Aries and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Aries and Scorpio Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

The match between the energies of Aries and Scorpio is a match between perhaps the two most intense star signs of the zodiac.

Both of these star signs play to win, are super protective of what and whom they love, and pull no punches in obliterating anything that gets in their way.

Yet with two such powerful star signs in this relationship, and often such contrasting differences between them, there’s plenty to dig deeper into here in understanding how this partnership works – if at all!

For just that reason, you need insight into the inner workings of Aries and Scorpio compatibility – the definitive guide to all you need to know awaits you here.

Aries and Scorpio compatibility overview

While this is a complicated and often stormy relationship, it’s fair to say both Aries and Scorpio compatibility has a lot of positive points.

In many ways, these two very contrasted star signs are simply two different interpretations of a more singular philosophy of courage, tenacity and perseverance in the soul’s journey in the physical world.

Much of that can be found in the symbolism of Aries and Scorpio – not the constellations or star sign animals as such, but more specifically in this instance the ruling planet of these star signs.

Although Scorpio is ruled by Pluto in more modern astrology, before that tiny planet was discovered, Scorpio shared its ruling planet with Aries, and that planet was Mars.

Mars still rules Scorpio in some astrologers’ eyes, and when you examine what Mars represents – passion, war, energy, courage, tenacity, protectiveness, ferocity and more – it makes a lot of sense.

Aries embodies the energy of Mars through an evocative kind of warrior persona, while Scorpio faces adversity and hardship with an inner core of confidence.

Both star signs tend to view life as a battlefield, and this likeminded outlook does much to bring them together.

Both Scorpio and Aries are competitive individuals, who hate to lose or surrender and like things to go their way.

Aries accomplishes this by vigour, brash actions and sheer force of will. Scorpio instead uses psychology, timed strikes and a more cloak and dagger approach to steer events in his or her favour.

Already, the ways in which Aries and Scorpio take the same concepts and spin them out in highly individualistic ways is clear.

For this reason, their approaches to life sometimes baffle one another, but often win a cautious respect over time.

However, the elements that rule each star sign ought to be understood to truly get to the bottom of the pros and cons of an Aries and Scorpio relationship.

Put simply, Aries is a fire sign, imbued with the heat and energy of that element to be swift-moving, radical, sometimes tactless and always noticeable.

Meanwhile, Scorpio is ruled by the water element – docile on the surface, with hidden depths, and able to roll up into a tidal wave when the need arises, often surprising people when this happens.

Perhaps you have already worked out the conflict that arises here – fire and water.

The correct balance of these elements can produce warm, rejuvenating steam – steam that powers progress and brings the pair closer together.

Unfortunately, what often happens is that the deep dark waters of Scorpio engulf the white-hot flame of Aries, snuffing it out.

This relationship will be one of intense emotions, both good and bad – and with tempers flaring as two combative souls circle one another.

Whether the highs are worth the lows is up to the couple in question – and for us to find out as we dig deeper still into how Aries and Scorpio connect.

Matches between the Aries woman and Scorpio man

Ambition, progress, winning at any cost with tenacity and unshakeable faith in oneself – these are the values that both the Aries woman and Scorpio man put at the forefront of everything they do.

This match comes to admire these values as found in one another, but there’s plenty else bubbling under the surface too.

Under the surface is exactly how the Scorpio man prefers to keep things. He strolls through life with a neutral, often sullen expression that only his often penetrating stare can give away.

Nobody but his most trusted, closest companions can ever discover his secrets and true emotions – even his own family is often kept in the dark.

The Aries woman, on the other hand, expresses her emotions as soon as she feels them, and certainly has no use for subtlety or hiding oneself.

Instead, she expects to be noticed and respected wherever she goes – but sees a challenge in the Scorpio man’s mystique, igniting in her a desire to win him over.

Both of these people have an immense appetite for the opposite gender, although the Scorpio man nurtures a more lonesome soul than the more gregarious Aries woman.

Hers is a vast social circle, many of whom look to her like a leader – just as she likes it.

Dating will be a game of contrasts in terms of venues, as the party animal Aries woman bats ideas against the more intimate, one on one dating style of the Scorpio man.

They’re likely to get close nonetheless thanks to some intense chemistry, which will waste no time migrating to behind close doors in time.

It’s the question of time that truly tests the mettle of the Aries woman and Scorpio man relationship, however.

Both people are intense, but he is more so in an emotional, possessive and sometimes jealously guarded way that can impede the much-valued freedom of the Aries woman.

Yet the fact she can stroll away from the relationship on a whim to do her own thing for a week or two without so much as a by your leave infuriates the Scorpio man, and with this, the scorpion stinger is often raised.

One of many power plays in this relationship will ensue if not dealt with more compassionately and immediately – and inevitably, one of these tugs of war will result in a break up if these disparate personality traits aren’t smoothed over.

