Learn 5 Facts About Aries Signs and Symbols in This SPECIAL Review

Learn 5 Facts About Aries Signs and Symbols in This SPECIAL Review

Headstrong, ambitious, determined and swift in both thoughts and deeds – the Aries star sign is one that takes life to its fullest and gets stuck in at every second.

To many people, Aries people are so straightforward and upfront that it would seem what you see is very much what you get.

That’s true – to an extent. Yet because astrology is so rich in symbolism and mystique, the truth is you can never have enough insight into how to understand an Aries man or woman.

To help you get up to speed, sit back with a hot coffee and learn 5 facts about Aries signs and symbols in this SPECIAL review – designed to give you insider knowledge Aries doesn’t want you to know!

1) What is the Aries symbol? It’s the ram

Aries people are, as those Aries folks versed in astrology proudly comment, the first sign in the zodiac.

Every star sign is based on a constellation in the night sky, and these were first written down and given shape by wises eyes from centuries in the past.

Looking into the night sky, scholars clearly distinguished the shape of the ram in the stars.

The ram is a determined creature, full of masculine energy, and certainly keen on getting his way – all characteristics that, even in ancient times, that made it the perfect Aries symbol animal.

If you know an Aries, or have an Aries partner, you likely already know how these kinds of traits perfectly sum up their character.

The Aries sign seems straightforward for this reason – rams are direct, charge headlong at what opposes them, and certainly have a fondness for connecting with the opposite sex.

Of course, Aries people of either gender can have any kind of preference, but their directness is clearly a form of strong masculine energy.

Aries people are honest and to the point, telling it like it is. If they agree with you, you’ll hear it. If they disagree with you, you’ll also hear it – whether you like it or not, and as lacking in tact as they see fit!

That said, the symbol of the ram for Aries also tells us that they’re not just punchy and blunt. After all, it’s still an animal covered in shaggy wool – and Aries people are likewise prone to be warm and fuzzy when the occasion suits.

Thanks to being the ram, the Aries zodiac symbol gives these folks a keen sense of leadership and resolve.

Some Aries people naturally flaunt their leadership skills and want to be the head of the project, supervisor of the office or, of course, the boss of the company altogether.

Other people of the Aries star sign become leaders subconsciously, or find that people tend to naturally seek their pioneering spirit for counsel.

One thing’s for sure – the Aries ram has no desire to just be one of the flock.

2) The symbol for Aries – behind the glyph

Like all other star signs, this sign is not just recognised due to its constellation and the Aries symbol animal of the ram.

Every zodiac sign glyph is a simple piece of calligraphy that allows astrologers to symbolise star signs in birth charts and recognise them at a glance.

It’s also the kind of image you’d see on artwork or in an Aries symbol tattoo, if people choose it over a more complex animal graphic.

And like Aries people themselves, the glyph for Aries looks simple but has a lot of character going on behind the scenes.

Those seeking the true Aries symbol meaning should take some time to really examine this glyph in depth.

The most visible aspect of the V-shaped Aries symbol, curled at the tips, is two horns – once again representing the ram, the symbol for Aries. So far, so simple.

However, the idea of unity, oneness and bringing it all together also comes into place here. Aries people often become a centre point for their communities, or a pivotal person in friendship groups.

The way the glyph for Aries tapers into a point like this symbolises the way in which the many become one through association with Aries.

It works with ideas, thoughts and feelings too. Whatever an Aries individual sees, feels or think is all brought into the self, and through this, actualised in the real world through (often spontaneous) action.

Some other star signs see Aries selfishness in this outlook, but to the Aries his or herself, it’s a matter of trusting one’s inner judgement.

3) The ruling planet of Aries is Mars

Throughout the zodiac, each star sign is attributed a certain ruling planet, which is said to further emphasise the actions they take and their overall philosophy.

These ruling planets give luck to the star signs they rule over, although it’s worth keeping in mind that in many cases ruling planets are shared between zodiac signs. After all, there are more star signs in our zodiac than there are known planets in our solar system.

The symbol for Aries as far as ruling planets go is Mars, swarthy and red. In mythology, Mars is a god of war, living for the thrill of battle and to vanquish all who oppose him.

It’s no exaggeration to suggest how much this mythos shapes the thoughts and feelings of Aries people.

Indeed, those born under the Aries zodiac symbol see life as a battlefield, and they as the champions for their cause.

Male or female, these people tend to be driven, and often highly competitive – even if they don’t show it.

Aries people want to win, and they want their opinions, voices and victories heard loud and clear. Mars is also a planet of passion though, making Aries people supremely interested in the more physical and thrilling sides of love and romance.

New relationships with these people tend to be hot and heavy, and they don’t like the idea of things getting cold – so keep it spicy!

However, with Mars ruling conquest, there’s also an unyielding sense of ambition in these folks.

Whereas a Capricorn will step to the top of the heap slow and steady, taking years if they need to, Aries ambitions are much more immediate.

They seem to almost explode into the room, vibrant and charming, and can talk their way into and out of almost anything.

Once they feel dominant at their company though, Aries people need a steady stream of battles to get stuck into – being the kind of boss who relaxes on the golf course all day holds no appeal.

4) The elemental symbol for Aries is fire

Every star sign in our night sky is ruled by a chosen element. All twelve signs are ruled by an element each – four elements into twelve means that there are three zodiac signs under each element, out of water, air, earth and fire.

It’s no surprise to learn that the Aries sign is a fire sign, and a big part of what makes it such a perfect Aries symbol is the intensity, heat and energy.

