11 Types of People Who Are Influenced by Sagittarius’ Ruling Planet

11 Types of People Who Are Influenced by Sagittarius’ Ruling Planet

What is Sagittarius’ Ruling Planet?

The ruling planet is the planet which has the most influence over a sign of the zodiac. The rulership of signs by planets is one of the most ancient and central parts of astrology. The powerful and unique properties of each planet have a direct influence on the characteristics of people born under the sign ruled by that planet.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, who is named after the Roman king of the Gods (called Zeus in Greek mythology). He was the ruler of all the other gods of his dynasty, and also the god of the heavens and earth. As you can see, he’s a well-rounded guy! If Jupiter is your ruling planet, you will also be blessed with this kind of success in everything you do.

Jupiter is sometimes called the “planet of great fortune,” and it is possibly the most generally auspicious planet to have in your chart. Jupiter is a harbinger of popularity, monetary success, good leadership, strong and healthy relationships, and general luck in virtually everything you pursue.

One of the most important features of a Sagittarius’s busy and extroverted life is her ability to relate to and influence all the people surrounding her. By understanding the types of people who are influenced by your magnetic Jupiter-ruled personality, you will be able to harness the power of the king of the gods to achieve all your goals!

People Influenced by Sagittarius Ruling Planet in Daily Life

The god Jupiter was not only the king, but also the great patriarch of the gods. Almost all the gods who ruled after he ascended to the throne were his children, by various other gods, nymphs, and mortals.

Because of this, parenthood is practically hardwired into you! Your parenting style is not necessarily the nurturing and gentle parenthood of a Cancer, though. Instead, you have an encouraging but authoritative style of parenting that capitalizes on your great leadership skills. You act as your child’s coach and cheerleader all in one, encouraging them to do their best and giving them the tools to do so.

Your encouragement will lead your children to look up to you, and your success will inspire them to follow in your footsteps. You are a great leader and role model to your children, and fellow parents will always be impressed with how successful your children are.

I’ve already mentioned leadership, but it bears repeating because it is one of the skills that Jupiter confers most strongly upon you. You have a type of charisma that isn’t as aggressive as, perhaps, an Aries or a Leo, but inspires a type of unwavering confidence and admiration that those signs struggle to nail.

Your charisma naturally draws you into leadership positions in the community. People are always coming to you for advice about how to carry out projects or initiatives, and you quickly get excited about them and are on board before you can say “schedule.”

Other people in your community value your opinions and are frequently asking themselves, “what would (Sagittarius) do in this situation?” By thinking like you, they achieve goals that are like the ones that you achieve so easily!

In addition to being a natural leader, you also have a humanitarian streak a mile wide. You believe faithfully and wholeheartedly in the good of humanity, and want to do everything you can to help that goodness and potential blossom into actual successes.

Because of this, you’re very drawn to volunteering projects, especially those that involve working with people. Whether that’s helping out in your local soup kitchen, or going to Kenya for a summer to participate in the Farmers Helping Farmers project, you want to do good in the world.

Note – your humanitarian efforts aren’t always as globally focussed, nor do they have to be! You’re also a great volunteer for kid’s sports teams, animal shelters, or community beautification projects. Not everything you do has to be global, just positive. If you make a positive difference in one person’s life, that’s still a win!

Organizers of volunteer initiatives will quickly notice this, and try to recruit you for their projects. They see the influence you have, and your energy and drive, and instantly see how much they would benefit from your help.

Don’t overcommit yourself (remember, even someone ruled by Jupiter needs a little down time), but volunteering for a wide range of activities can be extremely fulfilling, so do make time for at least a handful of dear-to-your-heart efforts and initiatives.

People Influenced by Sagittarius’s Ruling Planet in her Career

In your career, as in your personal life, you are drawn to leadership positions. You are a great executive and people are drawn to your decision-making skills. This makes you a great candidate for a speedy rise up the corporate ladder.

