May 19 Zodiac

May 19 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on May 19?

If you were born on May 19th, your zodiac sign is Taurus.

As a Taurus born this day, you have a very interesting personality.

While on the surface, you have the classical attributes of the Taurus, on an emotional level, you also possess attributes of the Gemini.

Gemini people have been criticized throughout history as traitors, backstabbers, and two-faced people. A lot of this is due to the misunderstanding of how the Gemini personality works.

Your personality highlights the tension between these two different signs.

People find you easy to trust, but are easily let down by you when you do something unpredictable.

This produces a lot of tension and can put quite a bit of unhealthy pressure on both yourself and the people around you.

Love Horoscope for May 19 Zodiac

Lovers born on May 19th are generally warm, supportive, caring, and can be rather stabilizing in their relationships. You have a great way of stabilizing any kind of environment you find yourself in.

With that said, you do have a Gemini aspect to you. In certain situations, emotions get the better of you.

Instead of making things better, you end up blowing up or interpreting things in the worst way possible and things just take a turn for the worst.

This happens quite a bit when it comes to your romantic relationships; and for most of your life, you feel puzzled.

The aspect of your personality that you can thank or blame for this instability is the Gemini part. It really depends on how you look at your emotional life.

Taurus people can be quite boring, romantically speaking. When you embrace and celebrate the Gemini aspect of your personality, it might make things more fun.

It might insert a tremendous amount of spice and unpredictability into your love life which can drastically improve it.

Career Horoscope for May 19 Zodiac

People born on May 19 are best suited for artistic management jobs.

This type of career would be a good fit for you because the fun-loving, spontaneous, and unpredictable Gemini aspect of your personality would do well in an artistic environment.

Art is all about breaking boundaries. It’s about challenging the status quo, and you would have the right personality to be fully comfortable in that kind of atmosphere.

The Taurus side of your personality, on the other hand, provides solid management skills.

In many cases, if you’re hanging out with many artists, you’re the only financially responsible person there. This is a great combination to have. Artistic management can be a lucrative field indeed.

People Born on May 19 Personality Traits

They have an inborn sense of practicality. They’re good with anything related to finances. They also know the value of a hard-earned dollar.

They are often fun-loving, spontaneous, and mischievous. You’re always looking to throw a little spice into the mix.

As long as it doesn’t end up burning or hurting somebody, you’re in.

This combination of both serious and responsible with fun-loving and mischievous makes you quite a fun person to hang out with.

Positive Traits of the May 19 Zodiac

While it’s easy to view your stable and responsible aspects as the most positive elements of your personality, what really separates you from the run-of-the-mill Taurus is your sense of fun and unpredictability.

You are able to look at situations from unpredictable angles, and this makes you a great source of jokes.

This doesn’t mean you’re a good comedian; you just have a great way of creating comic situations.

Negative Traits of the May 19 Zodiac

Try not to be so scared or threatened by your Gemini side. If anything, your Gemini side is making your Taurus side all that much fun and easier to get along with.

May 19 Element

Earth is the paired element of all Taurus people.

The particular aspect of earth that is most manifest in your personality is mud. When earth is mixed with water, it becomes muddy.

A lot of people think that mud is necessarily a bad thing; after all, it’s dirty. It can soil your clothing and the carpeting of your home.

Even so, mud is also fun. Mud keeps you cool during summer days. Mud can also be heated to be turned into pottery or bricks. There are always two ways to look at things.

May 19 Planetary Influence

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus.

The particular aspect of Venus that is most readily apparent in your personality is Venus has unreachable areas. There are some areas of Venus that cannot be foreseen or fully understood.

This is reflected in your random outbursts. These parts of your personality are actually what makes you a lot of fun.

My Top Tips for Those with a May 19th Birthday

You should avoid being scared of your Gemini side. In fact, it’s what makes you so interesting.

While there’s a lot to be said about predictability, stability, and responsibility, don’t take things too far.

You have a great composite personality that allows you to have a good time wherever you find yourself.

Lucky Color for the May 19th Zodiac

Your lucky color is light blue.

Light blue may seem easy on the eyes, but it can either mean the beginning of an incoming storm or the dissipation of one.

It’s a transitional color and in the same way that your personality often transitions between the classic stability and responsibility of the Taurus and the wild unpredictability of the Gemini.

Lucky Numbers for May 19 Zodiac

The lucky numbers for those born on 19th of May are – 70, 14, 52, 35, 55, and 85.

This is One Thing That No 19th May Zodiac Person Can Resist

Being born on 19th May as a Taurus means that you tend to be hard to rile up, and likewise, it’s difficult to steer you from the road ahead once you’ve set your sights on something.

Having said that, there’s still one thing that nobody with this birthday can say no to.

That something is flirting! Indeed, this can be a thorny situation for those Taurus people born on 19th May who already have a partner.

Being naturally flirtatious is something of a gift for you, and there’s something about the interplay of wit and physicality in flirting that you love.

If all is well, you’ll have a partner who matches you blow for blow, but watch out for letting your charisma leak out in the wrong places and stir up trouble – it’s never worth stirring the pot like that unless it’s a mutual agreement with your lover, or you’re in some kind of open relationship.

Either way, you tend to flirt back whenever flirted with, so the pull is always strong for you in this regard. Handle with care!

Final Thought for the May 19 Zodiac

Don’t be afraid of the unpredictable side of your personality. Not only is it fun, but it can actually challenge you to be more open-minded.

The more experiences you have, the more effective and powerful you become.

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