What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Aries For The Year Ahead?

What Are The Luckiest Numbers For Aries For The Year Ahead?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and in their eyes, these folks are often number one.

However, the truth behind the lucky numbers for Aries and its zodiac sign actually paints a far more complex picture.

Even with Aries people being as brave and endearingly spontaneous and reckless as they can be, the truth is that those who rely on their own confidence to win the day, such as Aries, can still benefit from having a little more good fortune smiling on their endeavours.

Astrology teaches us that there are countless ways in which various star signs can align themselves with good fortune, and attract good luck in love, in money, in their careers and in their health.

Lucky symbols for Aries and lucky colour for Aries are a few examples – but as we’ll see below, there are lots of Aries lucky numbers to keep in mind as well.

These numbers manifest in our lives in various ways – as door numbers, as lottery numbers, as ages we pass through in distinctive phases of our life, and plenty more.

We’ll explore plenty of these ideas, and more, as we delve into the lucky numbers for the Aries star sign.

Aries Lucky Number 13

Surprised? In keeping with the bold and bombastic nature of Aries, a number that’s often seen as unlucky in many corners of the world is actually a lucky number for them!

Countless superstitions surround the number 13 and its reputation for bringing misfortune and bad luck upon anyone who falls under its mystic influence.

Some of the more famous superstitions of this kind relate to the calendar date of Friday 13th, which tends to fall on different months each year.

Lots of people go explicitly out of their way to avoid doing anything on Friday 13th or to avoid, say, staying in hotel room 13 when travelling.

But if you can rely on anyone to ignore those fears and make their own luck, it’s the dynamic Aries!

When you examine these influences in more detail it makes a lot of sense. Aries is a star sign who does his or her best soul work when given the opportunity to go where others dare not tread.

That includes, of course, braving superstitions like unlucky number 13 and turning them around to their own advantage.

Thinking about it like that, it makes sense why 13 is a lucky number for Aries!

Lucky Number 4

You have to wonder sometimes if Aries is trying to get under everyone’s skin and provoke us into shaking up our thinking on purpose. Well, knowing this star sign, of course they are!

I say this because the number 4, while harmless in Western society, is just as superstitious as something like our previous number, 13 – in the Far East, that is.

In places like Japan and China, 4 is seen as the number of death, and of misfortune aplenty besides.

Many of even the most modern cities of the East, like Tokyo and Hong Kong, still practice such superstitions as having buildings labelled “Floor 3, Floor 3A, Floor 5” just to avoid having a Floor 4.

But once again, Aries benefits from the good fortune found where others fear to tread.

The number 4 is lucky for Aries not just for this reason, but also because of a few other details that make sense when you think about them.

For example, many – although admittedly not all – of our Aries friends, lovers and family members in life are born in the fourth calendar month of the year – April.

It’s a month of fresh starts as springtime rises in the northern hemisphere and summertime wanes in the southern hemisphere – and new beginnings are what Aries is all about.

No wonder the number 4 is so keen to bestow its blessings on Aries wherever they go.

Lucky Number 8

Lucky number 7? Far too mainstream for Aries!

The number 8 is lucky for Aries because, in spiritualist thinking, it is a number that symbolises inner confidence, of tapping into one’s power, of reaching into the unknown from the physical realm, and of physical abundance.

Aries people are extremely good at landing on their feet and forging successful career path for themselves.

They have a natural leadership quality that attracts allies and financial success in ways that seem effortless to outside observers.

Factor in the number 8 into good luck for Aries and it all comes together nicely, if you keep one secret in mind – what you see when you flip the umber 8 onto its side.

It becomes the endless twin conjoined loops of the infinity symbol.

And when we think of Aries, we think of endless energy, boundless potential and infinite charm to get the job done. No wonder number 8 is lucky for Aries people.

Lucky Number 17

While it seems like just a number among many to so many of us – even those of us who, in reaching for spiritual enlightenment, have become trained to see the deeper meaning of things – number 17 actually has a lot of symbolism behind it.

That makes number 17 a lucky number for Aries for its own reasons as much as its connections to this star sign.

And of course, people born on 17th April as an Aries will feel energies like this very strongly – just look at the success of famous women born on this day like Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Garner.

Why is 17 lucky for Aries people? Well, it’s because in spiritual thinking, this is a number of self-sufficiency, of true independent thought, and of compassion.

That compassion especially is something Aries people are often underestimated in having.

Despite appearances, Aries people are not entirely self-motivated, and they are protective and passionate about those whom they love.

Yet sometimes they forget this even about themselves – working with the energies of number 17 can help rekindle their compassion if it has been lost along the way.

