Ten Reasons Gemini Will Find Love In 2022

If you were born under the sign of the Twin, you already know that you are probably one of the most misunderstood signs of the horoscope and this can really cause problems for Gemini and love in 2022.

In fact, that can be quite a toss-up between you and the Scorpio as far as being misunderstood and being completely misread.

In many cases, you often find yourself marginalized or feeling left out. It seems that people just don’t understand you, just don’t get what you are about. This is often reflected in your relationships.

In many cases, you find yourself in a romantic situation where things are going well and all of a sudden certain things happen and certain circumstances change and all of a sudden this person you thought understood you walk out on you.

Well, if you’re looking for love in 2022, Gemini people would do well to keep the following ideas in mind.

This does not necessarily mean that you will automatically find love in 2022. However, there are certain aspects of your personality that you only need to work with and direct for romantic opportunities to appear.

There is no such thing as a slam dunk as long as human free will and decision-making abilities is in the picture. But considering the fact that horoscopes are really records of thousands of years of observed human behavior, chances are good that you can get the outcomes that you are looking for as long as you pay attention to these general trends.

Your Mood Swings Filter People

One of the main reasons why Gemini people are often misunderstood, in many cases, hated, and marginalized is the fact that they go through mood swings. The interesting thing about the whole concept of mood swings is that it’s completely one-sided.

In many cases, the Gemini perspective is never consulted.

People would just look at the behavior the Gemini’s are going through and conclude that that’s a mood swing issue. The reality is from a subjective perspective, a Gemini never really changed.

It’s that the outside world, the people that claim to be friends of the Gemini never really bother to know the Gemini in the first place. This is why they are surprised when a certain aspect of a Gemini personality manifests itself. This is not fair to the Gemini and if you look at it deeply enough not fair to themselves but this happens time and time again.

You need to keep this in mind, especially if you are a Gemini woman. If you are looking for love in 2022, I’m not saying that you should keep mood swings in check, but actually you should be clear about your mood swings so that it filters out people that you should not be in a relationship with in the first place.

Your Ability to Pick Up Mannerisms Makes You Endearing

People are quite predictable. We like people that are like us. In other words, when people look like us, or they have the same mannerisms as us or they talk like us, we have a natural affinity for them. We have a natural attraction to them.

This is one of the reasons why Gemini can find love in 2022 because they can pick up mannerisms quickly. They model people very easily.

Other signs of the horoscope can’t do this quite as quickly or as adeptly. There is this natural chameleon-like tendency for Gemini to pick up all sorts of signals and mirror it back. This will definitely work to your advantage as long as you are not lying.

This is the key which I will expound on below.

You Pick Up Attitudes of Those Around You

The Gemini is able to absorb social signals and emotional signals like a sponge.

This can lead to all sorts of misunderstanding because it can easily be painted as a clever trick or outright lying.

In many cases, Gemini’s make for great sales people because they are able to mirror the attitude of the person in front of them and get that person to like them. As you probably know in sales, people will not buy from you if they don’t trust you and a key trait of the Gemini personality is all about trustworthiness.

People will not trust you if they don’t like you. It all boils down to trust. And great Gemini sales people are able to be chameleon-like in their ability to pick up on attitudes and reflect that back. Well, if you are motivated by the right thing, and your heart is pure, this should be okay. But if there is some mixture of deceit or you’re trying to gain some sort of advantage, this can easily blow up in your face, especially if you are looking for love.

Real love is based on honesty.

Real love is all about acceptance what’s with all. If you feel that you have to lie, if you feel that you have to stretch the truth, this can blow up in your face and your ability to pick up attitudes and mannerisms so you can model the mannerisms and attitudes of the person you’re trying to attract makes it an even worse form of betrayal.

You Are Very Flexible

While it’s easy to understand the hesitancy of people to trust others that are too flexible, it is too easy to see the other side of the coin. It’s easy to understand why some people find flexible people attractive because inflexible people are often too dogmatic, too orthodox and in many cases look to dominate the people that are in their lives.

It’s really a hallmark of deep and profound insecurity that you feel that everybody in your life must agree with you. In many cases, it can actually be equated with a form of emotional abuse when you have to always be right.

The Gemini is so flexible that it’s very obvious that they don’t have this problem and this makes them quite attractive. However, they might be giving off other kinds of signals that may lead the person that they are attracting to feel betrayed when certain circumstances change.

So on the one hand, flexibility can help you be more attractive because it makes you look better compared to rigid and stiff people.

But on the other hand, you may be so flexible that you might come off as a liar or a person that is too opportunistic to really trust. So it’s kind of like a tightrope that you have to walk so you can give off the right signals.

So how do you go about doing it?

The best piece of advice I can give is really taken out of Socrates.

Socrates said that the only life worth living is a well-examined life.

So examine yourself well, do a lot of self-introspection, and in all things be true to yourself. Keep it real.

You Forgive Small Slights Easily

In a world full of unforgiving people, that hold grudges for a long time, Gemini’s look like gems.

They really do because they are able to forgive small slights that many other people will blow out of all proportion. The thing about interpersonal relationships is that we might think that certain things are small, that certain things are petty, but the reality is that we often read a lot of emotional and personal into these small things.

