The Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries

Your Moon sign speaks to the ‘nurture’ side of your personality, as the Sun signs speak of the ‘nature’ of the person you become, on your journey through this world. The Moon represents the Mother energy. Your Moon sign often mirrors the way you were mothered.

For this reason, it makes sense to view your Moon sign as the embodiment of your inner child. Indeed, your Moon sign is determined by your name, birth date, birth location, and birth time. So, rather than always feeling comfortable with your Moon sign, you may feel rather embarrassed by some of its features. Be aware that this discomfort is a sign that you either have outgrown some of your childhood tendencies—or you still need to.

Your Moon sign speaks to your true self. It speaks to your experience growing up, and resulting outlook on the world. In essence, you are looking for your mother. Your Moon sign is the embodiment of your inner child.

It is important to offer this character as much acceptance as you would to a younger version of yourself. You will feel the growing pains. Do not stop on your search for the enlightenment the Moon has to offer you.

The Moon in Aries Traits

The Moon in Aries speaks to the need for action. An Aries is not the type to sit still for long. The Ram is known for having a temper.

A Lunar Aries has just as much trouble with patience as a Sun sign Aries. It is important to note that you may not be as quick to admit this. You may struggle with anger or self-regulation. You may act a bit too quickly at times.

On a positive note, your cat-like reflexes and passion for helping others make you a great first responder. You will find fulfillment in jobs in the medical fields and emergency services.

You are more gullible than most other signs. You are easily provoked into an argument. Most people who know you well will avoid your triggers. You take practical jokes and joking personally.

You like things straightforward. You are very literal, with little love for sarcasm. You probably have this in common with your mother. She was probably not the type to coddle and sugar coat.

You get your independent streak from this Moon sign and your mother. She taught you how to get back up after a nasty fall. She taught you to hold your head high, even when you feel defeated. These are lessons you are still learning.

Do your mother proud and watch your tongue. Be kind to others—in speech, action and reaction. In the same vein, be considerate of those who share your spaces. You might impulsively move a chair in the living room without a second thought.

Some signs might not appreciate your spontaneous initiative. They stub their toes on the same chairs you cannot keep from rearranging, bi-weekly.

The Moon in Aries Women

The Moon in Aries Women symbolizes the diligent mother. You could sit up all night with a sick loved one. You can spring into action when someone is injured. You quickly come to defense when a group gets too aggressive.

Your Moon Sign, as it is so tied to details of your birth, naturally reflects your mother. Traits found in your upbringing may cause you to embrace or deny your Moon sign. Examine these feelings. You would benefit from examining any negative feelings further—in order to find the root issue.

Whether you are a fan of your mother’s tendencies or not, she affected you. Even in cases where a mother is not present, the child is affected by her absence. Show your Moon sign the same love you need showing to your inner child, and you will find fulfillment.

You protect those you love like a mama bear. You also provide for them, gladly. You are also no stranger to being the disciplinarian when someone steps out of line. You have a drive to see everything done, just so.

You cannot stay in a relationship that is not moving forward. If your partner is not stimulating in conversation, and in bed, you must cut and run. Sharks cannot be bred in captivity. You understand this on a spiritual level.

You need someone who feels confident enough to stand up to you when you are wrong. They must be smart enough to keep up with your ever-expanding mind. Aries is a fire that consumes a lot, and in turn, produces a lot. Do not let yourself become weighed down by a partner who just cannot keep your pace.

Famous female Ram role models include entertainers, artists, and political figures. Celine Dion and Whitney Huston both have this Moon sign. They share it with Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie. Jackie O. was also born under the Moon in Aries.

The Moon in Aries Men

An Aries man is adventurous and outdoorsy. They are rugged and handsome. They probably prefer the stairs to the elevator. They might go for walks on their lunch breaks.

These men will never abandon those they love. Once an Aries man gives you his heart, it is eternal love. A Ram never backs down from an altercation. They usually win.

A Ram man will want to visit new places and try new things. They were raised by strong and athletic women. A Ram is fine with a woman who prefers not to wear makeup. They love the natural look—because it means you are spontaneous and not afraid to get dirty.

An Aries will not wait around on anyone. This applies especially to people to take too much time in the mirror. An Aries is more liable to understand you’re being late if your hair is in a wet bun than if you look like you left the salon twenty minutes after your date was supposed to start.