Aries people aged 17 are often very independently minded, not swayed by trends or opinions, and keen to make their mark in the world. They have a notable entrepreneurial streak.

Is 26 really a lucky number?

At first glance, some of the lucky numbers for Aries seem to be a little random. For instance, 26 is a lucky number for Aries, but how can this be the case?

This is a number with very little in the way of mainstream superstition surrounding it.

Search a little deeper, and everything becomes clear. The number 256 is lucky for Aries because it combines 2 and 6 as written, and therefore combines themes of dualism, of giving to others, and of having an adaptive nature.

That last one is especially important to Aries, because these are souls who can roll with any punch life deals with them.

Sometimes the hot and sparky energy of Aries comes off as provocative and larger than life, yet adapting to the feel of the room, so to speak, can give these folks a smoother time.

Working with the energies of 26 can give Aries people good luck because it helps them direct their passions to the common good as much as their own advantages.

When Aries people are aged 26, often a major life event or big, fortunate opportunity opens to them, challenging them to take a leap many other would find too much of a risk to pursue.

And of course, 26 is two times 13 – connecting to another Aries lucky number.

Numbers to avoid

Fortune favours the bold, and so usually Aries people hold little stock in any perceived boundaries or things that might hold them back, and that includes any notions surrounding unlucky numbers.

However, even these brave pioneers would be advised to keep a few unlucky numbers in mind to make sure that their best-laid plans don’t go awry, and that their spontaneous actions don’t spiral out of control.

This is the case for unlucky Aries number 18, for example. Many Aries people at age 18 go through some kind of trauma or deeply emotional event that shapes much of the rest of their life, and can take much in the way of soul work to fix.

Some Aries people have reported that staying in hotel room 18 for a big business deal caused negotiations to fall through, or found that weddings planned on the 18th of the month went awry.

Numbers such as 36 and 42 are also often unlucky for Aries people.

Again, these ages are often difficult times of life or these folks, but the numbers themselves also carry more collectivist energies and group mentality connotations that really go against the grain of what Aries folks are all about.

Aries people are also advised to avoid the number 62, which has an almost eerie and chilling energy about it in their eyes.

It’s hard to explain, but it certainly seems to accompany misfortune more often than not.

With a little tongue in cheek, some Aries folks I have worked with in the past have suggested that those nasty unexpected bills that drop on the doormat from time to time often hover around the $62 figure or so – a figure just enough be disruptive and unwelcome to their immediate goals.

Always do this when you see lucky number 22

For Aries people, the otherwise innocuous-seeming number 22 is extremely lucky. Again, tying into much of what we have already discussed, this age and time of life is often extremely influential in shaping the destiny of the Aries soul.

However, the symbolism of two twos standing side by side is very strong, and taps into a subconscious part of the Aries soul – the idea of following a leader, one number identically pursuing another.

Luckily this has nothing to do with power trips – Aries people are natural leaders, but also often compassionate ones.

The idea of being responsible for a number of people appeals to Aries greatly, but when seeing the number 22 unexpectedly, these folks are invited to become a little introspective.

With so much of Aries life being all go all the time, it can be tough to stop and see if the directions being taken benefit Aries people and those around them the most.

The number 22 can almost be seen as two feet standing still – so stop a moment, dear Aries, and take stock of your surroundings.

Breathe deep, and ask your intuition and gut feelings whether a change of tack is necessary, or if all is well.

Chances are you’re right on the money in more ways than one, and stopping to think things over isn’t needed.

However, this number is an invitation for Aries, often winners of life’s great race, to take a quick pit stop.

Similarly, it can encourage some much-needed relaxation if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, dear Aries. Your energy might seem infinite, but a hot flame will burn out if not nurtured!

My Final Thoughts

Aries is a star sign who is always keen to take action, and seldom content in staying still.

These people play hard and they play to win, and they aren’t afraid to gamble all of the stakes if the payout seems high enough.

Notably, Aries people have great instincts for charting their course in the world, but their insistence on doing things their way can prove a little disruptive to some people.

By taking the lucky numbers for Aries into consideration, there are chances not only to stop and engage in some often necessary introspection, but also the chance to align oneself with some truly prosperous energy that can super-charge the road to success.

These numbers can also help to remind Aries that others benefit from their winnings as much as they themselves do, and to spread that love and wealth around to help all of us enjoy life that much more.

Ages demarcated by these lucky numbers during an Aries’ lifetime often bring with them breakthrough, spiritual growth and whole new areas of understanding – and the mind of the Aries is tuned to always see these numbers pop up in day to day life, here and there.

Heed those synchronicities, Aries – they’re often a sign you’re on the right track!

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