Aries: Seven Signs You Have Impossible Standards

Aries: Seven Signs You Have Impossible Standards


The Aries is of course based on the astrological sign for the male sheep.

As daring and brave as the Aries can be in most circumstances, we should not lose sight of the fact that we are still talking about sheep.

In other words, there is a built-in contradiction between the very docile and passive nature of a sheep and its outward displays of courage and bravery. It is this built-in contradiction that drives the Aries personality.

Just like with any kind of contradiction, it can drive a person to the heavens or it can drive that person to hell. It really boils down to the choices you make. It also boils down to your assumptions and expectations.

There is no such thing as a bad or good Aries. The only thing that matters is what you choose to do with this internal contradiction.

As you can probably already tell, this internal contrast can produce all sorts of issues as well as open all sorts of opportunities for the typical Aries.

When it comes to standards as far as interpersonal relationships and careers and money issues are concerned, this internal contradiction does have its impact.

In particular, it impacts whether Aries people would set impossible or realistic standards for themselves.

For Aries individuals, here are seven signs you have impossible standards.

 Nothing Anyone Else Does is Good Enough

As I have mentioned earlier in the overview of the Aries personality, the Aries is often operating from a deep and profound sense of inadequacy and low self-esteem.

This person is very insecure. Not surprisingly, they would make up all sorts of fictions and all sorts of mental arrangements, so that they can look good.

They always want to be in the center of the spotlight. They want to grab all the credit.

Unfortunately, this works in a very negative way. For you to look good, oftentimes you have to make everybody else look bad.

This impacts your standards negatively because for you to look like a hero, everybody else has to look like a failure.

This means that you have to constantly, at least mentally, depreciate everything that all people are doing. This leads to an impossible situation where nothing anyone else does is good enough.

In many cases, this can actually lead you to outperform everybody. This can actually lead you to push harder and faster, so you can achieve more than everybody else.

Unfortunately, this can also cripple your interpersonal relationships. This can poison a lot of your dealings with other people.

You will always come off as judgmental. You will always come off as that joy kill that destroys what would otherwise be a positive atmosphere.

Only Your Standards Matter

Since you go out of your way to be the center of the show, it follows that only your standards should matter.

Only your standards should be the benchmark for excellence.

This is going to be a problem if you are going to apply these standards to other people. It is another matter entirely if you are just going to apply these impossible standards to yourself.

In such a situation, it can actually lead to good things. By comparing yourself constantly to what you are capable of, you can push yourself further and higher.

This can allow you to achieve a lot of things. This can allow you to, in fact, achieve the seeming impossible.

However, if you are going to be outward oriented and apply these impossible standards to other people, this can lead to all sorts of interpersonal problems.

At the very least, having this mentality makes you very hard to get along with. People would rather avoid you.

Your Standards Change Based on Your Mood

As I mentioned earlier, it is one thing to have solid standards that are based on your experience and are truly ideal standards. It is another to set up standard so you can look good.

Unfortunately, for the typical Aries personality, they set up standards on a purely comparative basis, so they can look good in their eyes.

This is a serious problem because these standards are often arbitrary. These standards are often comparative.

To make matters worse, these standards change based on the Aries person’s mood. You know you have impossible standards when you are constantly switching standards based on how you feel.

If this is how you go about handling your standards, these are not your real standards. Instead, you are just simply using crutches to make yourself feel like you look better than the people around you.

Your Standards Change Based on Who You are Talking To

Just as bad as mood-based standards are standards that vary based on context. As I mentioned earlier, typical Aries standards often change.

They are very variable because they exist solely to make the Aries person feel good. One of the most common ways Aries standards change is when they are situational.

In other words, they change based on who they are talking to.

If they are talking to a person who is very accomplished, those standards reach a very impossible level.

If they are talking to somebody who has a fairly low level of accomplishments, those standards decrease.

Regardless, one thing is sure. Those standards are always higher than the achievement level of the person that the Aries is talking to.

Your Standards Change Based on Circumstances

Just as your standards can change based on your mood and the person you are talking to, it can also change based on the set of circumstances you find yourself in.

Again, this serves to defeat you.

This serves to poison your relationship because instead of having a fixed ideal that you can rely on time and time again, your standards are always changing.

They exist primarily to make you feel good and make you look good in your mind.

They do not really aim to push you higher. They do not really serve to take you to the next level. Instead, they exist primarily as an emotional crutch.

One key sign of this is when your standards change based on your circumstances. Even if you are enjoying really great circumstances, your standards will change to keep up.

This is a serious problem because it robs you of joy and it robs you of your ability to appreciate the moment.

This sign that you have impossible standards can make for a very miserable life.

Your Standards Change Based on Rewards

Standards should really be focused on their own intrinsic value. They really should stand on their own.

Unfortunately, Aries people often set up standards in their mind based on what they can get.

Of course, this is a recipe for disaster because you cannot really control what happens outside us. We can only control what we dwell on and what we think about.

Unfortunately, too many Aries people have completely missed the memo on this. Not surprisingly, they focus their standards on what they can get.

Not surprisingly, they often feel frustrated, disappointed and discouraged.

You Constantly Compare to What Could Be Instead of What Is

All sorts of standards can lead to success if they are ultimately based on reality. You know you are dealing with impossible standards when they are based on things that do not even exist.

Unfortunately, this is a very common pattern with Aries people who feel that they have to compete with highly accomplished people in their lives.

Not surprisingly, they hitch their fortune to a star that is unreachable. This leads to all sorts of unnecessary suffering and frustration.

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