An Aries man will be quick to forgive your transgressions if you show remorse. However, this more serves their purpose of getting over you than forgetting your crime. It is rare that Aries give second chances after a major blow-out, but do not be afraid to respectfully disagree with him.

He will respect a well-spoken partner, even if she is criticizing him. He is not afraid to take suggestions, but do not demand that he follow your lead. A Ram needs a freedom to make his own decisions. You would benefit from choosing your battles wisely with this warrior-by-nature.

Do not take it personally if these men do not give you as much attention as you would like. He values the low-maintenance company and people that let them lead. Simply being your true self may mean that you are too independent for a long-term relationship with a Lunar Arian.

The Moon in Aries and Love

The Moon in Aries and Love is deceptively agreeable. A powder-keg of emotions, they may blow loud and often, but then the smoke clears quickly. Lunar Arians like to be in charge. Watch out if you are intending to squash their plans.

A fiery nature and a lack of patience can lead to frustration for you. These, along with your attractiveness to others can lead to some pretty steamy situations for you. You surely know how to handle yourself when things heat up.

Be careful that you do not fall into the trap of taking too many lovers. You cannot enjoy yourself if you feel spread too thin. Also, you will feel compelled to jump from relationship to relationship. Or, conquest to conquest. You may have trouble putting down roots.

This is a path which usually leads to more frustration. You tend to confuse love and lust. Do not rush into commitments. You may soon wish you had not made them.

Lunar Arians do not like to play mental and emotional games. You have no issue with sharing your thoughts—especially with romantic partners and loved ones. Once you open up to someone, you expect to be heard. And, you expect someone who cares about you to take immediate action to make amends.

Men of this Moon sign may seem immature in their reactions because they wear their hearts on their sleeve. You never have to wonder how they feel. The firstborn of the Zodiac, the Ram feels entitled to their desires, as if they are a birthright. On the other side of this coin is their childlike temperament when they do not get what they want.

This man may have a sensitive side that is bigger than you think, at first. He blazes like a wildfire when hurt or angry. This is all defensive. The Aries is hesitant to go on the attack unless provoked.

Aries men are not prone to lying or cheating. You can trust what they tell you. They will rely on the same from you.

Dates for the Moon in Aries

As you age, you will continue your education. You will continue to travel and learn new skills. You will open to societal change. Even in your late life, you will be excited by new technologies.

Luckily for you, there are free websites that offer Moon Sign Calculators. Plug in your chart information, which takes only a few minutes. You will get a diagram of the Zodiac, usually color-coded. Your Moon sign, like your Sun sign, will be indicated on this chart.

Due to the personal nature of the details of your birth, Moon sign dates are best left to examining after you have figured out your Lunar sign. Your Moon and Sun signs may match. If they do, this only reaffirms the characteristics of your sign in both your natural and your nurtured self.

If they do not, it would be to your benefit to study the differences. You might have made conscious changes in your personality over time. You might see something of your inner child in your Moon sign that you want to reincorporate into your adult life. You will learn more about yourself and what you need in a relationship from this study.

Final Thoughts

A Lunar Arian may blow up at you and get over it way before you do. You are impulsive. If you are a Moon in Aries sign, you must consider others’ feelings before you act.

You bring the nurturer out of other signs, because of your childlike take on the world. You can act like a greenhorn sometimes. At times, you try to implement action without doing your research first.

You can often find yourself in hot water for letting your emotions get the best of you. While some people will tolerate your outbursts, others will not. Find ways to increase your mindfulness in reactions. If you ask your friends to hold you accountable for your temper, expect it to cause tension between you.

True friends will do this for you. A Virgo would love to help you perfect aspects of your daily routine or public presence. A Cancer could help you devise plans on how to make these changes, without causing too much of a scene. There are strengths in every sign, which you can draw on through friends and loved ones.

They will guide you through your most difficult times. Do not hold it against them if they give you time to cool off before coming to check on you. No matter what you do, do not bite the hand that feeds you. Those that can put up with your tantrums should be greeted with gratitude.

It is not that you are not an infectiously loving and giving person. You are just too fiery to not watch where you are placing your energy. Focus rather on positive things that drive you, such as personal goals for the near future.

A Question for you, Dear Reader:

When viewed as an inner child, especially the baby of the Zodiac, how do you feel is the best way to handle a raging Lunar Aries: coddle them or let them cry it out?

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