Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries Traits

Mercury in Aries informs how you communicate to the world. Your Sign is fiery, to begin with. You think fast and act accordingly. While others may deem you too hasty, you are always compelled to move right away.

When you see something that needs to be done, you are one of the first to step up. While not a perfectionist like the Virgo, you get the job done with what you have on hand.

You are a hard person to slow down, Aries. Mercury in your Sign only adds to your sense of urgency.

Mercury in Aries will rule your temperament. You can use mindful meditation to soften your demeanor, but still may come across as rushed, to many people.

Be aware that what seems like quick chatting to you may seem like dismissive behavior to others. You may have a worse reputation for your current communication style than you deserve.

In your search for love and fulfillment, Mercury will keep you motivated to communicate more clearly, Aries.

You are an innately energetic person, but Mercury directs your energy to more productive interactions with those close to you.

Mercury is associated with your true character, and will strongly emphasize the characteristics of your Sign, especially how you process and share information with others.

Mercury in Aries Women

Mercury in an Aries Woman shows through in her no-nonsense persona. This woman is vocal in her home, workplace, and community.

You have no problem speaking up if you are being hurt. Your casual tone and quick pace might intimidate people—even those closest to you.

Mercury’s influence over the Arian Woman will see her through confrontation. Aries is a Fire sign and is no stranger to battle.

Mercury backs up Aries on the fields of war. In the search for love and fulfillment, there is no obstacle Mercury and Aries cannot combine to overcome.

Usually family matriarchs, and higher-ups in business, Aries Women carry an air of leadership.

Traditional gender roles have not been kind to the Aries Woman, but Mercury is with you, and willing to help you blaze the trail of equality. You are a true pioneer, and Mercury wants to spread your ideas like wildfire.

Mercury in your Sign, Aries, will broaden your outlook on your own potential. You will find new and healthier way of expressing your feelings to others.

If you feel you have put your foot in your mouth, use that same mouth to swiftly issue an apology.

You can be childish, impatient, and aggressive—all traits that can become productive if only one willingly reflects on past experiences.

We all make mistakes, but you can often smooth these over verbally. Mercury is backing you; helping you to break down communication barriers.

It is essential to your love life and personal fulfillment that you learn how to successfully connect with those around you.

Mercury in Aries Men

In Aries Men, Mercury brings out almost militaristic-type leadership qualities. These men are serious, and not fans of frivolity.

These authoritative men can sound like drill sergeants, by accident, with their short and imperative statements and demands. Mercury stimulates this type of Spartan-inspired efficiency.

The Hasty action sometimes brings trouble to Mercury in Aries. While speed gets him what he wants a lot of the time, there are also drawbacks.

Men with Aries in their sign risk sounding less invested in people than they really are, due to the nature of your communication. Their shorthand with others might not translate as well as you think.

Mercury in Aries is not a soft, compassionate, or feminine influence. Men with Mercury in their Sign might come across as overly aggressive.

These men would benefit from having more female friends and Gemini friends.

They would also benefit from reflection on their personal communication skills, especially when Mercury in Aries is in Retrograde.

Intelligent and optimistic, Arian Men jump head-first into problem-solving. While great in light conversations, these men often reserve deep conversations for only those in his innermost circle.

These men are sensitive—they are amazingly deft critics, but do not take criticism well, themselves. Mercury in Aries sometimes uses honesty as a weapon; if you hurt him, he will cut you down with his words.

Mercury and Aries in Love

To avoid confusion and frustration on both sides, you and your love interest should keep an eye on Mercury’s movements.

Try to recognize when Mercury, especially in Aries, is moving as usual or in Retrograde. Retrograde is like slow motion for your hopes.

For example, your Aries nature may have you bursting at the seams to proclaim your love to someone.

However, if Mercury is in Retrograde at the time, you will feel roadblocks on your chosen path. Mercury in Retrograde happens only four times this year. Most people feel a sluggish influence during these times.

Aries, you move from project to project, sometimes without notice. From one love interest to another, with no alone time in between.

Mercury’s stamina will come in handy for you. However, Mercury in Retrograde could put you back at a stand-still, and you do not handle this type of stress as well as some other Signs.

