Aries Man – The Definitive Guide

Aries Man – The Definitive Guide

aries man

The Aries man, just like with Aries woman, is a victim of public perception.

There is a strong disconnect between how typical Aries see themselves and the way the rest of the world see them.

A lot of this has to do with focus. If you focus on the wrong things, you are going to see the world from a certain perspective which might actually harm you.

If you pick the wrong perspective, you might only see part of the picture. In many cases, taking the wrong perspective actually gives you a distorted view of the world.

This pretty much sums up the typical Aries personality. It is all about self-perception versus external perception.

If this was not the case, then the typical Aries would not behave the way they do.

Aries people have no problem charging into a situation with only half knowledge. They make all sorts of assumptions.

And in many cases, they try to resolve things by simply plowing through problems.

The Aries is based on the male sheep. When during mating season, these male sheep would run into each other at full speed head on.

These head butts show dominance, to show who is the most attractive. This head-butting tendency illustrates how Aries people tend to respond to the things in their life.

The nuance or taking things slow are usually foreign concepts to the Aries. Either they take charge or they feel that they are not doing enough.

Of course, driving all of these is a deep and profound fundamental insecurity.

People who feel complete and content would not behave this way. This goes back to the animal that the Aries is based on.

While a male sheep can be quite courageous, it is still a sheep. In other words, despite all the bravado and all of the external projections of internal strength, the person would still feel weak.

Sheep, after all, are often viewed as weak creatures. They are so weak that they do not make any noise right before they get slaughtered. That is how meek they are.

The Aries then is a walking contradiction. On the one hand, you have a high degree of external confidence, bravado, and courage. Internally, all of these are driven primarily by the profound sense of inadequacy and insecurity.

If you are an Aries man or if you are in a relationship with an Aries man, you need to keep the following definitive guides in mind.

It explains many things and helps you navigate otherwise thorny issues with Aries in your life. If you take this information the right way, you can set up situations where your dealings with Aries become more productive and more enjoyable.

Aries men in love

Aries guys like to feel in charge, as if they are in total control of their emotions.

However, love is a force of its own and it can overwhelm people. While the physical and emotional sensations of love are welcomed by most people, Aries guys can find this kind of upsetting.

Not necessarily saying that it is upsetting in a very negative way, but it can throw them off track.

It can serve as a reminder that they are not in full control of their emotions and that they are not as in full control as they would like to give themselves credit for.

In the best case scenario, Aries guys would look at love as something that throws them off track from time to time.

The worst case scenario is that they might consider it as a form of weakness, as some form of threat to their self-image.

Accordingly, many would put up a strong and emotional front to never allow themselves to fall in love. At the very least, they never allow themselves to be seen falling in love.

Just talk about cheating yourself out of one of the most profound and sublime emotional state a human being can experience.

If you are an Aries man who is reading this, please get it through your thick head that being in love is not a form of weakness. In fact, love can be a tremendous source of strength.

Aries men in relationships

Aries guys like to be in charge.

So if you are in a relationship with an Aries guy, you have to let him take the lead and make him feel that he is calling the shots.

They have this strong chivalrous streak through them.

They like to be the knight in shining armor or the hero in the relationship. If you do not mind this, then you can actually make it work to your advantage.

You can entertain his ideas of being the protector and leader of the relationship but at the same time, maintaining your role.

It really all boils down to performing a delicate dance between his ego and your own emotions. As long as you can navigate a happy middle ground, then the Aries man in your life can be a tremendous source of joy instead of frustration and anxiety.

Aries men and friendships

Aries guys like to brag. They like to be the center of attention and to have the spotlight shine on them.

It is common for Aries guys to put down other people’s accomplishments and achievements just so they can drag up whatever measly or poultry achievements they have.

The whole idea of dragging people down to push yourself up has Aries paw prints all over it. With that said, Aries guys do not necessarily have to be ass holes.

Seriously, as long as you know how to deal with their need for constant praise, you can be really great friends with Aries people.

Similarly, if you are an Aries person, you can be a tremendous asset. You can be very loyal, you can definitely be counted on to, take charge whenever situations ask for it.

However, you need to do yourself a big favor by realizing that friendships, just like relationships, are two way streets.

If you want them to grow and go to the next level, you need to let people around you express themselves and you need to cater to their needs from time to time.

Aries men and lovemaking

Aries guys have a lot of energy. So if your definition of lovemaking is a high energy act of physical intimacy, then you are in for a good time with Aries guys.

