What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Libra For The Year 2022?

What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Libra For The Year 2022?

Libra people like to live a life of peace and serenity, where everybody gets along, nothing seems unfair, nobody gets one over on anyone else to get their way and those who misbehave receive firm but fair justice.

It’s a utopian ideal to be sure, and yet as reasonable as it seems to be, Libra souls are often a little disheartened from time to time that their elegant solutions to how life is run don’t seem to be made manifest in our shared physical reality.

Nevertheless, many astrologers like to nickname this sign as Lucky Libra, thanks to how good fortune seems to smile on these free spirits wherever they go.

Having said that though, lucky numbers for Libra in 2022 and beyond can amplify that good fortune all the more.

As you’ll see as we go through this guide, Libra people who notice these numbers as they crop up in everyday life, or work to attune themselves to the unique yet subtle energies of these numbers, stand to make great gains in the good luck that they promise.

Libra Lucky Number 6

One of the most apparent and easily felt lucky numbers for Libra in 2022 is the number 6.

This is a number that pops up everywhere, yet is no less diminished in the good luck it offers to Libra folks for being so popular and easy to see.

The number 6 is the highest number you get when rolling the dice in most board games, and that itself tells you much of what you need to know about why 6 is a lucky number for Libra people.

Just as rolling a 6 in a board game will see your player piece racing ahead of the pack, the number 6 properly attuned to in the life of a Libra soul signifies a sudden swell of positive change or opportunity to propels these fine folks forward.

Things suddenly get easier and less fraught with uncertainty, and any decisions about a job, a partner or a move of home, as three examples, get easier for Libra to digest and form a smart decision about.

And often, choosing the path most connected to the number 6 is the better option, even if rationally it doesn’t appear so at first.

So for instance, choosing to start a job at a building that has six floors, or is the 6th on its street, is wise – and likewise, dating someone whose birthday is on the 6th, or who was born in June, sixth month of the calendar, is often lucky.

Lucky Number 42

The number 42 is seen in popular culture as the number of the meaning of life, thanks to some witty writing by the novelist Douglas Adams.

This meaning has taken on a life of its own in popular culture, but a wise Libra doesn’t let that joke overshadow what 42 can mean for them.

It might not truly be the answer to the meaning of life, but the number 42 is lucky for Libra because it often seem to signify an odd coincidence or moment of synchronicity between two sides of life that seemed to be entirely disparate.

Libra is a star sign who is all about balancing out opposite ends of the scale, so any unexpected moments of clarity that connect two points into an equation lke this always capture her or his interest.

In other words, seeing the number 42 unexpectedly is an invitation to Libra to pay attention to their immediate life circumstances.

The answer will often be staring them in the face.

Is this change of job worth taking? Is this promotion on offer really going to lead Libra down the right path? Is the guy sitting at table number 42 in the restaurant Libra’s soulmate in waiting?

All kinds of seemingly random chance encounters suddenly take on new meaning when 42 is recognised as the lucky Libra number it is.

Lucky Number 15

While some star signs share lucky numbers, Libra people also have some numbers that are lucky for them in a more selective way, and less likely to crop up on lists of the lucky numbers for each star sign in 2022.

The number 15 is lucky for Libra not just for this reason though, but also for what it represents both literally and spiritually.

The number 15 is, of course, 10 plus 5 – or perhaps, from another point of view, having a whole and then half again.

Having more than enough, and enough to share around – a wonderful symbol of abundance for altruistic Libra.

Those Libra people who feel like they are struggling to make ends meet or to have enough to give to their loved ones can also find that, by noticing where and when the number 15 pops up in their life, they can be guided towards greater abundance and prosperity.

The same goes for Libra women hoping to conceive a child – the number 15 signifies that the path to conceiving is going smoothly, and by following those points of coincidence in which this number seems to appear, good things are bound to follow.

The Libra people born on 15th October often have close ties to a life of being self-made – of starting with nothing and working their way up through determination and diplomacy.

Lucky Number 24

Of course, the more observant among you, Libra and otherwise, have no doubt already figured out that 42 is simply 42 written backwards, and draws much of its reasoning for being a lucky number for Libra from there.

However, it’d be remiss indeed to assume that that’s the only reason as to why this is a lucky symbol for Libra – the same applies for simply handwaving it as being lucky because 2 plus 4 is 6, a lucky Libra number in its own right.

24 is instead a number of decision making, of breathing room and of giving Libra the energy and clarity to reach the best decision about important life directions.

And of course, places and situations in which the number 24 appears often make the best paths to follow.

However, in those all too common moments in which Libra is confronted by an unexpected need to make a decision – a Libra manager being given two or more candidates for an assistant and being unable to choose, or a Libra singleton with two or more prospective people to go out with – can align themselves with lucky number 24 in an easy way.

How? By requesting 24 hours to reach a balanced decision, of course – an important thing to Libra folks, and a fine way to assure themselves of making a lucky choice.

