an issue you believe in, the energy of Mars will give you the courage to stand up for what is right. In these politically-charged times, Mars is a powerful ally, and will help your voice be heard.

However, since Mars also rules anger, it is important that you don’t let it be the only planet guiding you. Draw on your powers of reason and empathy too. This combination will make you unbeatable.

Mars is traditionally said to be the planet that represents what women look for in men. As I’ve said, it’s a very masculine planet in a lot of the old books! When a woman is ruled by Mars, she has an eagle eye for men, and is very discerning in her romantic relationships. You are never drawn in by a pretty face, because you have a sixth sense for the ways men try to hide things. You can cut right through any façade they try to throw up.

Because of this, you may have struggled to find a satisfying relationship, because you are not easily tricked, nor do you suffer fools gladly.

It may take you a lot longer than, say, a Taurus or a Pisces to find a mate who you find suitable, because you have such exacting standards. Do not lower your standards – you will only find yourself frustrated if you try to pretend that someone satisfies your requirements when they really don’t.

Mars is the planet associated with surgery! If you happen to be in a medical field, this is an extremely auspicious planet to have as your ruler (the ambitious and powerful characteristics of Aries are also great ones for a medical professional to have, of course).

If you aren’t in a medical field, while being an Aries certainly won’t guarantee that you’re going to need surgery at any point in your life, it might be worth spending a little extra time at the doctor’s office, making sure that everything is running smoothly.

Your high levels of energy may also be more likely to result in you getting into accidents than other signs. Make sure that you’re especially careful when driving, because Mars can be a harbinger of vehicular accidents.

Mars is also the planet that rules physical strength. But, obviously, not everyone born under Aries is a bodybuilder! However, compared to other planets, Mars bestows on the people it rules a greater ability to channel emotions into physical acts. You are naturally the kind of person who would lift up a car to free someone in danger. You can take advantage of Mars’ energy, whether you’re working out or running to catch a bus, and use its strength to achieve your physical goals. But be careful not to allow your physical activities to get away from you and cause long-term injuries.

Final Thoughts

When you see Mars as your ruling planet, your first thoughts may be of war, violence, anger, and masculinity. Not all of these are very attractive prospects for most women, even in the increasingly gender-neutral world of 2017! But as you can see from the facts above, this is only scratching the surface of Mars’ influence on your life. It would be like saying that the only characteristics of an Aries is that you’re aggressive!

Mars is a very useful planet for women today to have in their chart. Its strength empowers everything you do with a kind of energy that comes naturally to you, while other signs have to work for it. You also have a sense of honour that more people should try to emulate, and a natural leadership style that doesn’t shy away from hard questions. If you have a strong temper, then it’s only part of your full and complex character!

Mars also leads you to lots of opportunities for romance, because of its rulership over seductiveness. It’s probably the second-best planet you can have in your chart for a great lovemaking life, after Venus (and blessed are those who are lucky enough to have both of them!) Take advantage of the lovemaking strength that Mars confers upon people born under it, and don’t cower away from your seductiveness – embrace it!

Because Mars is such a masculine planet, it even gives you some advantages if you’re looking for a male mate. To a greater extent than people ruled by other planets, you have a sixth sense for judging men, their intentions, and their characters. Between this, and your own outspoken nature, you’re sure to settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to picking a mate.

Take advantage of the full spectrum of Mars’ power in all facets of your life. Whether you’re looking for a job, a mate, or a surgical procedure, Mars will guide you through all those difficult decisions with strength and power.

Can you feel the power of Mars in your life? Are you filled with energy when facing tough decisions, and with strength when standing up for what is right? How will you harness Mars’ natural energy to fulfill your goals and reach your dreams?

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