With that said, energy is just one part of the equation physical intimacy.

Just like how relationships and friendships are two way streets, it is all about call and response. It is all about reading each other’s signals and sending off the right signal in response.

Unfortunately, Aries guys tend to make love all about them. It is all about what they need and their fulfillment.

Not surprisingly, many fall into the common trap of thinking that as long as they provide a very vigorous and a physically robust experience then they would have done their job.

It is your job as An Aries man to listen to the needs of your partner to become the best lover you could be. You also need to step into the shoes of the other person to be able to give that person what that person is looking for.

Similarly, if you are in a relationship with an Aries man, do not be afraid to speak up. As the old saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

If you do not complain, you are not going to resolve your problems. The worst thing you can do is to approach your problem of unfulfilling intercourse in a passive-aggressive manner. It is not going to solve your issues.

Aries men and career

A lot of work-team members do not like Aries people in their teams. They really don’t. Why?

These people would often grab credit and would try to take the spotlight when it is inappropriate.

It is okay to take the spotlight and take the claim if you deserve it. It is not okay when your team actually did the work and you are the one claiming all of the credit.

It is no surprise then that these aspects of their personality get a lot of hate and suspicion in an Aries’ career. The good news is that Aries people can be coached.

They can be made to soften up and trained to look after the well-being of the whole group.

You have to understand that by constantly trying to grab credit, you are going to be stepping on a lot of toes. You would need a couple of advices for your career. 

In many cases, these are the toes of people that will end up achieving higher places in life than you. They might end up becoming your boss.

So it really is a good idea, as an Aries man, to dial back the credit grabbing and focus more on making the whole team stand out.

Aries men and money

When it comes to spending money, you have a tough time controlling your impulses because you look at money as a tool to get what you need.

While technically, this is true, but you should not take it all the way and be all extreme about it.

It is common for you to go to a grocery store and end up filling your shopping cart even when you originally intended to just buy a can of soda. You tend to rush into things.

You have to get your impulsive side under control. Otherwise, this is going to put a lot of pressure on your finances.

This can be really bad news if you are not able to control your spending habit.

You might end up bankrupt, in investing into lots of Ponzi schemes, or pyramid schemes. It is very easy to exploit your financial illiteracy. You can be victimized by scammers.

All sorts of financial evil can befall you because of your impulsive side.

You have to get this under control. The good news is that you do not have to buy that luxury item right now. Just give yourself a cooling off period of a day and you will be surprised as to how much money you can save and will have left to invest.

Aries men and family

The best advice I can give to Aries men is to wait until you are older to have a family. As Aries guys get older, the mellower they get.

They no longer feel that they have to constantly prove themselves, their authority, nor to shout down everybody else.

Instead, they feel that they are part of the team and that they can contribute something to the team. This comes with age and maturity.

The good news is that Aries guys reach maturity at different levels. You really have to read very closely the Aries that you are planning on starting a family with.

If he is the type of person that has matured fairly early on, then it is probably a good idea to start a family with that person.

However, if he is the typical Aries, then you might have to wait until maybe he is in his 30’s or even 40’s for you to bring up the whole idea of family.

Otherwise, you might be stepping into a whole lot of trouble. They can be very domineering and quite verbally and emotionally abusive to the children.

This is going to be a problem not just with your family right now but it can echo through the generations.

You have to understand that control and power bury big with Aries men because they feel really insecure and inadequately put down aside. This can cause all sorts of psychological trauma to your kids.

So if you want to build a happy family, you might want to wait a few years until the Aries man in your life mellows down and matures.

My final thoughts on the Aries man

The Aries man can be a tremendous asset, but he can also be a giant liability.

It all depends on how you position him and how you communicate with him. If you give him the right signals, he can be the biggest ally and most trustworthy partner in the world.

However, with wrong signals or with neglect, he can become your biggest headache.

If you are an Aries man, you have to understand that the world does not revolve around you.

Also, you have to understand that you are driven by insecurity and a lot of that is just in your head. You will have to learn how to embrace your short comings and understand that you do not have to continuously try to prove yourself once you achieve a high level of peace.

With this, you can rise much higher and much faster in life moreover. A lot of the things holding you back from success will essentially melt away once you embrace who you really are.

It is okay to be imperfect and feel inadequate. Nobody is perfect. As long as you achieve a high level of personal peace, you could be surprised to see as to what you could achieve with your life.

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