8 Ways to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love With You

8 Ways to Make an Aries Man Fall in Love With You

Seducing the Aries Man

Larger than life, athletic in his own way and handsome if only for his sheer force of will, the Aries man is a lively and exciting potential partner.

He takes life head on, and makes his way through it on his terms, meaning that some seeking to seduce him find him too hot to handle.

Luckily, that doesn’t have to be you. Here are 8 ways to make an Aries man fall in love with you – tips and tricks to get him interested and keep him chasing you.

1. How to get an Aries man to chase you – spontaneity

Aries is ruled by Mars, and this gives your Aries man a kind of warrior dynamic.

While it’s safe to say he can see his life as a general sees a war map, planning out his movements in advance, the truth is that he relies on that warrior’s blood to make fast, white hot decisions.

People who can’t keep up with the Aries man are swiftly forgotten – not through malice, but just because he simply doesn’t have the patience to take life slow.

Aries makes his choices in the moment, and he’ll take action as soon as he’s convinced he’s right… which is most of the time.

When you’re making an Aries man fall in love with you, remember that he won’t have any patience for sluggishness and overthinking life’s big and small decisions alike.

Live in the moment, leaping into everything with abandon, and you’ll mesh beautifully with his outlook.

He’ll take your hand and lead you on some wild rides. Dates will be spontaneous things, going bowling one second and taking dance classes the next, followed by a candlelit dinner – all decided on the fly.

So when your Aries man shakes you awake early one morning and decides it’s time to take a weekend in France, tell him you’re good to pack rather than questioning the why and how. He’ll handle that.

2. Capture an Aries man’s heart with your passion

Aries man runs hot from dawn until dusk, never slowing down and barely pausing for breath between one activity and the next.

He doesn’t have time for wishy-washy behaviour or those in life who see everything as a bunch of hurdles rather than a range of mountains for him to conquer.

If you’re wondering what to expect when dating an Aries man, just keep one word in mind. Passion.

The spontaneous outlook already discussed is just as likely to be part of matters of the heart when you’re in love with an Aries man.

He will kiss you out of nowhere, sneak you off to secret places and burn with keenly expressed affection that sometimes seems to froth up out of the blue.

Respond warmly to these sudden advances, and you’ll have his respect. Blaze back with your own passion, be that play fighting or matching his amorous advances blow for blow like the battle he craves, and you’ve unlocked the secret to making an Aries man love you.

3. Signs an Aries man is falling in love with you – he’s proactive

When your Aries man wants something, he’s pretty much impossible to stop.

The zodiac characterises an Aries as an individual who, much like his symbolic ram, charges at whatever opposes him headfirst.

Luckily, that means that when he’s into you, you’re going to find it pretty difficult to ignore. You’ll wake up to his text messages, have his voicemails lingering on your phone and have likes and loves aplenty on your social media from him.

Yet he never feels overwhelming – simply full on and full of passion. Capturing an Aries man’s heart can feel easy in this way, as long as you keep his interest.

Talking of which, if he’s not seeming proactive and interested in you, don’t panic. The biggest secret of all is that an Aries man loves women who avoid game playing and delicate subtlety.

Be proactive yourself, as scary as laying it on the line may be, and you’ll have discovered how to flirt with an Aries man.

He’ll be intrigued by how forward you are, and before you can even plan the next step of this delicious little game, he’ll already be charging towards you. Be ready!

4. Let Aries man roam free – avoid clinginess

Your Aries man, as already discussed, is the warrior spirit incarnate. Imagine him like a hero in a classic film – always on the move, never staying still, always with a witty word and a bold move.

As you might imagine, he, therefore, doesn’t take well to life’s limitations. Imagine that same movie hero locked in a dungeon. The movie will waste no time in watching him escape and run away to freedom, and it’s the same for suffocating relationships.

Dating an Aries man means giving him the trust to roam free. He wants a partner, definitely, and someone loyal to come home to, to nurture and to protect.

But likewise, he expects, even demands, the right to still be his own person and do his own thing without interference.

This means he’ll keep his nights out with the boys, his big sporting stadium events or his occasional downtime nights flying solo. Of all the Aries boyfriend traits, it’s this individualism you should keep in mind the most.

Keep in touch, but don’t smother him, and you’ll find he’s reaching out more often than not of his own accord.

That’s because you’ve given him the freedom to choose, and he’s chosen you. It’s one of the biggest ways how to know when an Aries man loves you.

5. Seduce an Aries man with your ambition

An Aries man is massively troubled by the idea of life standing still. He’s a go-getter, and always wants to build on his hard-won empire with conquest after conquest.

When you’re dating an Aries man, it won’t take more than a few dates to find out that he’s got a huge ambition or two he’s working on.

It could be a career goal, a creative ambition, a sporting plan or even a strategy for making his life go his way.

