Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries Traits

Neptune takes 165 years to complete its cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs. Your Neptune positioning speaks to the area of your life that your struggle with or procrastinate over.

Be aware that Neptune’s input can be confusing and/or deceiving—like a mirage.

Neptune’s position will show up in your natal chart—which for you, Aries, will be in the First House.

Neptune will offer you a lot of new inspiration, especially in understanding yourself better.  You are the baby of the Zodiac, and you are ruled by Mars.

Because of your less mature Sign, you may rely heavily on those around you until you have honed your interpersonal intelligence and skills.

You will receive inspiration and insight from Neptune.  While Neptune is in Retrograde, you can be planning for the next season of your life.

You will find love and fulfillment in interpersonal loving relationships only after you love yourself.  You must first find peace within yourself, Aries.

Neptune in Aries Women

Neptune is the God of the Sea, and the Ruling Planet of Pisces.  Neptune holds mysteries and treasures in a murky depth, just like the oceans.

Because your Sign is Ruled by Mars, Aries. Your relationship with Neptune will seem to center around self-development.

Neptune’s focus on the unknown and spiritual aspects will add a new depth to your pursuit of self-love.

This self-acceptance will lead you towards finding a partner, love, and fulfillment—through self-understanding.

Once you accept yourself, only then can you accept and love a partner, fully.  Be grateful for the hidden aspects of life that Neptune want to reveal to you.

Neptune’s influence over Aries Women will have you looking to tie up some loose ends—or unravel new ones.

You should use this year’s Neptune in Retrograde as a reflective period.  Meditate on what to do next.

In Aries, the First House, you will perceive Neptune’s reluctance when it comes to your inner (childlike) self.  Changing habits, friends, or daily routines is not always easy.  You must find healthy ways to incorporate your new life decisions.

Aries Women are many things, to many people.  You can seamlessly flow from one social situation to the next.  While others see you as a social butterfly, you may still feel a bit insecure around them.

You will find love and fulfillment, so do not be discouraged.  You will gain self-knowledge and self-love.  You will feel more confident, and with time, you will find that others are taking notice.

You must be practical.  Try to be patient.  Use a planner or phone app to help you keep daily and weekly assignments and goals.

Also, it helps some Aries Women to journal thoughts and feelings.  Referring to these for reflection can be helpful in finding patterns in your behavior—both helpful and hurtful habits.

Use the newfound knowledge from Neptune for growth.

Neptune in Aries Men

Aries is the most like a temperamental child, of all Signs.  You will experience this Man acting a bit younger than his age, on occasion.

This guy maybe drives a sports car, maybe still wears jerseys every chance he gets, or still has his action figures in the boxes.  He will have trouble changing.

The upside to this stubbornness is dependability.  An Aries Man is generally successful.  Neptune’s influence on this Man will show when he gets flustered.

These men usually start learning a trade or skill at a young age.  They take initiative, but sometimes need guidance.  Be patient with your Aries Man, and you will find love and fulfillment.

He may have a bit of a temper.  He may be a sore loser.  Instead of judging him too harshly, try to comfort him.

You will usually find that this Man is acting out, when frustrated.  Ask him why he reacts a certain way when plans go awry.

Remember, no one is perfect—so, be sure to give him a second chance, if you really like him.

(*Do not give an abuser a second chance.  Please, avoid these relationships.  Help is out there!)

Neptune and Aries in Love

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who will enable your procrastination.  A Cancer might be a dangerous partner for you.

They will make you comfortable.  The problem is that you need a partner who will motivate you to do the hard work.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who will cheer you on, even on tough days.  Your immature Aries tendencies, mixed with Neptune’s inspiration, can cause trouble.

Look for a grounded partner, such as a fair-minded Libra.

A Virgo might be meticulous enough to keep you on point.  A Sagittarius could spur your desire for higher learning.  A Pisces might help illuminate your more spiritual side.

Speaking of a spiritual side, you will benefit from broadening your horizons by learning about other religions.  You may not choose to follow any of them, but you will be more well-rounded.

To aid in your search for self-growth, love, and fulfillment you must plan.  Make plans and stick to them, and try to find a supportive partner.  Neptune is wanting Mars to be proactive.

Dates for Neptune in Aries

Be aware of Neptune’s Retrograde cycle for this year:  Neptune enters the Retrograde zone on February 23, 2017, and becomes Stationary Retrograde on June 16, 2017.

Neptune goes Stationary Direct on November 22, 2017.  Neptune leaves the Retrograde zone on March 13, 2018.

Neptune entered Pisces on February 3, 2012.  Neptune will enter Pisces—in Retrograde—on October 22, 2025.

7 Little-Known Facts About Neptune in Aries

There can be little doubt about the possibilities that surround the emergence of Neptune in Aries.

However, any individual that falls under this astrological sign will also need to be aware of the facts that surround it as that is the only way in which you will be able to fully understand what could very well happen to you.

1. It makes you feel more inspired.

When Neptune does indeed move into Aries, there is a strong sense of feeling far more inspired to try things that are new to you rather than sticking with the old way of doing things.

This inspiration will propel you further forward than you could have ever imagined, which is certainly something to look forward to.

2. It stresses the need to love yourself.

One thing that Neptune pushes is that the only way in which you can build interpersonal relationships is when you are already in a position to love yourself.

Only after that will you be aware of what you need from a relationship allowing it to then grow and develop as it should.

3. You might rely on others in your life.

You may find that there is a need to rely on others with more experience in order to help you to get through life, but that is not always going to be a bad thing.

Instead, you have to just be careful as to who you focus on to make sure that they are indeed capable of guiding you in the right direction.

4. It focuses on the concept of self-development.

For women, Neptune in Aries is going to signify a push towards a better understanding of your own self-development.

Not only that, but it encourages you to go ahead and explore in new areas and to feel the excitement of doing so. Sticking to the same old thing is just not going to get you anywhere.

5. There may be a sense of immaturity.

When this combination occurs for men, it can often signify that there is a real sense of immaturity, which can develop into a bit of a problem.

It can be frustrating that they are acting younger than their years, but you need to look beyond that and see the good things about them.

6. People can have difficulty changing their ways.

It can also be the case that people find it difficult to change their ways, and that can result in you having to travel down a particularly long road to get anywhere.

Pointing out the obvious to the individual may not even work, but if they can understand that it is to help their development, then they may be interested in giving it a go.

7. You can depend on them.

One huge positive associated with this combination is that those individuals are dependable at all times and that should not be under-estimated.

They will be there for you when you need them to be, and for that, you should be thankful.

This combination can have its ups and downs, but overall you should be quite content with what it can do for you in your life. However, accept the struggles and it will certainly make life easier.

Final Thoughts

Aries, although Neptune is not in your Sign this year, the effects may still be felt.  Be open to the fact that you have some maturing to do.  Celebrate the potential of growth.

Your friends and loved ones will help you through this.  You will find love and fulfillment, with help from Neptune in Aries.  Make sure you show love and gratitude to all those who support you on this journey.

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