The Eleventh House in Astrology

The Eleventh House in Astrology

The Eleventh House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Eleventh House is most intimately tied to your hopes and dreams. Your friendships are ruled by this house, as are your goals and ambitions, any personally meaningful groups or organizations to which you belong, and your overall sense of satisfaction with your life. It indicates the people and the ideas to which you are most drawn, and is a strong indicator of where you will look in life when you are looking for happiness.

The Eleventh House in Aries

Friends are extremely important to Aries, especially when Gemini also plays a strong role in your chart. You are very sociable, and get along well with people, instantly drawing them in and engaging their interest. You can easily jump from one social group to another, managing the interests of all of them, and building up an impenetrable wall of friendly faces around yourself. You thrive on the admiration of others, and can be something of a show-off, but always in a well-meaning way. However, you don’t have a lot of patience for drama, and quickly jump ship if you can sense things getting tense around you.

The Eleventh House in Taurus

Taurus can be a sign that’s driven by money, and often, the majority of your goals are tied to your financial success. This isn’t a bad thing, of course! Money is important, and can give you a lot of freedom and comfort. But if it’s the only thing that matters to you, then you may have a problem. Even an accountant or financial planner has to have interests besides money! Friends who tend towards the more creative side of luxury can be a great influence on you – they share your aesthetic tastes without the materialism that you find so hard to give up on.

The Eleventh House in Gemini

You make friends quickly, with your winning personality and magnetic way of carrying yourself. Your inner childishness also makes you a great friend for younger people, who you can mentor and encourage without feeling like you’re either patronizing them or wasting your time. Your sense of humour is one of your best characteristics, and making people laugh is a sure-fire way to really get them to enjoy your presence. Using your group of friends to further your goals rarely occurs to you – for you, having a great group of friends is a goal in and of itself.

The Eleventh House in Cancer

One of your main goals is security – security in your relationships, your finances, and yourself. You fear being in a situation where that security is taken away, so you are careful to do everything you can to set safeguards in place. This is the house of the mom who lived through the Great Depression, and made cakes with snow and raisins for decades afterwards. You find it difficult to form new social relationships because of your shy and self-effacing nature, but you cling passionately to those you have. You have strong intuitive feelings about people, which are usually worth trusting.

The Eleventh House in Leo

Your friendly, outgoing nature makes you the life of the party, as well as a natural mediator and peacekeeper. Friends are always coming to you to help solve disputes, and, like King Solomon, you have a creative and humorous way to get them to see the truth. You want very much to be liked, and sometimes tip over into show-off or suck-up territory in your attempts to reach this goal. However, this is relatively rare, because you have such a strong sense of good will and genuinely want to make other people happy. You celebrate every person’s success like it’s your own.

The Eleventh House in Virgo

You reach your goals through hard work, not through passion. The process of goal-setting for you is practical, not inspirational, and you always have solid, dispassionate, and logical reasons for going after whatever it is that you want. One thing you are passionate about is helping those in trouble – you’re a sucker for an underdog story, and will fight tooth and nail to help anyone who you see being treated unfairly. You also have a love for animals, appreciating their loyalty and unassuming nature. You can sometimes have an inferiority complex, and having a pet who loves you unconditionally can be a great help with that.

The Eleventh House in Libra

You have a circle of friends who you dearly love, and your favourite of which you probably married. If Venus is not strong in your chart, you might be too open to new friends, and would do well to be a little more discerning about who you decide you love. You can be indecisive, in part because you want to help everyone around you and have trouble juggling all of those needs. It is important that you practice clearly defining SMART goals (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, time-based) to give yourself enough structure to actually achieve them.

The Eleventh House in Scorpio

This house does not always sit well with the self-motivated, self-enclosed scorpion. You’re not very outgoing, and tend to have trouble making friends, preferring to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. You need to practice tolerance of the flaws of others in order to feel more comfortable with them. Scorpio has a great, biting sense of humour, so take advantage of that humour to find common ground with your peers.

The Eleventh House in Sagittarius

You are instantly well-liked and a natural leader, doing well in situations where you need to make totals strangers feel like they’ve always been your best friend. You make people feel instantly at ease, and command the attention of a room very well. For these reasons, you have no difficulty making your goals into realities, but sometimes you have a little trouble deciding what the first steps towards your goals should be, because you’re so bursting with new and great ideas (spurred on by your creative circle of friends).

The Eleventh House in Capricorn

You are very selective in whom you call a friend. You’re a bit suspicious, and definitely tentative about letting people see the real you, because you’ve worked very hard to cultivate a public image that’s curated to perfection, and there are ways in which it doesn’t represent reality at all. It’s okay, people will understand – everyone has a public face and a private face. You don’t like crowds, preferring the intellectual stimulation of a one-on-one conversation. You are willing to work very hard for your goals, and it’s rare for you to set one that you don’t reach.

The Eleventh House in Aquarius

If Aquarius appears in your Eleventh House, it’s an indication of a wide and diverse circle of friends. Some, who you will be immediately drawn to, are fiery and ambitious, and appreciate both your idealism and your drive. Another group are free spirits, whose sense of personal liberation you admire, and who you probably met under surprising or unexpected circumstances. As wide as your circle gets, you have absolute faith in everyone whom you choose to call a friend, because you so strongly value solidarity and have such faith in your fellow members of the human race.

