Aries: 4 Techniques You Can Use Today To Stop Being So Angry

Aries: 4 Techniques You Can Use Today To Stop Being So Angry


The interesting thing about the emotion of anger is that you are the only victim, seriously.

When you are very angry at somebody, all of that emotional heat and energy is not touching them. It only burns you up. It is like trying to harm somebody by setting your hand on fire.

It does not make any sense.

Unfortunately, people engage in some sort of emotional Voodoo and anger is the prime example of this. Anger is a form of emotional Voodoo because, in Voodoo, you stick needles into a doll that represents a human being.

By sticking the pins into the doll, you are transferring energy to the human being. Of course, it does not work that way. Voodoo is not real.

By the same logic, punishing yourself with a high degree of anger that can lead to heart disease and other health issues is not going to harm the person who is the object of your anger.

Aries people can get quite angry. It is easy to see why because Aries people like to rush into a situation and, in many cases, they look like a fool.

They try to fake it until they make it and, 9 times out of 10, they fall flat on their face.

However, instead of blaming themselves for rushing into a situation without a clue, they are busy looking for people to blame. They point the finger at others which then leads to a lot of misplaced anger and unnecessary drama.

If you are an Aries and you want to stop being so angry all of the time, here are 4 techniques that you can try.

– Realize that, in the end, your beef does not matter

All human beings, from Bill gates to a factory worker or a janitor at your school, have something in common.

We are all going to die.

That is all that we have in common. It does not matter how rich or tall you are, nor does it matter what you look like or believe in. We are all going to die.

That is the great equalizer. We are all going to turn into one food eventually.

I mentioned this universal truth because if you are stewing in anger right now, you might think that your personal drama with somebody is so big, profound, and all consuming that it is the only thing that is real in the world.

Well, you need to get over that because, in the end, the only thing that is real is death. That is the only thing that is real.

All human beings, everybody around you, and all of the people you will ever meet are all going to die.

If you look at that universal truth, then everything else pales in comparison.

In the end, whatever beef and personal drama you have simply does not matter. Gain inner peace from this truth.

– Visualize how much happier you will be if you are calm.

Another approach to dealing with anger is visualization.

I know that it is very hard right now to imagine yourself in a different emotional state. However, if you want to let go of all that anger, visualize yourself calm, collected, and at peace.

What do you detect? What do you feel when you are in that state?

Chances are you will feel happy, content, and fulfilled.

Contentment, fulfillment, and personal happiness come from a deep and profound sense of inner calm.

Calm, of course, is the exact opposite of anger. You cannot have both.

So, if you want to be happier, more fulfilled, and be able to live your life to its fullest potential, you need to connect with this sense of inner calm.

The first step to this is visualization. If you can visualize yourself feeling calm, then you can start realizing that emotional state.

 – Understand that your anger does not hurt people who you are mad at

As I have mentioned earlier, being angry at somebody is like holding fire in your hand and expecting it to burn the other person.

Similarly, it is like holding a Voodoo doll and sticking pins in it and hoping that the other person feels the pins.

It does not make any sense and there is no distinct logical connection between what you are doing and how you are feeling.

If you understand this logic, then you can get the fact that your anger does not hurt the people who you are mad at. If you are not affecting them, then what is the point of you staying angry?

You are only hurting yourself, increasing your blood pressure, and positioning yourself for all sorts of potential health issues.

Let go of that anger because it is useless and it is not doing what it is supposed to do, which is to hurt the person who you are angry at.

– Realize that your anger poisons everything about you

When you are an angry person, you might think that your anger is solely focused on that one person in your life and that you have everything in control because all that negative energy is just pointing at somebody who is not in your inner circle.

This is a fatal mistake, seriously.

Because if you are really angry at somebody, it cannot help but poison everything about you.

You become more negative, your temper becomes shorter, and you become less pleasant to be around with. You would be surprised as to how your anger can make you a more toxic person.

Do yourself a favor and let go of that anger, those past hurts, and forget about the gripes that you had in the past.

Leave things in the past. You would be much happier for it.

Always remember that anger doesn’t make you strong. In fact, it achieves the very opposite: it robs you of your inner strength.

When a certain portion of your personal psychic and spiritual energy are siphon off by highly negative and energy-intensive emotions like anger, you feel spent.

You feel less imaginative. You don’t have as much inner resources to truly make a difference each and every day.

Imagine tapping into all that wasted energy if you were able to control your anger?


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