The Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House in Astrology

The Seventh House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Seventh House is called the “Descendent” in astrology, and it represents our relationships with others. Only through our relationships with people who complement our personalities can we be truly complete and live life to the fullest. The Seventh House represents the complementary relationships between ourselves and others, and the influences that others have on us, as well as the influences we have on others. By understanding the Seventh House, we learn how to “complete ourselves.”

The Seventh House in Aries

Aries is driven by aggression, and to complete yourself, you must learn how to accept and harness that for good rather than letting it be a barrier that you throw up between yourselves and others. Even your closest relationships tend to have an element of good-natured bickering and passionate debate. This is not a bad thing, as long as everyone involved is on the same page about it. You wouldn’t want to think that you’re having a friendly argument with someone, and then realize that they think you actually hate them.

The Seventh House in Taurus

If Taurus appears in your Seventh House, you need to come to terms with your steady, single-minded way of getting things done. You don’t like rushing through things, believing instead that “slow and steady wins the race.” This has brought you to your goals very successfully, but some people might not be thinking along those lines, and see you as stubborn and unimaginative. You need to clarify to them how your behaviour helps you achieve your goals, and any goals that they might place on you. Your calm demeanor might actually influence them to take their time and do things right rather than rushing through every task that appears before them.

The Seventh House in Gemini

Gemini is a tricky sign – on the one hand, you’re very intellectual and a natural problem-solver, but on the other, you can be totally scatterbrained and really difficult for others to get a handle on. This can make you very tiring to be around, especially for extended periods of time, when you jump back and forth from one way of thinking to another, over and over. People can sometimes find you exhausting, because you leap from one idea to another, in a way that makes total sense to you, but that you forget to explain to those who don’t have the luxury of being inside your brain.

The Seventh House in Cancer

You can find happiness and a sense of completion when you realize it’s okay to be sensitive. Growing up, you probably got a lot of teasing because you came off as so shy, maybe even a crybaby. Kids suck – now that you’ve grown up, you can own that sensitive side and use it to nurture and relate to the people around you. You often feel insecure, but by recognizing that most functioning adults actually appreciate having a caring person around, you can develop a much stronger sense of self-worth.

The Seventh House in Leo

Self-acceptance has never been a huge problem for Leos – “it’s okay to be myself” has been your mantra for as long as you can remember. What you may struggle with is balancing your genuinely awesome self-actualization with the people around you. If you’re with a lot of similarly big personalities, you’ll probably have no problem, but if you hang out with a group of quieter or more retiring people, you might become an overpowering force. Make sure that, if you are in a group like this, you’re using your energy to support and build up others.

The Seventh House in Virgo

You can have a major influence on the people around you through your helpful, detail-oriented way of thinking. Your skills are ones that were once highly valued, and that the world needs more of today! Your attitudes encourage others to be similarly discerning, and even if, initially, they’re only doing it to escape your sometimes harsh criticism, they will quickly learn the rewards of thinking in this way. Because of this, people with Virgo in their Seventh Houses are natural teachers and instructors.

The Seventh House in Libra

Libras are positive-thinking and sociable souls, and you may not be aware how truly unusual this can be. Because you have such a generous view of others, you may assume that you’re just “average” in terms of how “good” you are – not so! You are far more generous and open-minded than other signs usually are. Libra in the Seventh House is one of the most genuinely kind placements of a sign, and if this is you, it would serve you well to be conscious of when other people are returning your kindness, and when people are taking advantage of it.

The Seventh House in Scorpio

A sign as intense and passionate as Scorpio needs to come to terms with themselves before having any sort of positive interactions with the outside world. This is why so many people with Scorpio in their chart struggled during their youths – they were not comfortable with themselves, and therefore could not be comfortable with their peers. Once you become familiar with both the light and dark qualities within yourself, you will find it much easier to accept those qualities in others.

The Seventh House in Sagittarius

When Sagittarius appears in the Seventh House, it is the sign of the need for a traditional “coming of age journey.” Sagittarius’s desire for travel and adventure often mean that you feel uncomfortable in the setting in which you grew up – it was too restrained, with too many rules for you. In order to become complete, you must leave the milieu of your childhood, and travel to a new place, with new types of people. You need this change in order to know yourself. Only by experiencing the wide diversity of the world will you be able to truly find your tribe.

The Seventh House in Capricorn

Because Capricorns have such high standards for both themselves and others, having Capricorn in the Seventh House indicates that you must accept how unusually high these standards are. This doesn’t mean you need to lower them, but you do need to realize that the people around you may not feel as strongly as you do about them, and that that isn’t necessarily a moral failing on their part. However, you take your relationships seriously, so it’s best not to sink too much energy into people who resent your high standards. You aren’t going to change all of them.

The Seventh House in Aquarius

As much as you love and feel at home in an eccentric, offbeat personality, you sometimes harbour a sneaking suspicion that others might not appreciate your weirdness. It’s fine (and appropriate) to be conscious of other people’s feelings, but when judgemental attitudes run up against your ability to express yourself, you choose self-expression every time. It is possible to politely let people know that you’re not interested in changing your life for them – this is a skill you should cultivate and practice whenever you get those disapproving stares.