Aries shares the fire element with Leo and Sagittarius, yet while those zodiac signs channel that fire into warm pride and brisk adventure respectively, for Aries it’s about passion and intensity.

Fire is a fuel, having been used by humankind for centuries to ward off the darkness, warm the home and, in more recent centuries, send ships and trains charging across even the remotest of the world’s regions.

Likewise, an Aries charging forth is an unstoppable force, seething with unstoppable energy. Rarely seeming to be tired or lacking in motivation, Aries also symbolises fire in its spontaneity.

A fire can sudden let out a spark that leaves to a new surface and spreads its flame, and similarly Aries people act in the moment, often in ways nobody expects, and with no fear of future repercussions.

This fearlessness and bravery, the purest kind of earnest confidence, draws lots of admirers to Aries, not to mentioning opening a lot of doors.

Those that remain locked even in this warmth, however, instead get burned clean away by the intensity of the Aries flame. Taking no for an answer isn’t something that comes naturally to Aries people – where there’s a will, there is most definitely a way.

5) The Aries star sign has a lucky colour – red

Leave the russet rusty darker reds and brooding maroons to Scorpio. For Aries people, ever keen to be noticed, a vibrant scarlet red is a wonderfully lucky colour.

If you know an Aries individual, even if they don’t adhere to what astrology teaches, you’ll likely find that they either wear red a lot or seem to surround themselves in that colour in some way, often without consciously meaning to.

Of course, the way that red is a symbol for Aries is pretty apparent just by thinking about what the colour symbolises.

Passion, energy, excitement, even a hint of danger, as well as fire, the element of the Aries star sign – all these things are what we think of when seeing red.

As is always the way with the zodiac though, you can find even deeper meaning if you look further beneath the surface.

Red is the colour of blood, meaning not only family ties, but the very essence of life and what makes us human.

Many astrologists conform to the idea that the twelve signs of the zodiac are different stages of the development of the soul.

Aries people are the first zodiac sign, and if you’ve ever noticed an almost childlike zeal about them, it’s because this makes them the ‘youngest’ sign to many astrology experts.

Therefore, seeing red and blood as the spiritual essence of life itself can help towards understanding an Aries and how they relate to the world.

To them, the world is new and exciting, full of interesting opportunities and intriguing things to get curious and passionate about. And like the young, red Aries folks are imbued with boundless energy to pursue those goals and projects.

The Aries symbol teaches us that these straightforward folks have hidden depths

At first glance, Aries people can seem to be all about showmanship, sportsmanship and one-upmanship.

Their lives are lived in the fast lane, often seeing them hurtle from one exciting project to the next with nary a pause for breath.

Dig a little deeper in what the symbol of Aries is and what it means, however, and you’ll find that there’s some surprisingly spiritual depth to these people.

They may blaze a trail of their ruling element, fire, and they may identify with life as though they’re heroes of a war campaign, thanks to their ruler, Mars – but Aries symbolism shows us that they are so much more.

Protective and warm, Aries people grow intensely attached to their nearest and dearest, and won’t hesitate in defending them from bitter enemies or life’s injustices.

Likewise, as partners they prove tender and nurturing, although prone to putting themselves first without thinking or realising – a loving guiding hand can do wonders to steer this the right way though.

Independence is keenly important for Aries people, who believe that the only way to reach fulfilment in this lifetime is to experience, taste, sense and feel life to its fullest.

Courage and confidence are natural gifts the universe gives to Aries people, but they don’t respond well to being told what to do, where to go or who to spend their time with.

Letting them run free gives them the greatest chance to be themselves, but also the biggest chance to run off into trouble – always without meaning to, of course.

As with so many aspects of astrology, balance is the key. Give the Aries in your life the freedom they desire is very loving, but so is being there for them to help prise the ram horns out the farmyard gate if they charge a little too hard in the wrong direction.

10 replies on “Learn 5 Facts About Aries Signs and Symbols in This SPECIAL Review”

Donni DiLorenzo said on

Sheep may be docile, non aggressive animals, not so much with rams. Rams can be very aggressive and have been known to cause serious injury and death to people. The novel is named, “Silence of the Lambs” not “Silence of the Rams”. Stop hating on the awesome Aries.

    Great feedback Donni :)

    Imelda Green said on

    That really made me smile Donni :)

    she aint hating everything she said is spot on ….from my sisters to the men I dated , that are Aries. the fuel that inspires them is to be better than the next person and doing so they become very cocky and do not give credit where it is due. Im a Gemini if I think it I can do it rather it can be anything we are the talented ones, and I inspire the Aries that I I know. but they do not like to be second and will try to steal the lime light when its not meant for them . When its your time its cool but let someone else get some attention now and again its ok…We not even going to talk about if they don’t get there way you are absolutely right aries are not timid sheep.. they are angry rams that are very insecure deep down that try to exude confidence. just what I have seen for myself its no shade to Aries we have a lot of fun together and im feel literally attached to them almost like I can feel them. crazy but that’s another topic

Just another cookbook astrologist.

I have to agree with Donnie. I am from Montana and have seen Rams in their natural setting. They are very aggressive and have a high sex drive. They establish Dominance and hierarchy. Domestic sheep are completely different. Just like a pig if it escapes the farm setting they grow tusks and long hair and then are considered a boar. They become very aggressive.
A castrated male is a sheep. A un mature sheep is a lamb. Just to clarify. An Aries is a Ram not a castrated male sheep. Definetly not a lamb.

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