The Eleventh House in Pisces

You are deeply loyal to your friends, and love each and every one with the devotion of a parent or a partner. You give your whole self to every friendship, and ask for nothing in return. You are even willing to make sweeping sacrifices for others, no matter what the cost to yourself. Your friends, to their credit, don’t take advantage of this – they are very conscious of your sincerity and it inspires them to be better people themselves. Love and true friendship are your inner resources and your source of strength. They are what carries you through even the most difficult of times.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

Pluto is a natural leader, and you can sometimes be drawn towards having friends who follow your lead. Make sure to have at least a couple people (who you respect) who challenge you regularly – this is the way towards a healthy balance of ego and humility. Be very discriminating when you choose your friends – people who see your power might try to latch onto it to share in your glory, or you might run into people who simply cause too much friction to bear. You don’t have to be friends with everyone, just don’t cut off people just because you disagree with them.

The Sun in the Eleventh House

When the Sun appears in the Eleventh House, it blends the two main things that the Eleventh House rules – goals, and friendships – and indicates that this person’s goals will be achieved through their friends. Remember that “no man is an island” and resist the urge to try to do everything yourself – it is crucial that you learn how to build ties with other people that are both emotionally fulfilling and pragmatically useful if you want a successful future. Your desire to be recognized as a star cannot be allowed to overcome the importance of social ties.

The Moon in the Eleventh House

Your sensitive personality makes you a very good friend, and draws people to you quickly. Beware of becoming superficial or allowing anyone who has any pleasing quality into your group of friends, or you risk spreading yourself too thin or even opening yourself up to toxic influences from others. The significant presence of Neptune in your chart can be a warning sign of friends who will try to remove you from reality in order to manipulate you. However, this does not mean you should become suspicious – simply be conscious of the type of people you’re surrounding yourself with, and don’t allow your natural friendliness to get in the way of conscientious judgement.

Saturn in the Eleventh House

Saturn often indicates challenges (sorry!) but ones that can be overcome with patience and hard work. Nothing will be handed to you – youhave to know what you want and go after it with dedication. When you achieve your goals, they will be more incredible than you could possibly imagine. You are cordial to those around you, but friendships aren’t your top priority, and you probably only have two or three people that you consider genuine friends. Perhaps you fear that friends will suck away energy that you need to achieve your goals. But by surrounding yourself with people who have the same thirst for success you do, you can actually encourage each other and make the climb faster and more pleasurable.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

You are quick to change goals and focus when you get bored with trying to reach one and decide that the grass is greener on the other side. There’s nothing wrong with this; give yourself plenty of time before feeling like you need to settle into one specific path. You have one group of friends that are very goal-oriented, among whom you are the token free spirit, and another group that live life wildly and freely, among whom you tend to be the more serious one.

Mars in the Eleventh House

You have no shortage of energy when it’s time to achieve your goals. Nothing matters as much to you as making your visions into reality. If you’re open about this, it’s great, but if you’re keeping these goals at least partially secret, then you often appear to be standoffish or hiding something, since it’s so obvious you’re preoccupied. You also have a bad habit of using other people to reach your goals without actually consulting them about it, which is a shame, because most of them probably would have been willing to help you if you’d just asked. Pride is a point of weakness for you, and asking for help is a challenge, but you’d burn a lot fewer bridges if you practiced it instead of plowing ahead with your eyes straight forward.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

You attract friendship and even devotion with ease. Jupiter is a planet associated with great happiness and good luck, and people seem to feel the positive energy radiating off of you, and flock to you as a result. You love having a full social life, and pack your calendar full of exciting events, parties, galas, and fundraisers. You are at a degree of risk of extravagance, and at times, you can be a little too positive about the goodwill of others, and get yourself into trouble if you assume that everyone’s intentions are pure.

Venus in the Eleventh House

You are very good at finding friends who share your personal goals, which leads to very harmonious and effective seeking after those goals. You also like to be friends with people for a long time before considering them as romantic partners – to you, a friend is as good as a lover, and a lover who is also a friend is the best of all. You have an intellectual side, and want someone who can challenge you, rather than just agreeing with everything you have to say. With your friends at your side, you can achieve anything.

Mercury in the Eleventh House

It is traditionally said that those with Mercury in the Eleventh House will make friends with people who are younger to them, because they are drawn to the exuberance and confidence that children and youths exude. However, having a group of young friends can pull you into what feels like a replay of high-school drama! Mercury rules the mouth and voice – beware of malicious gossip among your friends, and when it appears, bring it into the open rather than keeping it hidden or passing it along in a whisper. Disharmony needs to be exposed in order to be dealt with.

Neptune in the Eleventh House

Because of your trusting (some might say gullible?) personality, you are seriously at risk for friends who will use and abuse you. By all means, cast your net wide, and make friends with lots of different types, but don’t let yourself be suckered in by people who don’t have your best interests at heart. Find true friends who don’t ask that you sacrifice yourself for them, and who are willing to pay back everything you do on their behalf. You tend to be self-sacrificing, so this may feel strange at first, but it’s a much better and healthier way of going about life.

Final Thoughts

The fact that goals and friendships are both ruled by the Eleventh House might seem strange – what do those have to do with each other? But remember the saying, “you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.” No matter what your sign, your friends are crucial to your journey for success. Are your friends helping you on the path to your goals? Like and share this post with them so you find ways to be part of each others’ life paths.

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