The good news:

  • Passion, intimacy and affection to spare – the Aries woman and the Scorpio man have finally found someone capable of matching them blow for blow here
  • The Scorpio man hides the fires of ambition beneath an ocean of calm – but when he reveals it, the Aries woman is besotted
  • Both partners fight for one another and are protective to the bitter end

The bad news:

  • Both partners are possessive of one another, and jealousy on both sides sparks tensions
  • The Scorpio man doesn’t give the Aries woman the room she needs to be herself
  • Both partners have a demanding and controlling side, and both can’t be in charge

Matches between the Aries man and Scorpio woman

Power, sexy meetings after dark and bold adventures into the unknown all make the relationship between an Aries man and a Scorpio woman intense and inspiring – if a bit volatile from time to time.

The Aries man is someone who believes that what you see should always be what you get, and he lives that vision in everything from the actions he takes and the words he speaks, to the clothes he wears and the company he keeps.

A born leader and keenly self-interested, he often draws a great deal of female attention wherever he goes, and certainly has no problem with that.

Yet if what you see is what you get for one, the same is not true of the other.

The Scorpio woman is a born detective, with an insightful gaze and an incredibly keen instinct for what makes people work.

She believes the opposite – that everything and everyone has a secret, and that hidden depths are where the truth lies.

Perhaps fittingly, it’s her looks and enigmatic ways that ensnare the Aries man, rather than her comprehension of the darker side of life – but she’s fine with that.

His simplicity in philosophy and trusting, vibrant nature is actually quite a source of fascination and inspiration for her, to say nothing of attraction.

Things get hot and heavy fast in this relationship, bringing a lot of naughty fun to proceedings, but also a touch of drama from time to time – drama that rocks both of these star signs harder than they’d care to admit.

Put bluntly, the Aries man finds the Scorpio woman clingy and overly demonstrative, when in fact she’s simply finally uncorking all her bottled up affection.

Likewise, she views the Aries man as a hothead who doesn’t listen, doesn’t care and is addicted to the next challenge or thrill.

She’ll hate how much he talks about himself, and feel spurned when he flies away to do his own thing out of the blue.

Overcoming issues like these isn’t impossible, but can prove tricky. If there’s one thing the Aries man has to be careful of though, it’s inspiring the Scorpio woman’s jealous side.

He’s flirtatious by his nature, often not on purpose, but if he so much as lets a smile at another lady linger too long, she’ll bury her claws into him in response – and not in the way he likes!

The good points:

  • Deeply passionate and incredibly physical, this relationship almost can’t contain the explosive brilliance of its earliest days
  • The Scorpio woman tempers the rash ways of the Aries man, helping him look before he leaps
  • Both partners guard one another from any insults, slights or gossip about the other – they’re truly a force to be reckoned with

The bad points:

  • The Aries man wants attention, devotion and adulation – the Scorpio woman raises her eyebrow at his egocentric demands
  • Conversely, she wants constant companionship and emotional excess – the Aries man feels smothered by her approach
  • The Aries man, to be perfectly blunt, likes the ladies – but the Scorpio woman will drag him through seven shades of hell if he strays

Aries and Scorpio friendship compatibility

The more positive elements that complement these two highly driven and highly stubborn star signs are often more peacefully played out when emotional attachments are a little more platonic.

In fact, with the right mix of individuals here, Aries and Scorpio friendship can accomplish wonderful things.

Both star signs often have a deep dissatisfaction with how things are run – as always, perhaps Aries more overtly than calm, collected and discreet Scorpio.

Shaking things up is often done through this friendship, be it through satire and jokes, protests and social commentary, or simply making sure their nearest and dearest hear a few home truths – be better with money, stop dating those losers, things like that.

It’s not all disruption and revolution with Aries and Scorpio friends though.

There’s a sweetness to this connection that thaws Scorpio’s glacial self-preservation and helps him or her embrace life without cageyness – and likewise, Aries can learn to slow their roll and not react to things with knee-jerk temper tantrums, thanks to Scorpio’s perspective on the longer game.

Scorpio rides the wave of discretion and nuance, and is able to clue Aries in on the more insidious motivations behind people’s actions.

This can prove quite the lifeline in business, for example, as Scorpio can advise their Aries friend that the new contract isn’t quite on the level, so don’t be in a hurry to sign it.

On the other hand, Aries can encourage Scorpio to trust more – a notion the secretive stingers often have issues with.

Using that same business analogy, if a contract seems too good to be true, the Aries can reassure the Scorpio that this is actually a good deal to take action with right away – don’t waste time sniffing out for skulduggery, they’ll say, because this time there honestly isn’t any!

Over time, however, these friends will need to watch out in case pride comes before the fall.

Both Aries and Scorpio have tremendously prideful streaks that react terribly to insults, slurs and condescending behaviour.

From time to time, these characteristics will rub one another the wrong way, and the confrontations that result could get ugly. Both want to be in control, but that simply isn’t possible – something has to give.