When these small things happen, we go crazy and we blow things out of proportion because of how much we read into them.

Gemini people are not like that. They can basically let that go like water off a duck’s back. This makes them good friends.

This makes them attractive in terms of emotional commitments. However, this comes at a steep price which you will find out through all of these insights.

You Move On Very Quickly

If you had a girlfriend that hurt you so much in the past, it’s very easy to look all other women based on the lens you developed as a result of that unfortunate relationship.

You basically judge other potential romantic possibilities based on your past hurts, your past wounds and the things that went wrong. This is obviously not a recipe for emotional and relationship success. You have to learn to let go. You need to learn to move on.

Gemini people are able to find love because they have this trait. They are able to move on very quickly. In fact, in some cases, they make the transition quickly that it scares people. It seems that nothing happened, but deep down something happened.

So, look at this as an asset instead of a liability.

You Know When to Fold and Quit

There are many signs of the horoscope that would persist in a mutually destructive and unproductive relationship for a long period of time.

In fact, these people become emotional martyrs that keep absorbing emotional damage for a long stretch of time.

Eventually up until that point where they almost tapped out emotionally or they are threatened with physical violence do they finally leave.

The good news is that as a Gemini you don’t have that hung up. You know when a relationship really has no chance of ever improving. In other words, you know when to fold your cards and quit. This is a great skill. Don’t feel that this is a disadvantage.

Don’t feel that this is a liability. This is actually one of the best things about your personality when it comes to your love life because there are too many fruitless and worthless relationships out there that are not worth hanging on to.

This can help you find love in 2022 because you are able to move past the shadow of past failed relationships and open yourself up to new romantic possibilities.

You Are Intelligent and Can Pick up Things Quickly

Make no mistake about it, finding love is all about reading signals. Unfortunately, just like with capturing radio signals these signals move very quickly. They are often very fragile. They are often the product of the right circumstances lining up at the right time.

For every successful romantic matchup, there are hundreds of failed romantic matchups.

It’s all about these signals taking place at the right time. Unfortunately, most other signs of the horoscope are very lousy in picking up signals and as a result they pass by a ton of romantic possibilities.

In many cases, they pass by Mr. Right at least once a year.

The good news for the Gemini’s is that you are very, very intelligent. We’re not just talking about intellectually but also emotionally. In many cases, emotional intelligence is actually much better than intellectual intelligence because you know how people work.

You know how to work with people. And you know how to make things happen. In terms of your love life, because you are emotionally intelligent, you can pick up things more quickly and more precisely so you can make better informed decisions as far as your love life is concerned.

You Are Easy To Misunderstand

As I mentioned earlier, Gemini people are one of the easiest horoscope signs to misunderstand when it comes to love. It’s very easy to feel betrayed by your actions. It’s very easy to feel that you don’t care. It’s very easy to think that you don’t really understand the suffering that you cause to other people. The good news is that all of these are other people’s opinions.

The reality goes much deeper.

The reality is actually not black and white. As long as you are honest with yourself and as long as you are clear as to what you are doing and you are not lying and purposely harming other people, that is the best you can do. You can rely on that truth and let that truth guide you. In many cases, that truth will filter out people you shouldn’t be getting into relationships with in the first place.

This can be a very positive thing because instead of trying to play to a crowd or trying to operate under the pressure that you have to find love, you basically just become comfortable in your skin and focus on what is true in your life.

You Are Often the Underdog

Many people misunderstand you and underestimate you. This can be a crushing situation for many people because they like other people to appreciate and validate them and look at them in glowing positive terms.

If you really wrap your mind around this reality and you achieve a high level of peace, this can actually be your biggest asset.

The good news is that the world is not a stage where you have to put on an act and try to impress people that don’t really matter. The only person that you really need to impress is yourself. The only person that really needs to be true to you is yourself.

As long as you’re not harming other people, as long as you’re not consciously causing ill will, you can live your life based on your own script. You can follow your tune. And the more you do this, the more you attract other people because it becomes obvious that you are the underdog that people misunderstand and oppress and hate on time and time again.

As you probably already know, when you’ve watched a lot of movies in the past, it’s always the underdog that gets a lot of loyalty and sympathy from the audience.

It’s very hard to identify with a Superman. It’s very hard to identify with a person who is always a winner. It’s easy to identify with a person with a serious character flaw like Peter Parker/ Spiderman. It’s very hard to identify with Clark Kent/Superman. I hope you see the analogy here.

So be more comfortable with your inner underdog. It’s okay to be the low man on the pole. It’s okay to be the flawed person in the group. You don’t have to please everybody.

Just be yourself.

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    Wow that was totally inspirational. Thank you for confirming that I do have the ability to read emotions. Honestly I can sense them from around a corner most times and avoid danger. But the there are people who just like poking at me until I explode and then I feel like a loser. I’m staying away from people like that a much as possible.

kiran kamble said on

Miss..Imelda………I am gemini man…I read about all sign for 2015 prediction. Here I wanna ask you something. why does gemini always faced off such bad face with career money love and everything……..It hurts…actually..a lot.
It misses with positive vibes………..!

Dushyanth Mahendran said on

Wow! You just described me, my traits, my life and my own thoughts about myself- with 100% accuracy. Really needed to see this, thank you so much :)
Love and blessings.

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