Libra Traits and Characteristics

Libra Traits and Characteristics


This special personality report will analyse the main traits and characteristics of the Libra sign. This in-depth report will give you everything you need to know about Libra’s positive and negative traits, the key characteristics of this sign and many other facts about Libra.

If you are a Libra you can use this special report to understand your true nature and learn more about yourself. If you are a persona considering a relationship with a Libra sign then you can use this report to fully understand all the aspects of the Libra personality.

Let us begin.

Understanding the True Nature of Libra

When it comes to the true nature and traits of a Libra you must understand that Libra is a sign obsessed with balance.

The sign of this house of the Zodiac is a pair of scales after all, so this should come as no surprise that the traits of Libra are centred on the theme of balance.

Balance and inner calm is a key trait of Libra and it really does describe the true nature of those born under this sign.

Libra signs can spend a lifetime hoping to achieve a sense of inner calm and balance in their lives. Sometimes it is achieved and sometimes it will never be achieved. Either way if you want to understand the true nature and character of someone born under Libra, it is essential that you understand what motivates them in life.

The search for balance in life applies to all aspects of a Libra’s life, from work and career to family and relationships. The true nature of Libra is all about finding a sense of balance in every aspect of their lives.

This applies to both Libra men and Libra women; however there are subtle differences in the main traits and characteristics of each.

Libra Woman Traits

The main traits of the Libra woman are considered to be very positive. In fact the personality profile of the Libra woman is one of the happiest and most positive of all the signs of the Zodiac.libra women traits

The traits of a Libra woman just seem to shine brightly for women born under this sign and in my experience a Libra woman is usually a very happy and contented person.

The main traits of the Libra woman are as follows –

  • Forward Thinking

Most Libra women are blessed with this personality trait. They tend to always look forward with hope and energy and this trait can really help when things get tough. Libra women can be so positive that they can actually help other people get through hard times too. In my opinion this is one of the best traits of the Libra woman.

  • Reflective

Sometimes spending a long time reflecting on things is a bad thing. The old saying tells us that there is no point crying over spilt milk; so why do I believe reflection is a positive trait of the Libra woman?

Well it is quite simple really. Libra women often live such busy lives that they have little time left to reflect on their own personal development. Libra women blessed with this trait are often extremely calm and mild mannered. This can really come in useful for a Libra when things get crazy and everyone around you is losing their head!

  • Obsessive

Libra women all share this trait. It can be a positive and a negative trait at the same time, it just depends on how the Libra chooses to embrace it.

An obsession with detail is actually a very positive trait shared by most Libra females. This attention to detail means that Libra women are rarely caught out and it is extremely rare for a Libra woman to make a mistake.

This personality trait means that Libra women often advance quickly in their chosen careers as they can be depended upon and people feel that they are a “safe pair of hands”.

Libra Male Traits

When it comes to the main traits of Libra men things are very different indeed. Libra men traits are almost the exact opposite of the main traits and characteristics of the Libra woman.

The difference surprises a lot of people.  Many people automatically assume that Libra men and Libra women share the same traits and characteristics when in my experience they do not.

The main traits and characteristics of the Libra male are as follows –libra male traits

  • Grumpy

If there is one word that most people use to sum up the personality of the Libra man it is usually grumpy. This is perhaps one of the least attractive aspects of the Libra male and in my experience it is a trait that almost all men born under Libra share.

Everyone can get grumpy from time to time but the Libra man tends to spend a lot of his time in “grumpy mode”. This negative Libra trait can really have a big impact on a person’s life so it is worth spending some time dealing with this issue before it gets out of control.

  • Reluctant

The Libra male is often described as “reluctant”. This describes a whole number of traits that seem to hold the Libra male back in life. Some people might call him lazy whilst others might call him stubborn. The fact is the Libra man is often slow to start and even slower to get a job completed. This particular Libra trait can cause huge frustration for anyone who is in a relationship with a Libra man.

  • Shy

Perhaps the most harmful trait of the Libra male personality is shyness. In extreme forms this can absolutely cripple the Libra man in any social situation. This shyness can lead the Libra man to run from any social event and even if he does go you will often find him standing alone.

This terrible shyness can be a real problem for the Libra male unless he tackles it head on. Sometimes when he is in a relationship with a more outgoing person (such as a match between a Libra and Virgo) it can help the Libra man overcome this negative personality trait.

Shared Libra Traits

As you can see the personality traits of the Libra man and Libra woman are very different indeed. In my experience these extreme opposite traits make relationships involving two Libra signs very challenging indeed. It is rare that you will see a long term and happy relationship develop between two people born under the Libra for this very reason.

Despite being so different in so many ways, Libra men and women do however share some common traits. The common traits and aspects of the Libra tend to be more to do with the physical traits of the Libra rather than to do with their personality.

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Some of the most common physical traits of Libra men and women are as follows –

Piercing Eyes

Most Libra men and women share this striking physical trait. Whether it is piercing blue or green eyes most Libra men and women share this characteristic. People often complement a Libra on their beautiful eyes and it can be a really good asset if you are a Libra looking for love.

