May 12 Zodiac

May 12 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on May 12?

If you were born on May 12th, your zodiac sign is Taurus.

As a Taurus person born on this day, you are a pleasant personality. People would find you polite, sensible, and practical.

You believe in the philosophy that if you give your word, you are going to abide by it. People can rely on you to deliver.

You have developed a reputation for dependability and trustworthiness. You embody the very commonly held belief that Taurus people can be entrusted with finances.

With that said, there is no such thing as a perfect horoscope sign. You have your fair share of drawbacks.

You can be so successful in certain areas of your life that you end up shutting out alternative points of view. You also develop tunnel vision, as far as outside influence goes.

Love Horoscope for May 12 Zodiac

Lovers born on May 12th are very pleasant romantic partners.

They’re not prone to mood swings. Their tempers are often well-managed. However, under the calm exterior can be a raging volcano.

One of the main drawbacks with Taurus romantic personality is your tendency to behave according to what you perceive to be conventional demands.

You believe that there are certain social demands on how you should act, think, and display your emotions.

This can often conflict with how you really feel, and this can lead to a lot of unnecessary inner tension.

It’s not a surprise that from time to time, you do blow up. While these are quite rare, they are very telling.

Set up relationships where it’s expected for you to be frank and honest about your feelings.

This way, everybody would know where everyone is coming from, and this can be quite conducive to a mutually rewarding and enriching relationship.

Career Horoscope for May 12 Zodiac

People born on this day are best suited for public relations careers.

You are a very polite, pleasant, easy-going personality. It seems that you can get along well with just about anybody. Regardless of their personality or background, you can find common ground.

People also appreciate the fact that you look so calm, pleasant, and reliable. You can easily be the stabilizing force of any organization you’re in.

People Born on May 12 Personality Traits

Taurus people born on this day have an inborn sense of stability. They don’t like moodiness and violent outbursts of emotion. They go out of their way to create an aura of predictability and stability.

This is actually quite welcome in most of the social circles they find themselves in. They become instant leaders because they bring such stability.

They have a way of calming people without saying reassuring words. Their mere presence calms people down.

Positive Traits of the May 12 Zodiac

Your practicality and down-to-earth style provide a calming presence to all social settings you find yourself in.

Given the fact that you don’t make a big deal out of your successes or beat people up with your rank, makes you even more endearing to those you are tasked to lead.

Negative Traits of the May 12 Zodiac

You can be a very calming presence, but keep in mind that this is because people are reading their expectations onto your actual personality.

It turns out that you are actually quite resistant to change.

While people may possess real information that can move your organization forward, in many cases, you are resistant to this information.

You’re not really doing it because your ego is threatened, or because of some sort of emotional reason. You’re doing it primarily because of intellectual laziness.

You know that certain things have worked for you in the past, and you’d rather keep it that way. Change is quite terrifying for you.

May 12 Element

Earth is the paired element of all Taurus people.

They are very stable, solid, and reliable.

Just as the earth can be firm ground that you can stand on predictably, without any fear of a sinkhole appearing, the same can be said of the stable personality of the May 12 Taurus.

May 12 Planetary Influence

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.

You have an attraction for beauty. You look good, as far as appearances are concerned. However, this doesn’t indicate what you feel inside or what your real attitude is.

My Top Tips for Those with a May 12th Birthday

You should avoid being so set in your ways that you shut out any new ideas. You have to remember that if you want to grow, you have to open yourself up to fresh things.

When you are challenged, that is actually an opportunity for you to move past old practices that may have provided comfort in the past.

If you do this, you will be able to scale up and move to higher ground.

Lucky Color for the May 12th Zodiac

Your lucky color is brown.

Brown is the color of tree trunks. Tree trunks may not be all that attractive, but you can lean on them. You can rely on the fact that they will remain standing. In fact, they can be quite hardy.

Lucky Numbers for May 12 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on 12th of May are – 77, 93, 47, 3, 85, and 44.

If You Often Dream About Rain, Then You Should Do This

Being born on 12th May gives you a connection to nature that always affects everything you do, even in your subconscious.

As such, even someone who was born on 12th May but considers themselves the utmost town mouse, so to speak, will often dream of nature and animals.

When rain is a very present theme in your dreams, you can accept it an an invitation to rest assured that the plans you’ve put into motion – the seeds you have sown – are in progress towards a resolution.

In keeping with that metaphor, it is as though the seeds you have planted in life are being watered – that events are proceeding, and that you’ll reap your harvest or reward soon enough.

While you’re a patient sort, having some knowledge that you’re taking the right course in life is reassuring.

Rain is a symbol of being patient just a little longer, and knowing the pay off is just around the corner.

Final Thought for the May 12 Zodiac

You are a very reliable and solid person. People can instinctively feel confident around you. Do yourself a big favor and scale up that trait.

Explore the inner workings of your mind; be more open-minded.

If you can do this, then you will be able to provide greater value to those people who are already depending on you for a sense of stability and predictability.

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