The Ninth House in Astrology

The Ninth House in Astrology

The Ninth House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Ninth House represents religion, spirituality, and philosophy. There are many facets to this house – after all, everyone experiences spirituality differently – but it may include visions, intuition, travel (which expands the spiritual horizons), and higher education. Because of the long tradition in the Western world of religion being communicated through writing, this house also rules writing, publishing, and language, as well as all means of interpersonal communication. It is a strong indicator of the types of philosophy that you are likely to find meaningful and helpful in your life.

The Ninth House in Aries

You have an intense and innate faith in life, no matter what hardships might cross in front of you. You sometimes intentionally put yourself in difficult situations, just to prove to yourself that you have the strength to struggle through them. Your spirituality is inward-focused, on the love and power available to all people by drawing either on something within themselves or a greater power who works through us. You’re drawn to fiery and passionate religious leaders, but also being a trailblazer, you aren’t likely to fall into line with any form of religion that doesn’t perfectly match your own innate ideas.

The Ninth House in Taurus

You have a practical approach to religion: its effects on the world are what matter. Because of this, you are very religiously tolerant. Any religion that does good in the world is good, as far as you’re concerned, whether you worship Jesus, Allah, Zeus, or the flying spaghetti monster. You find extensive philosophical thinking rather uncomfortable, and prefer to stay focused on the present – that’s what helps you do good, no matter what religious framework you ultimately feel the strongest connection to. You like to keep your religious focus on the physical world.

The Ninth House in Gemini

You have an enormous sense of curiosity about the world and the people in it, which encourages you to constantly ask new questions and seek new answers. You’re especially interested in what drives these people, and are very good at looking at the world through different eyes. For this reason, you’ve struggled to find one spiritual framework that seems “right” – you can see the good in so many of them! Don’t worry too much about finding the “right way” – the right combination of ideas and factors will come to you when the time is right.

The Ninth House in Cancer

Your religious philosophy is tied to your desire to do service for others. Cancer is a maternal and loving sign, and you may feel a special connection to religious figures that have a parental element, like God the Father, or the Virgin Mary. In the Church, you’re especially drawn to social justice and social reform efforts, and support spiritually-driven charity work as much as or more than the actual preaching. You also make a good teacher, as your emphasis on good works and love are very inspiring, especially to children. You desire an exploration of the farthest reaches of the psychic landscape.

The Ninth House in Leo

Your good faith, and trust in the ultimate goodness of humanity, serve you well in your spiritual quest. Since this is the basis of many religions, you find yourself fitting easily into many different types of religious community. You sincerely believe in a higher purpose, and that everything that happens does so for a reason. Try to help others gain your confidence without downplaying their doubtful sides by reminding them of all the good things in the world, both big and small. Your optimism can be infectious, but it can also be a bit obnoxious if you don’t take care to relate to the people you’re talking to. Not everyone has your absolute trust in life.

The Ninth House in Virgo

Virgo’s analytical attitude doesn’t do especially well with the more metaphysical elements of religion. You’re strongly attached to the history and traditions of the Church, but you’re a serious skeptic, and have trouble accepting anything on faith. If someone can effectively prove to you that religion “works,” you’re golden, but your bar is high. You aren’t nearly as worried about future lives as you are with the life you’re presently living. However, it’s important that you don’t reject spirituality outright, and understand the benefits that it can have for many people, even potentially for yourself, to give some faith to a higher power.

The Ninth House in Libra

You have a strong sense of aesthetics, and are drawn to spirituality that celebrates the beauty in the world. Beauty can be a Divine celebration, and you are not as comfortable with religious teachings that encourage people to turn away from beautiful things because they are too earthly. Religious art speaks to you deeply, as does religion that encourages engagement with nature. You have a strong sense of justice, and would like to see religion used as a tool to achieve that justice. Because of this, you become extremely passionate and angry when you see people using religion as an excuse to harm others. To you, that is a terrible perversion of a beautiful thing.

The Ninth House in Scorpio

When the dark and cynical mind of Scorpio meets the religious philosophy of the Ninth House, the result is someone truly seeking the answers to the big questions in life: why are we here? Why is the world so full of suffering? Can there be a benevolent God? Is there any higher purpose at all? You seek truth with all your energy, and it is unlikely that any one religion will ever fully satisfy you. However, you have a quiet confidence that there is something more to this world, even if you can’t quite reach it. The act of questioning is just as important to you as any conclusions you might ever reach.

The Ninth House in Sagittarius

Sagittarius’s knack for travel fits well into the Ninth House, where travel is a central feature. For you, travelling is a means of spiritual exploration, as well as intellectual learning. By seeing new places, you quickly become attuned to the beliefs and concerns of the people living in them, and automatically feel empathy for them. It is especially important for this Sagittarius to travel to places with completely new cultures, and to experience those cultures from as close to an insider perspective as possible – no all-inclusive resorts for this globetrotter! You have a forward-thinking perspective, and are interested in global change for the betterment of all.

The Ninth House in Capricorn

You’re a natural skeptic and questioner, not afraid to ask “why” about religious questions. Although you have a lot of respect for authority, your desire for the truth is much stronger, so religious leaders don’t hold a lot of sway for you, as soon as their ideas start to seem out of line. You prefer to give a lot of attention to the effects of spirituality on the physical, observable world – in this way, you are a true child of the Enlightenment! If Uranus appears strongly in your chart, you may have a highly unorthodox view of religion, but if not, you question ideas as they are presented to you, rather than actively seeking them in alternative religions or spiritualties.