Good Posture

Most Libra signs have extremely good posture. This is important because it helps improve other physical characteristics. Libra signs can often find themselves in physically demanding roles so this trait can really help Libra endure when other signs will fade.


Perhaps the most remarked upon physical trait of Libra is their extreme strength. I firmly believe that the physical strength of Libra comes directly from their mental strength. The fact remains that most Libra men and women are blessed with exceptional inner and outer strength.


Common Libra Negative Traits

When it comes to Libra negative traits there is always a lot of discussion and debate. This debate often focusses on what exactly is classed as a negative trait and what is a positive trait.

As you have read – there are many different aspects and different parts of a Libra’s personality. There is no straight answer as to what the good traits and what the negative traits of Libra really are.

In my opinion it always comes down to a matter of judgement and context.

For example some people may view the obsessive nature of the Libra woman as a negative trait. In a romantic relationship that may be the case.

However, in an office setting or a workplace where an obsessive attention to detail is essential this “negative Libra trait” suddenly transforms into a positive trait.

Do you see what I mean?

When it comes to the negative traits of the Libra personality I believe there is just one major flaw that most Libra signs share.

Libra signs can be extremely vain. This is a real Libra weakness.

Although this might seem like a fairly superficial negative trait, once you are aware of it, it will drive you absolutely mad!

In my opinion this vanity actually comes from a deep inner sense of self doubt that can trouble Libra from time to time. The quest for perfection and balance in a Libra’s life is a reflection of this.

Unfortunately this negative Libra trait is shared by almost all people born under this sign and in my experience this vanity does not get better with age… it actually gets worse!

Positive Libra Traits and Characteristics               

In my opinion there are many, many positive traits and characteristics common to the Libra Zodiac sign. These positive traits apply to both Libra men and Libra women in equal measure. If I was forced to choose my top three positive Libra traits I would choose the following –

  1. Loyal
  2. Trusting
  3. Trustworthy

These top three Libra traits summarize the key strengths of the Libra personality. Libra signs tend to be incredibly loyal to friends and family. This loyalty extends in many ways and it can even mean that when everyone else is disbelieving the Libra remains loyal and continues to trust.

In turn, and perhaps the best trait of the Libra personality is that they are trustworthy. Libra values trust more than anything else in a relationship and as such they expect to be viewed as trust worthy people.

In all my years analysing the positive and negative traits of the Zodiac I have never encountered a Libra who I would not consider to be trust worthy.

If you are looking for someone to confide in then you will be hard pressed to find someone who is a better listener than a Libra. Empathy and trust are key Libra strengths and are often in great demand from those closest to Libra.

Libra Traits and Compatibility

Now that you understand the main Libra characteristics it is possible to understand which signs are most compatible with Libra.

With such a precise set of personality traits and qualities there are actually only a few signs which are well matched with Libra when it comes to relationship compatibility.

Based on my analysis of the key personality traits of Libra and how they match with other signs here are my top three matches for Libra –

Libra Traits and Friendship Compatibility

When it comes to friendship compatibility for Libra there is no better match that that involving Libra and Cancer. These two signs share many similar traits such as a shared sense of loyalty and they are perfectly suited in friendship matches.

It is actually very common to see friendships between Libra and Cancer signs lasting from childhood until later life as they are just so well suited together.

Libra Traits and Romantic Compatibility

The positive traits of Libra mean that when it comes to love compatibility Libra signs are usually in great demand. Libra’s biggest problem will be choosing someone who is a suitable match – not just the closest match.

There is a key difference here and unfortunately when Libra fails to see this she can end up trapped in an unhappy relationship.

Take my advice Libra and play it safe. Go with the sign which has maximum compatibility when it comes to love. In my experience this is always a Gemini sign for Libra. In more than 20 years of analysing compatibility matches I have yet to find a more ideal love match than that which exists between Libra and Gemini.

Libra Traits and Marriage Compatibility

Libra and Taurus are ideally suited for long term relationships and are highly compatible when it comes to marriage. The Libra trait of loyalty is a quality that Taurus signs really find attractive and matches between these two signs are normally very positive. Libra’s loyal streak means that they will stand by their Taurus partner through good times and bad.

My Final Thoughts on the Traits and Characteristics of Libra

As you can tell Libra people are complex creative people. In my opinion Libra traits and characteristics are amongst the most interesting of all the signs of the Zodiac because these people have so much depth.

This special summary table should give you an overview of the main traits of Libra and the key aspects of their Zodiac

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Quick Facts About Libra

Libra Lucky Numbers4, 12, 17, 21, 22 and 29
Libra’s BirthstoneQuartz
Libra’s Lucky ColourYellow and Orange
Libra’s Ruling PlanetJupiter
Most compatible withGemini, Taurus and Cancer
Libra’s Best QualitiesTrustworthy, Calm and Reliable
Libra WeaknessesVanity and Stubbornness
Least Compatible Matches WithLeo, Pisces or Aries


In conclusion to this special report I would like to ask you to like, share and tweet this with your social networks. The chances are you know a Libra and the chances are they could do with taking a good look at themselves.

If you have any questions or if there are other Libra traits that you want me to discuss just leave a comment below and I will get right back to you.

Love and Light

Imelda x