When Mercury’s momentum changes, you feel the rug has been pulled out from under you. In love, you must understand that plans sometimes fall through.

Your reaction to these events, coupled with the reaction of your partner, will ultimately determine how happy you can remain, together.

Overall, Mercury increases your chances of finding love and fulfillment. Mercury in Aries will help you state your desires.

Even if you sound short, your partner will respect and appreciate the effort on your part. Arians tend to speak before they think, so sometimes short and sweet is best.

Dates for Mercury in Aries

Mercury enters Aries on March 13th. April 9th sees Mercury go Retrograde, and Mercury Retrograde enters Aries on April 20th. August 12th finds Mercury back in Retrograde.

Mercury will be in Retrograde 4 times in 2017. These periods include January 1st-9th, April 9th-May 3rd, August 13th-September 5th, and December 3rd-23rd.

These times should all be used as times of reflection, planning, and personal preparations for the year ahead.

As Mercury enters your sign, on March 13th, try to visualize yourself harnessing all that energy and using it to help you communicate.

For important upcoming speaking engagements or parties, you can prepare note cards and practice at home. Mercury is cheering you on.

When Mercury is in Retrograde, especially in your Sign, on April 19th and 20th, you should use the time for personal reflection.

Prepare mentally for this time feeling sluggish, and less productive than normal. Plan to use your spare time, during Retrogrades, to mentally address the problems that you have had on a back burner for a while.

5 Little Known Facts About Mercury in Aries

With Mercury in Aries, you will often find that it can be linked to a number of positive changes in your life that will allow you to just move forward with so many different things.

However, we need to study several facts surrounding this combination to then give you the opportunity to better understand the way in which it can affect you.

1. You get the job done.

Mercury in Aries is going to result in you become more capable of getting the job done than before, and that has to be a major positive thing for you.

There is no real sense of you hanging around and just thinking that something will happen because you take action rather than sitting back and hoping that things will just come to you on their own.

You realise that this will not happen, and the only person in control is you.

2. You find it hard to slow down.

One potential issue is that you already find it difficult to slow down, and Mercury is only going to make matters worse with all of this.

Thankfully, you are not a perfectionist or that would frustrate you like nothing else in life, but you are also able to see the path that you need to go along, but you will then try to run before you can even walk. It will also often be pointless for others to try to slow you down as it will often be a lost cause.

3. You can come across as being somewhat dismissive.

Thanks to this sense of urgency that permeates you, it can sometimes come across as you being rather dismissive of people, and who wants to be like that?

However, this is more likely to happen with strangers as those closest to you will just know that this is what you are like with them being more willing to just accept it.

4. You have a no-nonsense approach to life.

Women with this combination will often adopt a no-nonsense approach to their life, and they are not afraid of letting others know that this is the case.

In fact, they will be quite proud of pushing forward this fact as they are so set in their ways that there is a sense of not caring as to what others think.

5. You can be authoritative.

Men with this combination can come across as if they are in the army at times with a need to be rather authoritative in style.

This can certainly turn some people against them, but they are less concerned about that than what others may be.

Ultimately, this does bring out a rather serious side to Aries, which is something that they do already have even though it just means it is taken up to a whole new level.

You can become a force to be reckoned with, but then just be aware that there is the potential for it to become your undoing if you are not careful.

Final Thoughts

Mercury fuels your search for love and fulfillment in a powerful way, Aries. You gladly take initiative and refuse to give up on your goals.

You are a powerful lovemaking force, a great business person, and a fiery friend to those who know you best. Mercury reveals your ambitious temperament, and the right partner will soon see it.

As when the New Moon leaves us in the dark, a similar feeling can loom over you while Mercury is in Retrograde.

Remind yourself that this Ruling planet of communication will be back on schedule, soon. Take comfort in the fact that even celestial disruptions can be predictable.

Once you plan to deal with disruptions, you can fully admire all that Mercury has set on your agenda, Aries.

Let Mercury warm your heart to the idea of long-term commitment. Cozy up to the idea of sharing your world with your partner.

Take note of any misgivings, especially if they come to mind at times when Mercury is in Retrograde. Seek healthy solutions.

A Question for You, Dear Aries:

Aries, can you agree to disagree with loved ones, or do you always need to have the last word?

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