Cancer and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Cancer and Libra Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

The relationship between Cancer and Libra unites two of the greatest romantics and lovers of peace in the zodiac.

Yet even with that being the case, a flair for drama, miscommunication and misunderstanding can prevent the real bliss of this love connection shining forward from time to time.

As much as both of these star signs crave harmony and balance, their own natures and the big differences in how they see the world can sometimes get in their way.

Navigating these more treacherous times is tricky for any couple, let alone one as averse to conflict as Libra and Cancer.

To make the best of things, it’s best you understand the hidden depths of Cancer and Libra compatibility – the definitive guide to doing so is at your fingertips here.

Cancer and Libra compatibility overview

Cancer and Libra compatibility has a lot going on beneath the surface, even when things at first glance seem to be ticking over just fine.

That’s because there are actually some considerable differences between Libra and Cancer people that have their roots in the symbolism, mysticism and folklore of the zodiac.

Far more than simply the stars in the night sky or the tales behind the various constellations, astrology also explores how personality archetypes are defined by the elemental associations and planetary rulers every star sign has.

The matchups, and the differences, are particularly interesting in this case, creating many of the great opportunities and most grating challenges for Cancer and Libra couples.

Taking the simplest symbols in mind, consider Cancer first off – its symbolic animal is the crab.

Much like crabs, Cancer people go through their lives with a tougher outer shell that hides an easily injured interior, and similarly they are able to approach everything in a way that most people think is moving sideways.

To the Cancer person though, it’s a question of using that sidelong perspective to make sure that everything is fair and even before making a move to grab what they want with a vice-like grip.

Making sure everything is fair and even is similarly important to Libra, represented in astrology by the scales – the only star sign to be symbolised by an inanimate object.

Balance is incredibly important to the Libra person, and they simply won’t make a decision on anything until given the chance to weigh up every option and make sure it’s fair to everybody.

So far, so good – little cause for friction indeed. Yet where the more pronounced differences in Cancer and Libra relationships come about stems from other factors, such as their elemental ruling.

Cancer is ruled by water, and Libra is ruled by air – and the quickest way to break that down more fully is to simply say that Cancer is ruled by the heart, and Libra by the head.

What this means for Cancer and Libra pros and cons in love will become clear as we explore things further down the page – but beforehand, take the time to understand the ruling planets of these star signs too, for the light they shed on how these folks interact in love.

The moon rules Cancer, representing hidden emotions, matters of the heart that are concealed, and the home and family life.

Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, art and aesthetics – complementary at first glance, but less romantic in action than Cancer sometimes likes.

The Cancer and Libra relationship promises to be one of peaks and troughs, with some astonishingly loving and nourishing moments punctuated by odd misunderstandings and frustrated indecisiveness.

With the right know how though, making one’s way through it all needn’t be as daunting as it seems.

Matches between the Cancer woman and Libra man

Blessed with a terrific sense of humour, a keen intuition into human nature and the ability to protect and nurture anyone downtrodden she meets, there’s something a touch magical about the Cancer woman.

On the surface, she’s as serene as the full moon itself, and at her best, seems just as glowing.

Yet that cool calm exterior hides a hotbed of worries deep inside, which she has learned over time to keep strictly to herself.

One of the few people perhaps capable of changing that is the Libra man, whose charm and well-groomed nature go hand in hand with intelligence and wit in plentiful supply.

The pair waste no time in connecting once they’ve found one another, although the relationship could take time in picking up the pace.

The Libra man and Cancer woman both have a tendency of circling what they want in life to identify if it’s genuine and worth taking the plunge for – and in affairs of the heart, that’s especially the case.

Nonetheless, once the romantic side of the Cancer woman and Libra man alike take flight, there’s more than enough sentimentality going around to make up for lost time.

The couple will chuckle at their earlier coyness as they enjoy beachfront retreats, candlelit dinners and rainy mornings in bed.

Peace and harmony are important to this couple, which means that arguments will be rare – and there are good and bad points about this to keep in mind.

Libra people of either gender simply don’t engage with disagreements if they can help it, and Cancer people hide themselves away like crabs scuttling deep inside a spiral shell out of sight.

Yet when either of them are convinced they’re right, they will never shake their opinion – and if they both feel they are, the Cancer woman and Libra man can get into a stalemate of sorts, two cool indifferent attitudes almost sulkily playing off one another.

The Cancer woman will also notice as the relationship goes on that the Libra man is quite a smooth talker, able to say whatever necessary to get his way.

To him, it’s tact and diplomacy, but to her, it seems almost like manipulation, and chips away at her trust in him.

As he gets more keen on getting out and exploring his social circle, contrasting her need to stay indoors and enjoy a cosy home life, the Libra man creates worries in the Cancer woman as she becomes listless and lonely without him.

She’ll tug and clutch at him to keep still for her, just a little while, but he’ll see it as damaging to his personal independence.