The Ninth House in Aquarius

Aquarius loves to develop ideas, and loves even more to share them. This is a great sign in the Ninth House for a prospective preacher or religious leader, or a teacher of religious or spiritual thinking or history. You make a great philosopher, because of your fascination with following lines of thinking through to their natural conclusions. However, in spite of this, your ideas generally remain conservative, as you have a lot of respect for the tried-and-true religious philosophies that have lasted for centuries. A new idea has to be really good to outweigh all that history, in your opinion.

The Ninth House in Pisces

You are a very mystical person, drawn to the occult as well as to the traditionally religious. Because of your strong intuition, you may pursue psychic phenomena, which come easily to you. Your compassionate nature also gives you a great sense of kinship with the figures of Jesus Christ and the Buddha, because you believe so strongly in their messages of love and inner and external peace. You are sometimes turned off by the aggression of evangelical religion, even if you are drawn in by the passion of its followers. You prefer a form of spirituality that embraces all facets of life and holds the promise of salvation and mercy for everyone, over one that uses threats of hellfire to get its points across.

Pluto in the Ninth House

When Pluto appears in the Ninth House, it indicates a passionate desire to unravel the mysteries of the universe. You are a spiritual and religious pioneer, like Martin Luther, demanding change in the earthly Church and a stronger dedication to the purported tenants of spirituality. If Saturn features strongly in the chart, you may be rigid and dogmatic; if Uranus or Venus are more prominent, you have a more flexible view that stands outside the realms of any organized religion. You are driven by a desire to explore and expand.

The Sun in the Ninth House

The Sun shines brightly on the questions of the Ninth House, bring your sense of spiritual and religious understanding literally “into the light.” If the Sun appears in your Ninth House, you make a natural philosopher and religious guide or teacher. Even outside these fields, many highly religious people have the Sun in this position. You are comfortable with the unknown, which is why many people with the Sun in the Ninth House end up travelling and living abroad.

The Moon in the Ninth House

You approach spirituality from a sensitive, intuitive perspective. You are highly attuned to the subtle vibrations of both the natural and supernatural world, and have probably had a lot of meaningful dreams and visions in your life. You may be strongly attached to an organized religion, or follow your own individual spiritual path quite apart from any structure, but either way, you feel very strongly about your spirituality and find great comfort in it.

Saturn in the Ninth House

This is an extremely auspicious position for Saturn, as Saturn’s pragmatic side is very good at creating and adhering to a life philosophy that is both practically useful and spiritually fulfilling. You probably developed a set of beliefs very early in life, and it has served you extremely well to stick to them. You can become intolerant if the presence of Saturn and Mars is too strong in your chart, but you are often so tied up in your own head that you don’t worry too much about the thought crimes of others.

Uranus in the Ninth House

Uranus is a great traveller, both on the physical plane and on the spiritual plane. It took you a long time to become comfortable with any religion – if you even are now. Your views are quite unorthodox, and that’s the way you like it; you don’t want any authority giving you orders about how to think and feel.

Mars in the Ninth House

You have a restless mind, which sometimes struggles to “settle into” any sort of specific way of thinking, including religious ones. You have a lot of energy for learning, and engage in a lot of long-distance travel, but become bored too quickly to dedicate yourself to one path forever. You are more drawn to religions that you view as dynamic and open to change than ones you think seem dogmatic or overly laden with traditions. When you do find a religion that speaks to you, you can become extremely zealous about it, because you assume everyone will find the same inspiration in it that you did.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

You are very interested in philosophy, and enjoy any activity that broadens your mind, including higher education, liberal arts studies, and travel. You can have a very objective and balanced view of religion, which allows you to question it without alienating its believers. You aren’t easily swayed reject your former beliefs, but you’re quick to appreciate the value in new perspectives, so your view of religion is constantly expanding.

Venus in the Ninth House

Travel brings great happiness to those born with Venus in the Ninth House. You feel that exploring the world is a wonderful way to gain higher knowledge, especially because you have such a strong sociable side, and are able to connect with people from every part of the globe. You love discussing and learning new things, and are very interested to hear about other people’s spiritual experiences, whether or not they are similar to your own. You are very accepting of the beliefs of others, which is much appreciated by the people you encounter.

Mercury in the Ninth House

Mercury always signals intellectual interest, but not always spiritual interest. You are intrigued by religion, but have trouble connecting to it on an emotional level, observing it more as an outsider or an anthropologist. You make a great scholar of religious thought, but you need your spirituality to appeal to your sense of logic if it’s going to have any impact on you.

Neptune in the Ninth House

You have a hard time settling into a religious path, as you are very easily influenced by the passions of others. You can quickly see through others’ eyes, and so you become quickly attracted to their philosophies. You have a strong sense of spirituality and desperately seek a philosophy that seems to explain it. If you do not have enough faith in your own judgement (a common problem for those whom Neptune is a prominent feature of the chart), you are at risk of being influenced by cult leaders.

Final Thoughts

Questions of religion and spirituality are not discussed very often in today’s society, as many people do not feel it necessary to strongly connect with any spiritual path. Reading this article is already an indication that you are not this type of person – you are clearly someone who thinks more deeply about spiritual issues. Are you on a spiritual path that feels right? Could you come closer to the Divine by following some of the tenants that are attached to your signs and planets? Like and share this post, and don’t stop considering these issues – spirituality is an ever-changing phenomenon, and what feels right at one moment may need tweaking another.

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