How To Increase Your Frequency

How To Increase Your Frequency

Everything that you come across is made of energy and matter. Matter vibrates at a particular frequency, and so do your body and soul. Increasing your frequency means vibrating at a higher level and bringing positive energy inside yourself.

If you see high-frequency signs in your daily life, such as the appearance of Angel Number 111, it means your spiritual guides are urging you to let go of negativity. It is a sign to release all the baggage that does not serve you anymore, whether its people or emotions. Raise your vibrations to begin healing and welcome positive energy unto yourself.

Raising Vibrations and Frequency

When you feel low, your body isn’t vibrating at its optimal rate, and you need to look around for the cause. It is natural to direct blame outwards. But it is also essential to understand that it is never about your luck or other factors but your own vibrations.

If you have negative energy around yourself, within or in your surroundings, negative energy will manifest. It is vital to overcome your limiting beliefs and make your soaring expectations come true. Soon you will see those positive vibrations are the secret to health and happiness.

9 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

Mindfulness and Meditation

Being mindful of what you think and controlling intrusive thoughts is the most essential step. If your thoughts are pessimistic, anxious and hopeless, you will find the same in your life.

Similarly, the more you train yourself to be present, the more harmoniously you resonate. It brings inner peace, and alleviates stress, improves moods, and helps rejuvenate the nervous system. This spiritual practice makes your vibrations rise at an unprecedented rate.


Being grateful diverts your attention to what really matters; the good things in life. There is always something that you will be thankful for, so say thank you. This is one of the quickest ways to recharge your draining frequency, and regular practice would alter your outlook on life.

You Are What You Eat

Whatever you consume becomes energy for your life force. Your vibrational energy increases when you consume nutrient-dense foods like legumes, vegetables, and organic fruits. On the other hand, consuming too much ‘dead energy’ from processed foods, meat, and fried foods will lower your frequency. Organic sources nourish your energy levels and make you feel lighter, calmer, and happier.


Providing the most basic nourishment to your life force readily increases your positive frequency. Always drink plenty of clean water to maintain optimum body function and flush out the toxins in your body. Toxicity has a marked impact on your vibrations so do everything to prevent it from accumulating.

Look Around Yourself

Surround yourself with beauty, passion, and relish for life. Your space is an extension of your mind, and how you decorate your outside space determines your vibes.

The right lighting, notebook, flower in the vase- all of these can rejuvenate and calm you. Clutter and unclean spaces kill your inspiration and reduce productivity.

Be Kind And Generous

Kindness and generosity are pro-social values that inculcate positive energy within yourself and in your surroundings. Anytime you feel stingy with love, money, or space, it lowers your vibes.

Doing anything for a good cause, like your time, money, or a smile, makes you vibrate at a higher rate, so you feel much lighter and happier. It resolves karmic energies surrounding your soul and extends your life force.


To vibrate is to move! The more you move, the more you vibrate, and more vibrations are all the rage. Be on your feet during the day, whether it’s a long walk, light exercise, mindless dancing, or a run around the block.

The more you move, the more your heart pumps and the happier you become. Even a few moments of getting exercise outdoors will lift up your entire day.


Surround yourself with people, pets, places, and things that inspire joy in you when you look at them. Cultivating love around yourself is one of the most challenging but truly worthy things you do.

You will feel a lightness and happiness that was previously missing, inspiring you to relish life. Love is one of the highest states of vibration, and it manifests all the shifts and breakthroughs you have been waiting for.

Eliminate Internal Toxins

While alcohol and cholesterol-saturated foods may feel good at the moment, they are depressors and drain your frequency resources. To be connected to the spiritual realm, you need to have clarity and a healthy outlook on life.

Rather than using these depressors to numb your feelings, use this chance to learn more about yourself and cope healthily. This would make you feel energetically abundant and attract higher frequencies toward you.

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