Aries: 10 Times When Your Jealousy is Actually Healthy For Your Relationship

Aries: 10 Times When Your Jealousy is Actually Healthy For Your Relationship


Usually, when we think of Aries and jealousy, we think of something negative.

We think about that rush of negative emotions that come over you when you feel that your partner is flirting with somebody else.

Don’t get me wrong, if your partner is committed to you and your relationship, you have every right in the world to be jealous Aries.

In my experience, jealousy is really all about asserting ownership. When somebody’s committed to your relationship, it means you have a right to their affection.

They told you that they are yours so you have a right to demand their affections. Do you see how this works out?

However, jealousy can be so intense that it can throw a relationship off track. It can harm both partners in a relationship and I see this all too often when it comes to Aries and relationships.

This is the stereotypical definition of jealousy and most people view it through a negative lens.

The good news is that it can actually be quite helpful. In fact, it can be a sign of true health for an Aries love relationship.

Click next to read the top 1o reasons that Aries jealous traits can actually HELP your relationship…

#1. Aries Jealousy can build assertiveness in your relationship

There is one defining characteristic of the Aries man or woman. People in a relationship with Aries can see this immediately.

Aries people like to hog the spotlight.

They love to take credit.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries, and you become jealous of them always taking credit, this can be a positive thing.

This can help you build the assertiveness you need in your relationship. It can force you to speak up.

Not only it would help your relationship by restoring balance, it also helps you become a more assertive and stronger person.

#2. Aries Jealousy Can Keep Your Partner In Line

If you are jealous, this can be a very positive thing because it can push you to be more vocal with your partner.

You can tell him or her to stop sending signals that may be perceived wrong.

If you do this, they know that they have certain behavioral patterns they need to fix.

This can be the beginning of them becoming better partners to you.

Also, this prevents them from opening themselves up to all sorts of unnecessary temptations.

#3. Resisting feeling jealous pushes each partner to be more mature

Jealousy can also be helpful in that it forces you to resist it. Aries people would do well to practice will power and self control in my experience

By confronting your feelings of jealousy it forces you to grow up and actually stop feeling jealous all the time.

At the very least, it forces you to confront your feelings and be honest with them.

#4 If you feel jealous, you’re less likely to take your partner for granted

If you are jealous that your partner might be snagged up by another person, this means that you’re not taking them for granted.

This means that you see the value in your partner.

This is a positive sign. It is a sign for hope. Why?

Relationships that hit the rocks often involve one or both partners taking each other for granted.

If you’re feeling jealous, you’re feeling the opposite. You value your partner so much that you feel threatened.

#5. Jealousy reminds you of why you chose your partner in the first place

When you feel jealous, it’s also a healthy reminder.

It’s a good way to touch base with the set of features your partner has that made you fall in love with him or her.

When you are jealous, you think back to what’s so valuable about your partner. This can go a long way in revitalizing and re-energizing your relationship.

#6. Jealousy pushes you to listen more and gather more information instead of jumping to conclusions

It only takes one or two nasty fights out of jealousy to get this lesson. It really does.

When you are jealous, you have to be jealous for the right reasons.

Also, you have to be jealous based on facts. If not, then you would have all this unnecessary drama in your relationship.

Your relationship will fracture, and you would go your separate ways.

Jealousy pushes you to be more systematic and methodical in listening to your feelings.

Also, it teaches you to base your feelings on actual facts instead of jumping to conclusions.

#7. Being jealous reminds you of the value of your partner in your life

When you’re jealous, you are driven primarily by fear.

You’re afraid that somebody is taking something you have a right to.

You have a right to your partner’s emotions. You have a right to your partner’s attention.

You can use this jealous sentiment to remind you of the value of having a partner in life. This can give you a proper perspective of your partner.

Remember, it’s very easy for people to overlook their partner and take each other for granted.

#8. You can channel jealousy to become a better partner

Since you’re feeling this negative energy, you always have a choice. You can either let it overcome you, and you freak out or you can channel it.

You can channel it to become a better partner.

You can turn it into a motivation to becoming the best partner for that special someone.

Maybe it could turn you into becoming a better cook or a better lover. Whatever it is, you can channel that negative emotional energy.

#9. Jealousy pushes you to take better care of your appearance

If you’re afraid that somebody is taking your man or woman, then this might be a wake-up call.

This might be that much needed warning that you have let yourself go.

Maybe this is all you need to push you to start hitting the gym. Maybe this is all the motivation you need to stop eating the kind of stuff that’s making you fat.

#10. Jealousy pushes you to become a more interesting partner

Just as jealousy can push you to take better care of yourself physically speaking, it can also push you to become a better conversationalist.

Maybe it can push you to be more attentive to your partner or even to become a more balanced person overall.

Jealousy in of itself is neutral. You can either use it for good or let it overcome you.

It all boils down to your choice.

Choose wisely and leave a comment below if you thought this was a fair reading of the Aries sign.

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