The good points:

  • Romantic and endearing, the Cancer woman and Libra man each like to put the other first
  • The Libra man is a true gentleman, and the Cancer woman nurtures and adores him in kind
  • A shared love of peaceful surroundings makes for a beautiful home life

The bad points:

  • The couple can easily lose themselves to this relationship, sinking into it so their friends hardly get to see them
  • The Cancer woman’s mood swings and emotional clinginess annoys the Libra man
  • Both partners can be hot and cold with one another, and misaligned romantic gestures cause hurt from time to time

Matches between the Cancer man and Libra woman

The Libra woman is one of the most fast moving, smart and attractive in the zodiac, blessed with a kind of lucky spark that opens doors for her anywhere she goes.

She attracts admirers easily, but is selective in who she pairs off with, having no time for playboys or cheaters, nor those who aren’t in it for the long term.

This all gives the Cancer man plenty of advantages, providing he’s also able to demonstrate his fun side and his looks to the aesthetically minded Libra lady.

Luckily, being born under the sign of the crab – a creature of dry land and the undersea realm alike – means that the Cancer man is able to adapt himself to any circumstances.

His sweetness and the genuine nature of his romantic gestures makes courtship a pleasure for the Libra woman, and she will expect him to take his time wining and dining her, just as she gives him time to explore his feelings for her as the pair grow close.

The Cancer man will have to be considerate of the chance for jealousy too. The Libra woman is loyal, but certainly won’t be a stranger to male attention even when the relationship is ongoing.

She’ll tactfully steer such flirtation elsewhere, but be grateful for the acknowledgment of the time she puts into her appearance.

If the Cancer man snaps his crablike claws at this though, he’ll come across as too controlling for her.

That issue of control versus freedom will arise from time to time in other ways for the Cancer man and Libra woman dating.

Her social circle is big and everyone in it is important to her, and she’ll dole out her time as fairly as she can to make sure everyone is alright.

The Cancer man could sometimes feel like he’s further down the list of priorities than he likes because of this, and once again clasp on tightly to stop things getting out of hand.

The Libra woman hates the idea of her freedom being restricted, and will simply assert her personal all the more.

She’s capable of being clinically cold when she needs to be, and the Cancer response of sitting sullenly in response to a slight won’t wash with her at all.

The good points:

  • The Libra woman is often disappointed in how hard it can be finding a decent guy – but the Cancer man can offer her plenty
  • Both partners are demonstrative and romantic, finding little ways to make each other’s lives better and more fulfilling
  • The Cancer man can finally let his guard down with a partner who has the same long-term goals as him

The bad points:

  • Although loyal, the Libra woman also has no qualms cutting her losses and starting again if she feels too trapped or suffocated
  • The Cancer man’s more sullen moments come across as self-pitying and pointless to the Libra
  • The Libra woman has an indulgent side, sometimes sinking into lazy periods where its impossible to motivate her

Cancer and Libra friendship compatibility

As two of the zodiac’s most friendly, welcoming and hospitable star signs, both Cancer and Libra people make and keep friends easily.

Naturally, the same applies when they meet each other too, with Cancer and Libra friendships often proving wholesome, supportive, long lasting and infused with fun memories.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that Libra tends to be far more the social butterfly when compared to Cancer, who keeps a close-knit circle of highly trustworthy friends instead.

Libra makes and keeps many social commitments, urgent to ensure he or she is fair to everyone in sharing out her free time.

For this reason, the Cancer individual might not see the Lira friend as often as desired, nor with the frequency for things to be stable and steady in their eyes.

The time that is spent together is definitely precious and fulfilling though.

The kindness inherent to Cancer and Libra make them great friends in humanitarian efforts of beautification projects around the community, but they’re just as likely to enjoy meals, shopping and nights out.

In fact, Libra’s charm and charisma can do plenty in helping Cancer get out of their shell.

Thanks to the aesthetic eye of Libra and the talent that Cancer people often have for making homemade decorations, arts and crafts often prove a superb way for Cancer and Libra friends to spend time together.

Their capabilities here play off one another beautifully, and if their work is especially talented they could turn this hobby into a lucrative side venture.

Cancer doesn’t trust easily, but finds in the Libra friend a kind of wholesomeness and lack of judgemental remarks that gives them the confidence to open up.

Of course, Cancer is just as good a listener as considerate Libra, and the two friends may well find they become confidants to one another for years to come.

Cancer and Libra marriage compatibility

Cancer and Libra marriage tends to begin with the best of intentions, and if the niggle between the couple can be worked out with decent compromise, has every reason to last.

That’s in part thanks to the fact that neither Cancer of Libra ever get involved with romance without a long-term plan for the relationship.

Cancer particularly has likely daydreamed of his or her wedding since childhood, and out of all the zodiac, this is the sign most excited by the idea of creating a beautiful home and raising a family.