The Seventh House in Pisces

Pisces, being a sensitive and imaginative creature, is drawn to other similarly sensitive, imaginative people. In part, this is because you are worried that people who are more down-to-earth will shoot down your ideas. While a partnership between imaginative minds can create some blissful moments, it can also lead you into a self-destructive cycle, because neither of you are able to pull each other down to earth, or even recognize quite how far you’ve drifted. It would serve you well to develop a more practical outlook. You don’t need to be serious all the time, but you do need to be conscious of when you’re far, far away from reality.

Pluto in the Seventh House

Pluto’s independent or even impersonal energy can be a troublesome match for the highly interpersonal Seventh House. If Pluto appears here in your chart, it indicates difficulty in building and maintaining strong, healthy emotional relationships. You may wall yourself off from others, or go too far in the opposite direction and form unhealthy obsessions. You take relationships extremely seriously and can be very intimidating for people who are looking for more casual interactions. It’s best to be open about this in the beginning, and allow people who don’t take things as seriously as you do to back away.

The Sun in the Seventh House

The key phrase for the Sun in the Seventh House is “I relate” – you are both intellectual and empathetic in your relationships with others. You put the needs of others before your own, and quickly allow other people in a relationship to gain the upper hand. If your relationship is with a domineering or un-empathetic personality, this can lead to feelings of being misused, and a lot of resentment down the line. Surround yourself with people whose needs you want to fulfill because they’re important, rather than just to be fulfilling someone’s needs.

The Moon in the Seventh House

You are sensitive and responsive, and seek caring, parental figures in both friendships and relationships. Whether you are extroverted or introverted, a Moon in the Seventh House indicates that you cannot go for long without seeking to build a meaningful partnership. You don’t do well on your own, but you also aren’t very comfortable in crowds. You prefer the stability of a long-term relationship or a close-knit circle of friends. You can be prone to a slightly co-dependent treatment of others, and difficulty being satisfied unless you’re 100% happy with every aspect of your relationship.

Saturn in the Seventh House

Saturns are introverted, introspective types, and not always good at making friends, especially when you need to cooperate with the interests of others instead of following your own. You take the friends you do have very seriously, and put a lot of effort into building and maintaining the relationship, just like you would with any other project. It surprises many people to find out that you are very sensitive because you keep it hidden under a hard and almost impenetrable shell. In your romances, or even in marriage, it can take years for you to open up and show your softer side.

Uranus in the Seventh House

Troubles in relationships come from your extreme sense of independence. You hate to be tied down, and sometimes subconsciously push people away because of that. It’s okay to want your independence, but being independent and being alone doesn’t have to be the same thing: it is possible to find friends and even partners who value that sense of freedom in the same way. You attract partners who feel a similar need for freedom, so you should maintain an open dialogue with them so that neither of you feels like you’re being tied down. It certainly wouldn’t be either of your intentions.

Mars in the Seventh House

Because Mars is such an energetic planet, you’re apt to rush into relationships, and then marriage, sometimes without thinking it all the way through. This can be a good thing (why wait if you’re sure you’ve found the right person?) or a bad thing (because sometimes the person who seems right after a couple months turns out to be all wrong after a couple years). Keep the lines of communication with your partner wide open, voice your frustrations in an even, non-accusatory tone, and don’t be afraid to admit that something isn’t working.

Jupiter in the Seventh House

The sociable good nature of Jupiter leads to many extremely friendly personal and business partnerships. Jupiter is a very lucky planet wherever it appears in the chart, and here, it indicates an abundance of love, and of material benefits coming from relationships. Fun fact: Jupiter’s appearance in the Seventh House correlates to an increased tendency to either marry twice or to marry someone who has been married before, possibly because of your increased energy later in life.

Venus in the Seventh House

Venus, the planet of love, is extremely auspicious in the Seventh House. It represents harmonious relationships all through life, especially if Libra also features in your chart. You are naturally loving and affectionate, and people are immediately drawn to you. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with the love of a wide circle of friends, as well as intimate romances. Interestingly, people with Venus in the Seventh House are also more likely than other signs to choose not to marry, as many of them feel so fulfilled without marital partnerships.

Mercury in the Seventh House

You seek a “marriage of the mind,” looking for a partner who is energetic and intellectual. Because both you and your partner are so quick-witted, you can sometimes experience a lot of arguing, which may appear bitter but is actually good-natured. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page about this (you probably are), and make up for it by treating them to a nice dinner and a mentally stimulating movie.

Neptune in the Seventh House

You dream of finding your one true love, and, like a knight in shining armour, are on a constant quest for it. Like that knight, you will encounter many terrifying obstacles on the way (although the chances of running into a fire-breathing dragon these days are diminished), but you also find great fulfillment in the solitary quest for a perfect partnership. Once that partnership is achieved, you are extremely contented, and willing to pour your entire self into it, making sure it does not dissolve. You are attracted to those who are more earth-bound than you are, which is a good thing because too much Neptune in a household can be a dangerous thing. Having some serious, down-to-earth influence to temper your dreaminess is extremely important, and you subconsciously recognize and seek that.

Final Thoughts

The Seventh House is an important place to look for all interpersonal relationships: romantic, friendly, familial, and pragmatic. By paying attention to the ways in which your own Seventh House signs and planets interact with those around you, you will quickly know what type of people you should focus on building relationships with, and which type you should be cordial to but not invest too much energy in. Everyone needs a bit of every sign in their life, but be careful not to gorge yourself on people whose energies run counter to yours.

Are you surrounding yourself with people who complement your Seventh House energy? If not, how will you bring more of that energy into your life? Like and share this post to help those around you recognize the importance of building a web of complementary energies.

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