Many people ruled by Jupiter find themselves very attracted to positions high in corporate culture, like coordinators and even CEOs. If you’re part of corporate culture, you see the glass ceiling as more of a challenge than an obstacle, and will undoubtedly join the prestigious ranks of the lady Sagittariuses who have made it big in business.

People are likely to instinctively notice how good you are with authority and hand it off to you. People who report to you respect you very highly.

Jupiter is the planet that rules travel, especially international travel. Here’s a fun fact: Jupiter rules the day Thursday, and in the old children’s rhyme about children born on different days of the week, the line for Thursday is “Thursday’s child has far to go.”

You travel widely with your career for a number of reasons – firstly, you are quite comfortable moving to new environments, and aren’t as sensitive to the strain of hopping on a plane for nine hours as some people are.

But moreover, the higher-ups in whatever business you happen to be in will notice your way with people and your ability to make good decisions on the fly, and they will want you to be the face of the company to people abroad.

Your supervisors will want people to think of you when they think of the company, because the power of Jupiter is so magnetic in attracting people that they feel confident that everyone will remember you (and therefore the company) with very positive feelings.

So far, everything is sounding pretty great for people ruled by Jupiter, right? It’s true, you have a lot of good luck and qualities that our society values very highly, compared to those ruled by other planets. But there are a couple of drawbacks to having Jupiter as your ruling planet.

You have a strong aversion to being “hemmed in.” You like your freedom and independence, which is one of the reasons you’re so passionate about quickly moving up to the highest possible positions in your field – you’re eager for the autonomy that comes with that.

The downside of this, though, is that you aren’t necessarily the best at commitment. You can be committed to ideals, to people, or to projects, but you’re not particularly committed to activities. You’re not crazy about the idea of going into work and doing the same thing every day. In fact, the mere prospect might make you shudder.

This is a problem for anyone who expects that kind of behaviour out of you. Chances are, at some point in your life (probably in college, or when you first enter or re-enter the job market), you’re going to have a banal, unfulfilling job, where you have no variety and no autonomy.

Try your best not to alienate your employer with shows of outward contempt for the work. Chin up, smile, do a good job with whatever banal task you’re meant to do, and spend the evenings and weekends dedicatedly scouring the job ads to find something better.

Besides people who expect you to dedicate yourself to a single, banal task, you’re also apt to lose some friends who are jealous of your success. The problem here is not that these people leave your life (honestly, no one needs that sort of negativity around), but rather that you’re so focussed on achieving your goals that you may not even notice them slipping away, and therefore can get yourself into trouble when you call on them for something and are met with a short, angry answer.

It’s a weird moment, definitely disorienting for someone who is used to being very well-liked (which you are!). However, you shouldn’t let it throw you off for long. There will always be people who don’t like you, just like there are some people you don’t like. You’ll be okay.

Dust yourself off and let them go. Some people will get over their envy and come back, others won’t. Don’t put any extra effort into trying to cultivate relationships with people who don’t like being around success.

People Influenced by Sagittarius’s Ruling Planet in Love

Ruled by Jupiter, which is both a fiery and gaseous planet, you are highly compatible with the other fire signs (Aries and Leo, as well as other Sagittariuses) and with the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius). Both of these signs are highly attracted to your dynamic personality, and will make great potential partners.

Fire signs will be drawn to your drive and ambition. You are visibly passionate about your causes and projects, which the other fire signs find contagious. You can bond over excited discussions of big projects.

The air signs draw more on your sociable side, as they are all quite social beings. The pair of you will make a great high-powered socialite couple, the type who turn up at cocktail parties and laugh and chat with everyone there with ultimate ease!

Additionally, you can be highly compatible with earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) that share your ambitions. Virgos are especially great managers, and can help you take a practical approach to the minutia of your big ideas, while Capricorns are perfect matches in your workaholic streaks. Tauruses can give you a little encouragement to slow down and enjoy the ride, while still working steadily towards your goals.