Is 51 really a lucky number?

You might well argue, just like with number 24 above, that 51 is a lucky number for Libra because it is lucky number 15 written backwards. Again, it’s a decent point, but not the entire tale!

The reason why some of my clients express surprise when I’ve told them that 51 is a lucky Libra number for 2022, and some other years besides, is because it’s such a strangely random number to assign that kind of spiritual value – an odd number in more ways than one, if you will.

However, often one explanation seems to make everything clear – 51 is of having just more than 50%. A controlling stake in a business, say, or just over enough to get by.

To a Libra, the idea of balancing anything 51 to 49 can seem a bit distasteful, but I’d urge Libra people to certainly trust in this number when it appears, not just for the promise of abundance and good luck it gives them, but also because it invites them to align with places and people who need their gentle touch.

Why? Well, as discussed, the number 51 is just over the perfect balance. So who better than Libra to step in and gently coax things into equilibrium?

The number 52 is so often a sign to Libra to take a path towards helping those around them find balance – and that path promises good luck and blessing to those Libra souls who answer that call and withstand the challenges that go with it.

Numbers to avoid

Libra people are very sensitive to the world around them, both on the physical and metaphysical level. They can’t always articulate why the feel something is off, for instance, but feel it very keenly.

Unlucky numbers for Libra for 2022, as well as some other periods of life, can be easily recognised once you know what they are.

They invite chaos, drama, a lack of even-handed discourse between disagreeing parties and lots of deceit or things gone awry through rudeness and neglect. All things Libra people loathe!

The number 49 is one such example of this in action.

Unexpected bills that land on Libra’s doorstep often incorporate the number 49 into their figures somehow, and often are timed in such a way as to disrupt Libra’ savings goals or funding a much-needed vacation.

At a broader level, the number 49 is also related to the lucky number 51, but in the less positive way – it signifies having just under half or just less than enough.

How horrible to be so close but so far to one’s goal – a feeling Libra knows all too well and is often keen to avoid.

The number 12 is also a number that tends to invite discord and disaster to the Libra soul. While not altogether easy to avoid, it also has a connection with time and how we measure it.

Deadlines and delays could be an issue for Libra people in 2022 leading through into the early months of the year 2023.

And just as the hand striking 12 on the clock means the end of the hour, Libra people in 2022 might find that the door on a relationship, a job opening or a way of broadening their goals is rudely shut on them with no explanation or apology during the latter months of 2022.

Always do this when you see lucky number 33

Two of the same number standing side by side always has a special spiritual meaning in astrology, numerology and all manner of spiritual thinking.

It’s often seen as lucky even by less spiritually minded or superstitious people, and in the case of lucky numbers for Libra people, 33 is a good example of a number that just seems to be there at the right place at the right time.

The number 33 is, of course, also easily interpreted as 33% of something, so Libra people could well often find that their business endeavours lead to them sharing a handsome profit pool three ways between themselves and two trusted colleagues as matters unfold in their favour.

More esoterically still, in April and May, 33% through the year 2022, Libra people are likely to find that all sorts of circumstances in their love life and professional life will suddenly clear up and fall into a much tidier set of circumstances, almost by magic.

So when you see the number 33, dear Libra, breathe deeply and visualise your goals. Release, and watch the universe do all the legwork bringing them to fruition!

My Final Thoughts

Lucky Libra, they call them – and with good reason. Life seems to smile on Libra people whatever they do, yet there’s always room for just a little more good fortune to be embraced, right?

By looking into what the lucky numbers are for Libra in 2022, these measured and even minded altruists can also ensure they don’t run afoul of the constant Libra risk – of giving of themselves too much and forgetting themselves.

Let the good luck in, darling Libra!

6 replies on “What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Libra For The Year 2022?”

how do I take advantage of these lucky numbers when I see them?
For instance the article mentions lucky number 8, prosperity and winning the lottery. How do I take advantage of the lucky number 8 in this situation?

    Hi Shawna,

    You need to look carefully at your surroundings if you want to see lucky number 8 make an appearance in your life. Look out on Wednesday and Saturdays during October this year and I think you will be happy that you did!

    Make sure you let me know when your lucky numbers arrive :)



agyemang daniel said on

am soo happy for this numbers hopefully it is going to be one of the best and ever numbers in libra.

thanks Imelda, I need to book a lucky date for higher education exam, as my attempts gone in vain during last couple of months ? I wanna know is it good time for me to concentrate on studies now?

OngoingSky88 said on

I’ve always had a thing for even numbers. And low and behold 8 is more or less my favorite. 8 my favorite, 12 my fated and 9 my life number. These three numbers have always been most present in my life for whatever reason. I don’t know if I would call it luck per se BUT when I do see these numbers I feel a sense of calm. They are familiar to me and represent something homebound. So if for example I’m in some new situation and I see one of these numbers, I automatically begin to relax a little because I now have something that’s known and familiar to me. And this really really helps me to take a more positive approach to things in my life.

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