Libra Woman Love Compatibility

Libra Woman Love Compatibility

If you are a Libra woman looking for love then you need to read my special report on Libra love matches and compatibility for the year ahead. Libra women have many, many positive traits and characteristics however there several traits that will stop the Libra female finding love if not kept in check.

The typical Libra woman is sometimes described as lazy and just a little bit too relaxed when it comes to romance and matters of the heart. However, this is just the part that we see. There’s actually a lot going on with the Libra woman, particularly as Saturn passes through Libra. There is a lot going on which explains why Libra women tend to be always running behind on schedules. There are a lot of issues which explain why they tend to be late for almost all things in life.

The truth is the Libra woman is one of the most laid back and appreciative horoscope signs. These traits and characteristics are very similar to those of the Libra Male Personality.

Very often you will find that when no one else has time for anything they are always the ones that take the time to smell the roses. Unlike other people that tend to jump to conclusions or simply believe the reputations of people, Libra women tend to go out of their way to learn about the situation or actually know people intimately.

This ability to try and wait and always look on the other side is what makes the Libra woman attractive to some people.

Keep these factors in mind when determining Libra love compatibility.

Here are some common themes that Libras should see when it comes to matters of love –

Take Time to Smell the Roses

This cannot be emphasized enough. A lot of people would like to think that Libra’s are lazy or unreliable because they are always late, or they always turn in work after the deadline. The truth is if you look past the deadline, and you look past the tardiness, Libras are actually pretty effective at getting tasks completed to a very high standard.

They actually turn out pretty good product. Of course, this is not like stellar product or masterpieces. After all we are not talking about Capricorn’s or even Taurus but in terms of quality, Libra’s work tends to be decent.

This is due to the fact that a lot of the times, Libras get derailed from achieving their goals because they take the time to smell the roses.

Libra women take the time to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination.

This is attractive to some people. When it comes to love matches for Libra, many people appreciate it when you take the time to notice things on the way to your destination.

The truth is emotional intimacy can often be achieved when you are enjoying each other’s company on the way to a common destination. It is not uncommon for Libras to be attractive to people surrounding them when they are in the same work group, or they are in the same travel group, anything that involves some sort of process that takes time.

Anything that seems like a journey, a Libra will shine through. Why? They seem real. They seem like they are interested in other people. They seem like they have open hearts. And this is what makes them attractive to a lot of people. My special report on Libra traits explains this in more detail.

You are looking for an All Consuming Romance

Romance, for the most part, is dead in the modern world. What killed it? Modern culture.

Modern culture has used the word love so many times that love songs, love stories and romance novels are just products. In other words, we have taken this amazing emotional experience that really transcends mere human emotion and gets close to a spiritual experience and repackaged it into a commodity.

This really is a tragedy because you hear the word love mentioned a lot on the radio air waves, on the Internet, on TV, you name it. The problem is, most of these people don’t even know what love is.

We might think we know what love is, we might have heard of love, but we don’t know love. Libra however makes it their business to know love. Libra women have an expectation of what love should be.

If you are looking for the definition of romantic, Libra women along with a few other horoscope signs will definitely be on that list. These people put love really high-up on their list of personal priorities.

Unfortunately, Libras are so exacting about love that this might defeat them in matters of the heart.

Let’s put it this way. If you have an ideal picture of what being in love is, chances are, most of the intense emotions that you will feel with other people will not live up to that.

Why? Because you are comparing it with an ideal that might never exist.

Ideals are what they are. They are ideas. They don’t exist.

They are supposed to measure things but if things fall short, you don’t throw away those things. But if things fall short of the ideals, you don’t necessarily discard the emotions, the things, the people, situations that have fallen short. You might have to modify your ideal Libra.

Unfortunately, many Libra women have a tough time doing this. If you want to find love, fall in love and stay in love, you need to deal with this issue. Don’t let the good be the victim of the perfect.

Because let’s face it, if you’re always going to hold up a picture of Brad Pitt next to the boy that you’ve met. Chances are, most people will disappoint you. So why keep doing that?

Don’t let this defeat you or disappoint you. Instead love people based on who they are. In fact, it’s not the idea that makes people worth loving; it’s their imperfection that makes them worth loving. Don’t let your ideas of perfect emotions ruin your chances of finding love Libra.

In addition to impossible ideals of all consuming romance that many Libra women subscribe to another thing getting in their way are their ideas regarding emotional intensity.

The truth is, we are all different people.

We all have different ways of expressing our emotions. We all have a different level of emotional intensity.

It’s really unfair for many women born under the sign of Libra to define being in love as some sort of intense emotional state. It can be quite self-defeating because your partner might really be in love with you and is trying really hard.

Unfortunately, due to his background, he can only express it a certain way. Don’t push that person aside because you feel that the level of emotional intensity is not enough or doesn’t meet your standard. If you do this, you might end up turning your back on people that you could have spent a lifetime of happiness with.

Libra woem tend to do this all the time. They just have this emotional thermostat that somebody has to exceed, or else it’s not real romance. You are really being selfish if you are doing it this way.

Don’t Commit Too Early

One of the biggest challenges Libra women face is that they tend to commit too early when it comes to romance. Does this ring true with you Libra?

They are quick to say that this person is my boyfriend or girlfriend even though they don’t know the person yet.

They are so eager to give their heart to another person even though it may not be called for.

The truth is it takes a long time to truly know somebody. It takes quite a while to really experience what makes a person tick, and Libra women tend to get caught up in the initial emotional rush of meeting somebody new and falling in love that they pretty much give everything away. Don’t do this Libra.

You are just setting yourself up for massive let down and possibly abusing yourself emotionally when you do this. I’m not of course saying that you should shut people off or put up a wall or treat people poorly, but you have to take the time to let the romance blossom. There is no rush. Don’t get rushed into intimacy.

Don’t get rushed into commitments. Most of all don’t put pressure on yourself to commit.

Libra is a great love partner. If you’re looking for passion, commitment, intensity and abiding trust, Libra women are hard to beat in the romance department. With that said, you need to resist the urge to sabotage yourself if you want love to enter your life.

Keep the my advice in mind or else you will continue to repeat the same pattern again and again throughout this year. If you cannot get control of your more extreme Libra traits then I fear that it will prevent you from finding and enjoying true love.

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This is so true! I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on my very sweet, caring, and loving boyfriend to live up to some vision I have in my mind. I see now, that this is not the most loving and sensical approach to my relationship. Thanks for the great article!

This sounds like my biography! I nearly drove a guy I had crush on crazy, spot on :D

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