October 3 Zodiac

October 3 Zodiac


What is your zodiac sign if you are born on October 3?

If you are born on the 3rd of October, your zodiac sign is Libra.

As a Libra born on this particular day, you tend to be less self-centered than other Libras born under the same sign.

While you do tend to ask for a lot of information to make a decision and you do tend to take a longer time making a call, you are more certain about your decisions.

It may take a while, but when you do make the call, you’re not as likely to second-guess yourself.

You’re not as likely to worry about whether you made the right decision. This is due primarily to your ability to see situations from the perspective of others and operate from a sense of genuine concern.

Putting these two different strands together, you achieve a state of mind that is more calm, assured, and confident.

Interestingly enough, this is exactly the cocktail of personality traits that enable you to be more successful in most, if not all, of the things that you do.

Love Horoscope for October 3 Zodiac

Romantic partners born on October 3rd are usually regarded as very thoughtful, warm, and loving.

This is due to the outward and compassionate orientation of your personality.

Not only do you proactively consider the feedback of others, you also actively step into their shoes and try to make emotional sense of what’s going on from their perspective.

This doesn’t mean that you lose yourself.

Libras born on October 3rd are able to maintain a sense of personality while at the same time dig deep into the emotional state of their partner.

This is what makes them very responsive, very romantic, and very understanding.

Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take much effort for members of the opposite gender to find you emotionally attractive.

Career Horoscope for October 3 Zodiac

If you celebrate your birthday on October 3, congratulations. You have what it takes to be a great manager.

Management is not necessarily all about knowing how to do certain things.

In many cases, great management has less to do with technical know-how, and more to do with the ability to motivate people.

You are able to motivate groups of people precisely because you are naturally curious about other people.

This curiosity isn’t limited to the intellectual realm. You’re not just collecting information so you can put people in neat little boxes or set them up in hierarchies.

You actually, truly like people. Accordingly, this emotional curiosity gives you a distinct perspective that improves the overall quality of your ability to communicate on a deep level.

Not surprisingly, when working with others there is less opportunity for misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Teams lucky enough to be under you or to be associated with you have a higher than average chance of succeeding with their tasks.

People Born on October 3 Personality Traits

If you’re born on October 3, people tend to gravitate towards you. You tend to have a natural charisma due to the fact that you make an effort in making the first step to know people.

You are truly curious about other people.

This is not necessarily to gain an unfair advantage. You’re not looking for information on how people think because you’re trying to put one over them or control them.

You simply like people. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take much effort for you to become popular.

Positive Traits of the October 3 Zodiac

Your natural curiosity about other people makes you a very likable person.

Let’s face it.

We all like talking about ourselves.

We like taking the spotlight.

When you meet somebody new, your natural curiosity about who they are and what they do shines through, and you give them ample opportunity to talk about themselves.

Interestingly enough, the more they talk about themselves, the more they think you are a great conversationalist.

Negative Traits of the October 3 Zodiac

If these is any one feeling of people born on this date, it is their tendency to get so caught up with a wide range of people that their relationships tend to be quite shallow.

They are caught in the classic dilemma of quantity versus quality.

Don’t misunderstand this. This doesn’t mean that they are shallow people in the sense that they don’t really dig deep as far as empathy and compassion are concerned.

They do. They don’t have any problem with that.

The problem is that of sheer volume. They tend to spread themselves too thin because they’re often very curious about a wide number of people.

This has the negative effect of being perceived as a ‘social butterfly”.

If you actually pay attention to how these particular Libras get along with others, they’re actually quite deep because they truly care.

October 3 Element

Air is your element.

You are a very flexible person. This helps tremendously when you are with a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds.

You can often communicate quite clear on both an obvious and not-so-obvious level with people who seem to share nothing in common with you. That’s how flexible and versatile you are.

October 3 Planetary Influence

Jupiter is still very strong on October 3. Accordingly, you can struggle sometimes with people who exert a lot of influence.

You don’t like to be bullied. You don’t like to be dominated.

While you are a very compassionate and curious person, sometimes when another persons comes on too strong, your natural tendency is to fight fire with fire.

While you normally don’t butt heads with people, you do find “type A” personality types overbearing and annoying.

My Top Tips for Those with an October 3 Birthday

While it’s a good idea to mix with a lot of people, you should also spend time filtering your wide network of acquaintances.

Try to develop deeper friendships. These are really intimate best friends that you can count on no matter what.

Lucky Color for the October 3 Zodiac

Your lucky color is green. Green symbolizes growth, rebirth, and life.

You can definitely be the life of any type of social gathering because you can easily see where people are coming from.

You also have no problem with letting them talk and discuss things that are important to them. This creates a tremendous amount of mutual comfort.

Not surprisingly, people come to you when they want to talk to somebody who is interesting. They feel that they are richly rewarded after a long talk with you.

Lucky Numbers for October 3 Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for people born on this day are 18, 27, 33, 75, and 87.

Never, Ever Do This if Your Birthday is 3rd October

Libra people often feel as though making sure that diplomacy rules and that peace is high in the mind of all around them are the only priorities that matter.

For Libra people born on 3rd October, however, it can tempting to tell little white lies to that effect.

This is strongly advised against.

After all, indulging in one white lie often leads to another, and before you know it you’re agreeing to go to weddings you don’t want to attend or to cover shifts at work when you’re on the verge of burnout.

Learning to stand your ground, to politely say no and to tactfully deliver your opinion from a place of honesty will initially feel uncomfortable – but stick with it, and you’ll find that it draws self-respect and an understanding of your boundaries over time.

Final Thoughts for the October 3 Zodiac

You are great with people. However, you should balance that by being a little more introspective.

This would enable you to deepen your relationships and overcome whatever insecurities you may have.

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