Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Sagittarius Traits

Jupiter is the Ruling Planet of Generosity and Trust.  Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer. The Fiery Sagittarius is mission-oriented and always looking forward.

When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you will feel free to expand your mind through travel, studying other cultures, and meeting new people.

You will find fulfillment when you mirror Jupiter’s Generosity most closely.  You have the charisma to draw others to important topics, teach them, and inspire them.

People love you for your open mind on education and philosophy.

You will benefit from finding a romantic partner who allows you the freedom to travel without worry your bond will suffer, while also making you want to run home to them, at the end of your trip—and you will find love while Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Women

Women with Jupiter in Sagittarius are the definitive example of mirroring Jupiter’s Generosity.  Jupiter is Sagittarius’s Ruling Planet.

This connect forges an unbreakable bond between your Sign and Jupiter—so you will feel exponentially blessed when Jupiter visits Sagittarius, and you will find love and fulfillment.

You are happiest when you feel free to express yourself, and you happily help create safe spaces for others around you.

You are a vital part of the community, and when your Generosity increases—you know no limits.  You are the type to organize, cook, and work as the cashier at the school Bake Sale because you look out for the greater good.

You are great at problem-solving, as the Archer would suggest.  You can pinpoint and attack a problem with confidence.

Other women look up to you, and men are seriously turned on by your take-charge attitude.  This attitude is also fun to carry over into the bedroom, as well!

Not only are you explosive in bed, you will also feel extra fulfillment with the Trusting influence of Jupiter in your intimate relationships.

Also, Jupiter’s Generosity will flow through your love life, making you an extremely gratifying lover, and one that no man will be soon to forget.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Men

Men with Jupiter in Sagittarius are extremely generous, as Jupiter influences them to give their time, attention, and money.

This man probably saves money, donates money, and volunteers.  This is the type of man who Trusts that things will not only continue to be good but get better.

This beautiful and gracious attitude toward the unknown is one of the best qualities of a Man with Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Be aware of the time and effort he puts into your relationship, and be sure to show your gratitude.

Reciprocate his affections and be as generous with your Trust and love as your Ruling Planet, Jupiter, especially when Jupiter is in your Sign, Sagittarius.

The gender roles may be fluid in your home, but your man is anything but wishy-washy in bed.  The chemistry between you will steam up, and you will be in for a treat.

This man is determined and focused, as the Archer’s arrow symbolizes.  He will not beat around the bush about his intentions—and he will be able to make you blush.

Dirty jokes, suggestive texts or pictures to his phone during his workday are sure to get his interest.  Little things like this that are straight-to-the-point will hit home with your gorgeous Sagittarius.

Make your motives now and make your move, while Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

Jupiter and Sagittarius in Love

In Love, Jupiter and Sagittarius combine Trust and Generosity to form a beautiful and loving, faithful and fulfilling relationship.

Because Jupiter Rules Sagittarius, there is only a compounding of their key characteristics; now is the time to re-establish trust in any damaged relationship that you feel is worth your effort.

Your best prospects for Love are with a partner who understands that your needing room to roam free (mentally, physically and/or spiritually) does not mean that you are trying to lessen your bond with them.

For instance, might be happiest with an Airy, open-minded Aquarius or a fluid-thinking, progressive, and spiritual Pisces.

Air and Water signs will be most comfortable with your need for alone time, because they need it, also.

Your worst prospects in Love are with a partner who does not fulfill your need to sustain your individuality.

A Cancer may want you to stay home with them more often than you would like.

On the other hand, you may feel too pressured to go out and ‘be on’ for everyone while in a relationship with a Fiery Leo or an Earthy Virgo.

Dates for Jupiter in Sagittarius

Jupiter takes about 12 years between visits to each Sign of the Zodiac.  Jupiter entered Sagittarius on November 4, 2006, and is predicted to enter Sagittarius again, on November 8, 2018.

The next visit of Jupiter in Gemini is predicted to occur on October 22, 2030.  May February 8, 2042.  is predicted to being the visit 12 years later.

Retrogrades occurring this cycle are as follows:  On November 11, 2016, Jupiter goes Retrograde.

On February 6, 2017, Jupiter goes Stationary and then goes Stationary Direct on June 9, 2017.  Jupiter exits Retrograde on September 6, 2017.

7 Little Known Facts About Jupiter in Sagittarius

There are various ways in which Jupiter is able to have an influence on Sagittarius which will then have a knock-on effect with your own life.

Of course, being aware of different facts that surround this will then make it easier to become aware of the way in which it can potentially change your life.

1. You desire to expand your mind.

Thanks to Jupiter appearing in Sagittarius, you will often feel that there is a sudden need to expand your mind.

This can happen by either studying, travel, or any means that you care to imagine, but you need to feel that it has fulfilled a need and that you are better off for the experience that it provided to you.

2. You are charismatic and inspire people.

Thanks to an air of confidence that surrounds you, it will also be the case that you are viewed as being charismatic as well as inspirational.

If this sounds like a lot, then you will be surprised at the way in which Jupiter allows that confidence to just seep from you at any given opportunity.

3. You are going to feel rather generous.

It will also be true that Jupiter is going to make you feel quite generous in various areas of your life.

Whether it be from a monetary point of view, or perhaps the way in which you help people, give your time to things, or anything else positive in nature, you just feel the real urge to act in this way.

4. You love to be able to express yourself.

Women that are affected by Jupiter in Sagittarius will find that they love the way in which they are able to express themselves and are absolutely free to do so.

The desire to do this is stronger than anything else that you can imagine, and it will be pointless to try to ignore it because that is just not going to happen no matter how hard you try.

5. You love to solve problems.

If you have a problem or challenge placed in front of you, then you love to just tackle it head on and are fearless when doing so.

Your mind works in such a way so as you can see things more clearly than others allowing you to ultimately make progress where others may have come unstuck.

6. You feel positive about the future.

A man with this combination is going to feel very positive about the future, and they believe that there is just no reason to be concerned about whatever the world holds for them.

They feel that life is pretty good right now, and it is going to only get better with this positivity becoming infectious.

7. You are very loving.

Finally, Jupiter is going to increase those loving feelings that you have, so partners will find themselves effectively being swamped with these positive feelings that come from their partner.

Not only do you feel that love, but you want to show it as much as possible.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is certainly not the kind of combination that brings depression with it. Instead, you are going to see the world in a healthier light, and who wouldn’t want that to happen to them?

Final Thoughts

Along with the Archer, your Sign has been associated with another symbol—the Centaur.  Examine this symbol’s message:  the Centaur is half man and half beast.

While the top half is that of a human archer, the bottom is seen as animalistic (traditionally bull or horse).  This represents a duality that is a common theme for many Sagittarians.

When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, this dual nature might be felt in your struggle between wanting to be generous right now and wanting to save for the future.

Saving for the future is not a bad trait, but it does speak to your tendency to forego generosity in the present.

You love to give, so while Jupiter is in Sagittarius, try to see all your giving as an investment in self and community—and you will feel the love and fulfillment that everyone gains from your help!

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