May 21 Zodiac

May 21 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on May 21?

If you are born on the 21st of May, your Zodiac sign is Gemini.

As a Gemini born on this day, you are a very fun person to be around.

A lot of people would say that you are intellectual, clever, adjustable, easy-go-lucky and oh so flexible. It seems that there is never a dull moment when you’re near.

You have a way of turning any kind of situation into something that is enjoyable and funny, and you try to have a good time in everything that you do.

Love Horoscope for May 21 Zodiac

Lovers born on the 21st of May are curious hybrids of the Gemini and Taurus personalities.

On the one hand, you are very faithful like the typical Taurus. On the other hand, you really go out of your way to bring a lot of spontaneity, fun and humor in your relationships.

It seems that every single day is a new day because of your unbounded enthusiasm.

You always crave for interesting and new experiences and you make sure that you bring these to the life of your partner.

With that said, you can sometimes push the envelope too far, and this might not go over well with your romantic partner.

Other than that, you are otherwise stable in your relationships, just like the typical Taurus.

Career Horoscope for May 21 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on May 21 are best suited for sales or presentation jobs.

While you have a strong sense of Taurus responsibility in your personality, you also exhibit the classic Gemini versatility, spontaneity and fun.

Put these two factors together and you have a fun-seeking career that pays well, but never gets boring.

People Born on May 21 Personality Traits

Gemini people born on May 21 have an inborn sense of creativity, cleverness and adventure.

It’s very easy for you to get excited about stuff. You always crave for new adventures in life.

It seems that even if you’re presented with the same situation day in and day out, you will find a way to look at that situation from a new pair of eyes and tease a lot of fun out of it.

Keep in mind that this is all framed in context of a strong Taurus personality.

People born on May 21 are technically Geminis, but they have a strong Taurus presence in their personality.

While you are a fun-seeker and you like thrilling adventures, you are also very responsible, consistent and reliable.

Positive Traits of the May 21 Zodiac

Your positive traits are really a hybrid of the positive traits of both Gemini and Taurus people.

From the Gemini side, you are very easy going. You don’t let things bother you.

You always look at each and every day as an adventure. It’s very easy for you to infect other people with your sense of enthusiasm and possibility.

On the Taurus side of your personality, you can be counted to be reliable. When you give somebody your word, you will deliver.

Also, when you say you will be at a certain place, at a certain time, you actually show up on time. You can thank your Taurus side for this because this is not a usual Gemini trait.

Negative Traits of the May 21 Zodiac

While it may seem at some level that you have the best of both worlds, you can also go to extremes.

You can be so regular and so by the book, thanks to your Taurus personality, that it can stifle your creative and spontaneous Gemini side.

The other extreme is also just as likely. You can focus so much on spontaneity that you might throw caution to the wind and get into legal trouble.

A little bit of balance goes a long way, but, by and large, you do exhibit a great balance between the Taurus and Gemini personalities.

May 21 Element

For people born on May 21, their paired element is Air.

Air is the element of all Geminis and the particular aspect of Air that is most manifested in your life is your free-flowing and easy going nature.

Air is unbounded, normally, and as such, it flows easily.

There’s a certain ease and freedom to Air which is reflected in your personality.

May 21 Planetary Influence

Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini.

In this particular aspect of Mercury, your Gemini personality isn’t fully reflecting all of Mercury. You still have aspects of Venus, which is the Taurus personality.

Accordingly, you can be quite easy going and versatile, but you are more grounded compared to other non-cusp Geminis. Thanks to your Taurus aspect.

My Top Tips for Those with a May 21st Birthday

If you’re born on May 21st, you should avoid lack of consistency.

You can get overboard as far as your Venus personality and this might lead to you being flaky. A little bit of balance goes a long way.

Also, make sure you exercise a little bit more patience.

The good news is this is actually quite easy for you because you have a strong mixture of Taurus in your personality.

Lucky Color for the May 21st Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on May 21 is orange.

Orange is a very warm and affirming color. This is reflected in your personality.

You can be warm, affirming, and project a tremendous sense of possibility.

Lucky Numbers for May 21 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 21st of May are – 99, 61, 59, 47, 62 and 16.

People with the 21st May Zodiac Always Make This Mistake

Being born on 21st May means you have something of a romantic streak, yet you’re fortunate enough that astrology has also gifted you with a lot of practicality and logical reasoning.

You find it easier than most to not let your heart rule your head, but also vice versa.

Nonetheless, one common mistake a little unique to the mix of Gemini and Taurus influences that belong to someone born on 21st May is that you all too often fall for someone who’s unattainable.

There’s a sense of yearning and a dedication to overcoming the impossible behind many of your amorous adventures.

This can prove painful, as love that’s unrequited often hurts, and falling for someone who’s already seeing someone or simply isn’t interested in you on a romantic level can be a good way to see years of your life invested in the wrong direction.

Final Thought for the May 21 Zodiac

You seem to have the best of both worlds.

Not only can you handle money properly and find and keep a job, you can also have a lot of fun with your job and any kind of formal setting you’re in with a tremendous amount of optimism and adventure.

You often brand yourself as the happiest person in any kind of otherwise formal setting like a workplace.

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