Libra will work with Cancer to make a beautiful home, but does so also for the notion of entertaining company and welcoming friends into a pleasingly laid out function room.

There’s room in the marriage for both, of course, but there won’t be room for stagnation as far as Libra is concerned.

Life always needs to be moving forwards for Libra, whereas Cancer is happy to slow down and settle once the family life of the relationship is in full swing.

As a spouse, Libra may feel hard to reach sometimes for Cancer, due to the fast ideas moving through his or her airy mind at any given time.

Ideas and concepts are the domain of light and breezy Libra, who is likewise puzzled at why Cancer sometimes has periods of feeling down with seemingly no good reason.

Travel and adventure may well play into this couple’s marriage long into their later years, although such incentives are often the decision of Libra more than Cancer.

That said, decision making in and of itself can prove painful for this couple, not through disagreements, but simply an inability to reach a decision to act on between them.

Moving house every few years keeps things fresh and interesting for the Libra spouse, but unsettles the comforting love nest that Cancer has built – and it’s difficult to start from scratch.

Balancing the settled with the fresh and new is vital for the health of this marriage, and with two such balanced star signs connected here, that definitely seems achievable.

Cancer and Libra: Common issues and problems

Sometimes with Cancer and Libra, too much of a good thing can be just as harmful to their relationship bliss as any of their differences in worldview.

Put simply, the relationship is a priority to both of them to such a degree that it can almost bury them – and when times come when they must be apart, both Cancer and Libra feel directionless and confused.

Libra particularly, as represented by the scales, likes to see life in twos – black and white, light and dark, art and science.

Therefore, sudden moments in which they’re without the partner are disruptive, even if they brought it on themselves with sudden urges to go and reconnect with their wider social circle.

In fact, because both Cancer and Libra in love are so driven to provide for and nurture their partner, they can often put each other first so doggedly that they forget to take care of themselves.

This creates a cycle in which one partner then ends up propping up the other in an endless dance of burnout and exhaustion, to say nothing of the codependency it brings about.

Cancer’s emotional ups and downs are also difficult for Libra to deal with, simply because they seem to come and go with no cause.

More broadly, there can be nasty surprises for both partners that arise every so often due to the fact that neither Cancer and Libra in love like to stir up conflict or disagreement.

Yet they can sit on their true feelings about something for so long, never speaking up to one another for fear of causing disharmony, that when the tipping point eventually comes their partner is suddenly knocked about the head with information on something they had no idea was hurting the other so much.

This takes time to untangle, and both partners need to learn to be more open.

Libra also has a driven need to be surrounded by perfection in feel and appearance that makes little sense to Cancer.

Although Cancer folks themselves have a keen eye for taste, Libra’s addiction to aesthetic appeal will come off as shallow and meaningless.

Cancer believes it’s what’s inside that counts – Libra agrees, but wants that beauty visible on the outside more.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

While water and air elemental star signs don’t often mix well, in the case of Cancer and Libra, a great deal of opportunity exists for two lovers of harmony, order and romance to come together and make an almost poetically idyllic life together.

Unfortunately, the true peace and harmony both strive for can sometimes go missing, not only if they both try too hard to make it happen, but also because Cancer people use emotion and Libra people use their minds in connecting with life, and one another.

Wielded correctly, this connection of mind and heart between them can make them a wonderfully inspiring couple, often hosting gatherings for friends and family that become treasured memories years down the line.

Both travel and children feature heavily in Cancer and Libra partnerships, and they’re both animal lovers who are likely to give a home to some very happy pets too!

However, Libra’s inability to sit still for long causes friction with Cancer’s desire to sink to the depths of a cosy cove and never look back.

This couple can’t have it both ways, but shouldn’t sacrifice their own needs too much for the other without discussing a more reasonable compromise.

Both Libra and Cancer are prone to self-sacrifice to the point of it becoming harmful to themselves if left unchecked.

This couple may not always understand one another, but will always be there for one another – loyal and giving to the end.

Cancer and Libra compatibility score: 6/10

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Treavor Alvarado said on

I’m a Cancer. I am defiantly not insecure. In fact Im a go getter. I’m not shy, I love attention, and very social. I’m secure and I go for what I want.There is no time to cry about petty stuff. I also get my way, be it sex, a Job, or any goal I set my mind too. I hate staying at home all the time. I spend years clubbing and enjoying multiply sexual partners. I’ve dated mostly Libra’s, its all about communication. One thing I will agree with you is that, only one of my relationships ended up un-reparable but he was very unbalance.. I do agree that sometimes I want more emotional connection, but I’ve learn to ignore it. Why worry about it, like a lion I like to wait for my pray instead of cry about why they have not called. Give them just enough for them to return is my modo. But than again I am a Cancer Sign, Leo Rising, and Aquarius moon.

    I completely agree Treavor – when it comes to Libra and Cancer it really is all about communication. Not so sure about your other points though :)

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