November 30 Zodiac

November 30 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on November 30?

If you are born on November 30th, your Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

As a Sagittarius born on November 30th, you are enthusiastic and outgoing at times, but you keep yourself calm and composed when you are around other people.

You love to travel and do outdoor activities. You have a way with people and communicate well with them. People around you also look up to you because of this trait.

They are drawn to you due to the fact that you’re very easy to get along with. You are also generous with other people and your friends would say that it’s the best characteristic you possess.

Keep in mind that your enthusiasm for people has its limits. While you are a genuinely friendly person, many people might not return the favor.

Do yourself a favor and make sure that you read the verbal and non-verbal signals they’re sending you.

It’s a good idea to be good to everybody, but be even better to those who reciprocate your kindness. Keep in mind that you only have so much social energy.

Don’t waste it on energy vampires, negative people, and people who may turn out to be fair-weather friends.

These are people who are kind to you when things are going well, but when you run into trouble, you become a complete stranger to them.

Love Horoscope for November 30 Zodiac

Lovers born on November 30th are romantic and persistent. If you meet someone you really like to be with, you do your best to be with that person.

When your relationship gets tough, you do everything to keep the relationship going and hang on to your lover until the end.

People born on November 30th know what’s best for them. They don’t settle for anything less than what they think they deserve.

To capture the heart of a person born on November 30th, you should show interest in what they do. They easily get attracted to people who pay attention and appreciate them.

Love can be quite a challenge to you from time to time. Welcome to the club. It’s too easy for people born on November 30th to take things personally as far as matters of the heart are concerned.

You have to remember that romantic relationships often break up because there’s something wrong with both partners. Maybe it’s just the wrong time. Maybe both of you are not ready.

Whatever that case is, don’t take it personally. Don’t allow your future relationships and your definition of love become a hostage to past heartbreaks and disappointments.

Career Horoscope for November 30 Zodiac

Those with a birthday on November 30 are well suited for business and administration jobs.

Your ability to communicate well with people and influence them is a key factor on why jobs that require a lot of interaction with people will bring you success.

In whatever career you choose to take, look to Winston Churchill for inspiration, one of your birthday twins. Other people that have the same birthday as you are Ben Stiller and Chrissy Teigen.

Make sure that you create great alliances. While you do have a great ability to persuade people to see your perspective, in many cases you may be tempted to use this the wrong way.

You may be mislead or tricked into becoming allies with people who will just end up using you.

Remember, you have a very valuable gift. Make sure you invest it in the right activities.

At the very least, make sure that you invest it in things that would benefit you in the end.

While there is quite a lot of space to be altruistic and selfless, ultimately you are responsible for your own self-preservation.

Make sure you create strategic alliances. Make sure you invest in the right partnerships, instead of wasting it on people who take, take, and take, and never give anything back.

People Born on November 30 Personality Traits

People born on this day are known to be people persons. They love being around others and their energy and positivity are infectious.

If today is your birthday, you have a strong sense of persuasion and influence. You know your way around the world.

You have a tremendous ability to persuade people. The reason for this is because of your optimism. You tend to see the glass as half full.

This optimism is infectious. Most people look at the worst side of everything. Most people assume the worst.

When you enter a room, people detect a sense of possibility. They start feeding off this energy.

This is the blessing you bring to the table. Make sure you invest it in the right relationships and in the right situations.

You might often find yourself, especially during your younger days, championing lost causes.

It may seem idealistic, it might seem like an awesome thing to do, but remember that you only have so much personal capital to invest. Don’t waste it on things that you know are losing propositions.

This is definitely true when it comes to people.

Positive Traits of the November 30 Zodiac

People born on this day are kind-hearted and show natural concern to people around them. You always manage to say what you want and people receive it positively.

Your most positive trait is the fact that your are a very optimistic and persuasive person. These go hand in hand. Your optimism and your level of persuasion flow off each other.

People are drawn to positive people. People like to hang out with other people who talk and act like things are possible.

There is nothing more depressing than hanging out with somebody who constantly says what’s wrong with the world and why things you’re planning will not pan out.

You bring a lot of positivity to the table.

Negative Traits of the November 30 Zodiac

One of the things a Sagittarius needs to change is being too impatient at times.

Also, since they always talk to other people, they need to be wary of the consistency of the words that flow out of their mouths.

If there is any one trait you need to pay attention to, as far as your personal weaknesses are concerned, it is this: avoid users.

You are a very positive person. You have a lot of things going for you. You can light up any room, you bring in a lot of much-needed positivity.

People understand this. People are often envious of this.

Avoid people who are just going to use you. Avoid people who are just going to feed off your personal power for their own selfish agendas.

I know this sounds crazy. I know that we’d rather all pretend it’s otherwise, but people like this do exist. Consider yourself warned.

You only have so much power and positivity to go around. Invest it in the right relationships.

November 30 Element

As a Sagittarius, Fire is your element. Fire symbolizes energy and passion.

This explains your very enthusiastic and larger than life attitude towards life.

November 30 Planetary Influence

Jupiter is the ruling body of Sagittarius. It is known as the thinking planet.

This planet symbolizes the search for new knowledge and exploring ideas.  Jupiter helps us in forming our ideologies.

As Jupiter proposes the constant search of knowledge, this reflects in you through your willingness to explore new things and being outgoing.

My Top Tips for Those with a November 30th Birthday

You should avoid: Expecting too much from other people.

You must accept that no one is perfect and people are prone to making mistakes.

Lucky Color for the November 30th Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on November 30th is Gold.

Gold reflects royalty and confidence. It radiates charisma, and therefore makes it easy for you to communicate with people.

Gold is also a precious metal and exudes positivity. People are drawn to you and they feel good by just being around you.

Lucky Numbers for November 30th Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on November 30th are – 2, 5, 9, 16, and 23.

This is Why People Born on 30th November are So Unlucky

Many a Sagittarius soul has found fame, or perhaps infamy, for leaping headfirst into the big bright new adventure life offers them, and chasing it off into the sunset at the drop of a hat. To live so spontaneously is, to them, the epitome of freedom.

Yet, curiously enough, those members of this zodiac star sign born on November 30th are actually often more prone to dithering and hesitation in these instances – robbing themselves of the very success that so many of their cousins of the stars are able to enjoy.

By giving up overthinking and putting aside doubts, worries and caring what people think over-much, those born on 30th September are able to flourish under entirely new circumstances, placing their faith in themselves alone to move ahead.

Sagittarius is among the luckiest of the zodiac signs, so don’t be scared of those leaps of faith – the details tend to take care of themselves.

Final Thought for the November 30 Zodiac

If you are a person born on November 30th, just watch the words that you say and be consistent with it.

Keep on drawing people on to you by always having a positive outlook in life and you will surely find success in whatever you do.

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