Your Aries man is ambitious and expects to get what he wants. If life tries to stop him charging at something, he just bounces back briefly, then charges harder and faster.

However, as much as he obsesses over progress in his own life, he’s drawn to the same in those close to him.

If you’re wondering how to impress an Aries man, think about your own goals and ambitions, and bring them into play in your conversations.

You’ll see him light up as you discuss the novel you’re writing, the project you’ve been left in charge of, or the raise you just scored at work.

Achievement, ambition and accomplishment are more enticing to an Aries man than even he consciously realises. Once he realises you’re one of life’s fighters, he’ll be very intrigued by you.

6. The secret to an Aries man’s heart – stand your ground

Throughout our overview of your Aries man, there’s been plenty of talk about his ambition, his drive and his adventurous ways.

You’ll find, when dating an Aries man, that he’ll often dash off into new things without a moment’s thought. More than that, if his motives are questioned, he’ll seem to pluck a perfectly logical explanation simply out of the air.

Often, you’ll have the foresight to understand that the path he’s dashing off on isn’t quite as smart as he thinks it is.

Maybe he shouldn’t demand his boss promote him, go off and yell at the driver who cut him off at the last junction, or throw his savings behind an investment too good to be true.

Impulse buys, big nights out leading to big hangovers and other in the moment decisions make the life of your Aries man a constant race.

Yet the big secret to keeping an Aries man interested is to know when to stand up to him. It doesn’t have to be a blazing argument – in fact, it’s always best not to – but the Aries man needs some perspective sometimes.

While you now already know not to contain him, an Aries man is still smart, and if offered a decent perspective on why what he’s doing might not be wise, he’ll back down.

This will save him tons of trouble in the longer run, and keeps him out of mischief. Better still, the big secret way to an Aries man’s heart is won this way.

He may never admit it, but he needs a guiding light in life sometimes, someone who will stand their ground against his insistence he’s right and steer his formidable spirit down a more correct path.

7. Keep Aries man interested – be busy

Lazy people genuinely make no sense to your Aries man. To him, every dawn is a new opportunity to go out and seize the day.

There is always something to overcome and accomplish, and with his boundless energy, he seems to need very little rest to keep going.

In a similar way to the advice you’ve taken on board about avoiding clinginess, you can make an Aries man love you even more if you keep your own life busy.

Classes, your work life, your friendship circle and travel – whatever makes you happy, you have his support in doing.

This is a wonderful thing in and of itself, but it has another purpose. Seeing so much activity in your life ignites a spark in the Aries man’s heart – he will light up at knowing he’s found a kindred spirit in you.

Better still, you being busy will seem as a challenge to him, even at the subconscious level.

An Aries man loves to beat a challenge, so he’ll see getting your attention as a game he means to win. What better way could there be to get an Aries man to chase you?

8. Find your Aries man soulmate – over dinner!

Your Aries man keeps his inner fire burning bright with a big appetite. The old phrase of finding your way to his heart through his stomach is never more true than it is here.

While a Taurus man has a similarly big appetite, he eats to indulge and take pleasure in dining. To an Aries man, food is the fuel that ignites his inner furnace and keeps him achieving what he wants.

If you’ve a signature dish, get him hooked on it as soon as you have the opportunity. Likewise, don’t be surprised if your Aries man is a foodie himself.

He’ll love the chance to cook for you, although deep down you’ll both know it’s a great excuse for him to show off too.

If you’re hopeless in the kitchen though, don’t worry. Show your Aries man your favourite restaurant or diner.

The food itself needn’t matter – connecting over the meal is how the Aries man gives you his heart and bares his soul.

There’s something primal about food to an Aries man, like the warrior returning to the village to feast after the dragon is slain. It’s his rare moment of downtime – and your chance to get closer to him.

In short – be passionate and spontaneous

Excitement is everything to an Aries man. He has no time for lazy, distant and overthinking types. To capture an Aries man’s heart, think more like a warrior than a worrier.

Good food and big life experiences are bound to appeal to him, and he’ll expect to take things fast.

Whirlwind romances suit the Aries man just fine, so go at his pace, but also feel confident that he’ll go in stride with you if you stand your ground smartly with him.

Match his spontaneous ways, give him his freedom to go duel life’s villains, and give him a warm embrace when he’s back home, and you’ll keep him interested long term.

You’ll find the tender heart beneath his brash burning exterior – and you’ll have a loyal Aries man for keeps.

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The Aries sign ISNT a pair or scales. Its the ram! I’m an Aries woman and right when I read that, I seriously questioned the validity of the entire message here… Um….wtf

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Yeeaaa.. Aries is the ram. And it wasn’t just a typo. You built a whole flawed argument around Aries’ symbol being scales… and it’s not.

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