The problem with romancing an earth sign is that, well, you may run a little short on the actual romancing! Earth signs aren’t traditionally the biggest romantics, and since you’re often far more focussed on the outer world than the inner world, you may find the emotional side of your relationship getting a bit neglected.

This is a totally avoidable problem, though – if you find an earth sign who you really care about, you’ll both put in the work needed to make the relationship shine.

The signs you’re least compatible with tend to be the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). They tend to be less ambitious and more reflective than signs ruled by the other elements. They are also far more sensitive to emotional instabilities than the other elements, and more prone to feeling abandoned if their emotions are not properly cared for.

This combination of reflectiveness and sensitivity may lead you to feel that the water signs are complacent and navel-gazing. You may not have much patience for their meditations or quiet days.

At the same time, if you are constantly working on projects and not dedicating enough time to quiet, quality time as a couple, they may come to feel that you are too single-minded and insensitive, or even that you are intentionally neglecting them.

These problems can, of course be overcome with a lot of open and frank discussion with your partner. If you are dedicated to a relationship with a water sign partner, then dedicate a lot of energy to making them feel that it is safe for them to voice their opinions and concerns. Be careful not to be dismissive, even if you initially feel that they are being a bit needy.

In return, ask from them that they should make an effort to allow you to have your ambitions. Try to get them on board with your projects, and ask for their opinions about them.

As always, these guidelines for compatibility are far from watertight. There are a myriad of factors affecting astrological compatibility, which cannot be distilled to one factor, and certainly not communicated in the form of a general rule being applied to all readers. Always evaluate the people you meet in terms of your situation, not just what the stars have to say.

The overall best matches for people ruled by Jupiter are Leos and Geminis. Leos have a passion and energy that you share, and as long as you’re able to work out a way to share the spotlight, you will always support each other in every endeavour.

Gemini’s creative side is extremely helpful in keeping you inspired, and you can put a little energy towards getting them to focus on their projects and stick with them through until the end, which is something that Gemini struggles with at times.

Final Thoughts

If you have Jupiter as your ruling planet, you are a lucky soul indeed. After all, having the king of the gods on your side is sure to lead to good things! All the things that Jupiter rules are highly valued in today’s society, and you are able to take advantage of all of those in order to reach the greatest levels of success in your life.

Leadership is one of your greatest qualities, whether you are acting in the role of a leader as a parent, a concerned community member, or a business person. People automatically trust your decision-making capabilities and are very willing to give you power and responsibility. You handle this responsibility well, giving them even more reason to trust you with more!

Your confidence in yourself inspires other people to have confidence in you. Your ability to take on projects is a very positive thing, and you’re happy to load your plate with practical, business, and humanitarian efforts. Occasionally you’ve been known to bite off more than you can chew, but you can chew a whole lot, and everyone knows it!

Almost everyone is influenced by your confidence and strength in a very positive way, but there are a couple of exceptions that you need to be conscious of, lest you become overconfident in your likeability and ignore red flags.

Here are the people who are likely to have negative views of you:

• People in positions of authority, who expect you to do grunt work with little autonomy. Deal with these people by being as pleasant as possible and working as hard as you can to get out of the situation.
• People who are jealous of your success and resent you for it. Deal with these people by letting them out of your life, if that is what they want, and not expending effort on trying to retain them.
• People who find you too insensitive to form a relationship with, and feel emotionally neglected by you. Deal with these people by either refraining from entering relationships with them (they can find better, healthier matches) or, if you are really dedicated to them, keeping the lines of communication as wide open as possible, in order to allow them to voice their concerns before they start to fester.

Jupiter is a wonderful and auspicious planet to have as your Ruling Planet, and you should take advantage of its power by living life to the fullest and going after your goals (whatever they may be) with all your energy. You have the power of the universe on your aside to achieve whatever you want!

Can you feel the power of Jupiter in your life? Are you a sociable, extroverted leader, with a taste for success? Can you coach other people to reach success with you while not neglecting your goals? Are you passionate about a wide variety of projects and causes, and willing to throw yourself into each and every one of them with a passion as intense as fire?

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