Aries and Scorpio marriage compatibility

Settling down for a long, steady, stable relationship with just one person for the rest of your natural life is a massive commitment – and one that certainly aligns more with one of these star signs than the other.

Perhaps you have guessed which is which?

Scorpio is a devoted lover, and once he or she decides that they have found their perfect partner, they give themselves to the relationship entirely.

Their fullest intention is to see this bond through for life, through thick and thin, not once ever wanting to be with anyone else ever again.

Aries, on the other hands, has a somewhat more skittish approach to matrimony. Forever is a long time, after all, and what if better opportunities come along?

How will personal freedom be kept available if Aries is tied down to someone, however much they love them right now?

Put simply, there’s an immediate philosophical difference here that can shut down the notion of marriage before it starts – with a notable exception.

Spur of the moment Aries might get so caught up in the relationship with Scorpio as to propose early on, only to later realise the significance of that commitment.

This is a disaster in the making if left unchecked, and could lead to heartbreak for everyone.

Scorpio demands utmost loyalty, fullness of commitment and devotion to the relationship and its good health – all fine ideas, but a little too much like hard work for Aries sometimes.

Where is the fun, they ask? While Scorpio derives fulfilment from a healthy and happy marriage that lasts, Aries feels the walls closing in, and is terrified of being caught within them when they do.

Marriage is certainly doable between the Aries and Scorpio, but won’t always make each of them happy, as heavy sacrifices of personal principles on each side are needed to make it work – and neither of these star signs take compromise well.

Aries and Scorpio: Common issues and problems

Jealousy, rage, romance and resentment – what swirling cocktails of feelings and emotions an Aries and Scorpio relationship can be.

This is one of the biggest reasons why they often start off so well, yet so intense is everything that these two-star signs bring to the table that a blowout is inevitable – the only question is how severe it is, and how much is at stake when it happens.

Aries is an individual who does as he or she pleases, and Scorpio needs to either learn to like it, or remain frustrated.

Chances are it’s going to be the latter, with the sneakier Scorpio making delicate moves that trounce the ambitions of Aries as a form of revenge.

Scorpio expects to be a priority in the Aries partner’s life, but often doesn’t feel that way.

Aries expects the same prioritisation, but often treats the relationship, consciously or otherwise, as though they are the only participant in it that matters.

Scorpio hates to feel ignored or minimised, and will once again unleash hell in kind – if Aries doesn’t do so first, for Scorpio daring to want more.

Bitter resentment soon ensues, with Aries feeling like they have no room to breathe, while simultaneously trying to dominate and control every facet of Scorpio’s life.

Scorpio may well begin leading a sort of secret existence outside the relationship to compensate – not to cheat, but rather just as somewhere they can be themselves without criticism.

Friction can veer towards the cruel at times, with Aries taking advantage of the secret emotional vulnerability of Scorpio and igniting their jealousy.

Scorpio, meanwhile, makes fine use of their dark arts in spinning webs of confusion around Aries, who has neither the capacity or patience for mind games.

This is a deadly dance with no clear winner, between two souls who otherwise have a fair amount of goodness and warmth to offer one another.

Scorpio is cool and emotionless when Aries lets his or her temper flare, stonewalling the ram with one of the few immovable objects their unstoppable force can’t overcome.

Yet Scorpio shouldn’t be smug, as Aries can simply abandon the relationship and start flirting with all of Scorpio’s friends, spreading disruption and gossip as they go.

Escalation seems inevitable if neither partner backs down and admits wrongdoing – but unfortunately, with stubborn and proud souls like these, that can prove unlikely.

My expert opinion and final thoughts

Aries and Scorpio are two of the great power players of the zodiac, with one winning the day through warrior’s means, and the other facing life’s mysteries with the mind of an ace detective.

Together, they could be an unstoppable alliance, were it not for the pride, ego and emotion that inevitably seems to get in the way.

Astrology is a nuanced art, and it’d certainly be incorrect to suggest that all Aries and Scorpio matches end in heartbreak.

Many of them go on to last a lifetime, and can certainly prove happy unions with the right approach and healthy doses of understand and compassion on both sides.

Yet sooner or later in most cases, either the engulfing depth of emotion of the Scorpio or the domineering recklessness of the Aries causes issues for both participants.

As tensions rise, he thought of reconciliation and forgiveness seems to get further and further away.

Scorpio wants depth and commitment, and Aries wants independence and excitement.

Neither Aries or Scorpio can win without sacrifice from the other, often costing the happiness of whoever gives in too.

A tricky match, but one rich with intensity for those who like to live dangerously.

Aries and Scorpio compatibility score: 3/10

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I’m an Aries and not too eager to commit. In fact my Scorpio guy has been married twice and I bet he’d be more willing to recommit than I would be to commit the first time. Other than that, some of this seems plausible.

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