May 6 Zodiac

May 6 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on May 6?

If you are born on May 6th, your zodiac sign is Taurus.

As a Taurus person born on the 6th of May, you are a very stubborn and tough person.

While you are very trustworthy when it comes to your word and financial issues, you can be so close-minded that you end up turning people off.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Based on first expressions, you are a very polite, easygoing person.

However positive the first impression that you create in people’s minds, it gets eroded quickly once they get to know you better.

You tend to be set in your ways and this gets in the way of people truly knowing you. While they have an instinct for trusting you, that trust is eroded by your stubbornness.

Love Horoscope for May 6 Zodiac

Lovers born on May 6th are very loving and generous, but they are also secretive. You really have a tough time sharing your feelings.

You feel that once you open your heart up to those who you let get romantically close to you, they might judge you.

You have a deep and profound sense of insecurity which you often project into outward strength.

Keep in mind that the strength is perceived strength, because people just read that personal depth and stability into you.

Truth be told, there’s a certain part of your personality that is far from stable. It is grappling and struggling with ghosts of the past.

Take control of this aspect of your mind and emotions, and you would go further in life.

Lovers born on May 6 have a way of setting people at ease. You have such a strong external appearance that people can’t help but get reassured when you’re around.

They think to themselves that everything will be okay because you are a stabilizing presence.

This is due to the fact that when you say your word, you will do it.

Regardless of whatever inconveniences you go through or financial losses you incur, once you give somebody your word, you will do it.

This makes you a great romantic partner because let’s face it, most people break their word. Most people turn their back on their obligations and responsibilities.

Career Horoscope for May 6 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on May 6 would be best suited in any kind of position involving money or finances.

There are many insecurities in this world. There are a lot of scams and fraud.

There are also many people who simply cannot keep their word. Regardless of whether they mean to or not, something just comes up and they somehow, someway cannot meet their obligations.

None of these apply to you because you are the type of person who can give your word.

When you give your word, your word is bound. In other words, you will not rest until you deliver what you promised to deliver.

If you promised to keep money safe, you will keep money safe. In fact, you would rather suffer loss and sacrifice your personal comfort just to deliver on your word.

You understand that your word and your name are joined together, and you will make sure that you don’t tarnish either of those.

People Born on May 6 Personality Traits

People born on the 6th of May have an inborn sense of ambition and practicality.

They’re not the smartest people. They are not very idealistic, nor are they prone to emotionalism at least on a superficial level.

However, May 6 Taurus people can be trusted. If they give their word, you can take their word to the bank. That’s how trustworthy and predictable they are.

You don’t have to worry about things going wrong. You don’t have to worry about them changing their minds and all of a sudden all your money is gone. They don’t operate like that.

Not surprisingly, this moral independence and stability makes them prized friends.

Positive Traits of the May 6 Zodiac

You are a very reliable person. In fact, you are so reliable it can be a negative thing as far as your personal comfort and convenience are concerned.

You have to understand that in this world, there are very few things that we can take for granted. There are very few things that we can take comfort in as far as predictability.

You are a very predictable person because you feel that if you don’t keep your word or do what you say you are going to do, then nobody else will take your lead.

Your mantra is, “Either I do it or nobody else will.”

Given that orientation, it is no surprise that a lot of people are drawn to you.

You may not be the most attractive person on the planet, nor the smartest, but people feel that you are a straight shooter.

Negative Traits of the May 6 Zodiac

If there is any one thing about your personality you need to change, it probably has to be your stubbornness.

You have to remember that just because you hang on to a course and pursue that course all the way to its logical conclusion, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the most positive approach.

There are more efficient ways. There are more effective ways. Sometimes, the route from point A to point B doesn’t have to be long, convoluted, and difficult.

You may think that you have what it takes to put in the work and to get stuff done.

That’s all well and good, but you’re really doing yourself a great disservice when you turn a blind eye to more efficient ways of doing things.

This of course doesn’t mean that you have to break your word or stab people in the back. You don’t have to compromise your principles. Just be open-minded to better ways of doing things.

May 6 Element

Earth is the paired element of all Taurus people.

The particular aspect of earth that is most manifested in your personality is earth’s stability.

That’s right, you can put a steel beam into the earth, cover it with concrete, and you’re good to go. That’s how strong and stabilizing earth can be.

May 6 Planetary Influence

Venus is the ruling planet of all Taurus people.

The particular aspect of Venus that is most relevant to the personality of May 6 Taurus individuals is its predictability.

Venus rises and sets pretty much on a predictable basis. There is no guesswork involved. The same applies to your tendency to keep your word.

My Top Tips for Those with a May 6 Birthday

You should avoid taking yourself too seriously, as far as your mindset is concerned.

It’s okay to doubt. It’s okay to approach different approaches. It’s okay to think outside the box.

You’re not breaking your word when you’re looking for more efficient ways that create a win-win situation.

Lucky Color for the May 6 Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on May 6 is yellow.

Yellow is the color of the sun. It is a very independent source of power. The same kind of reassuring and predictable power is reflected in your personality.

Lucky Numbers for May 6 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 6th of May are – 70, 14, 31, 36, 56, and 28.

3 Things You Must Always Remember If You Are a 6th May Zodiac

Being born on 6th May means you’re a Taurus, and with that comes quite a laid back and easy-going outlook on life that others could do well to emulate.

You’re not afraid of a day’s hard work either though, and have a talent for making money.

But there are still things to keep in mind – first of which being that making good money doesn’t mean spending it all on showing off or treating yourself!

Your healthy respect for life’s pleasures means that you’re always down with spoiling yourself, but this can cause problems down the road.

Secondly, remember that just because you feel love intensely, it does no good keeping it all to yourself.

Taurus people, especially those born on 6th May, aren’t always so hot at vocalising their love. But it’s important to do so!

Thirdly, try to remember that adopting a flexible mindset and not just sticking to your guns for fear of looking bad if you’re in the wrong will smooth the road of life for both you and those around you.

Being stubborn beyond a certain degree never helps anyone, least of all you.

Final Thought for the May 6 Zodiac

You are a very trustworthy, reliable, and dependable person.

Your stability can help take you far in life and can help you enjoy truly awesome relationships.

With that said, make sure that you practice a little bit more open-mindedness, seriously.

Hanging on to something just because it’s old and tried and proven may not always work.

There are often easier and better and cheaper ways to do things.

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