The Fifth House in Astrology

The Fifth House in Astrology

The Fifth House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Fifth House in astrology represents anything that you actively do or create to make yourself stand out as a unique individual. It’s especially concerned with creation, as we create the image of ourselves that we present to the world. This includes the physical creation of art, but also the creation of children, relationships, and impressions on others. This is the most important house for understanding your romantic relationships. Sometimes it’s referred to as “The House of Pleasure,” which refers to the pleasure of creation as well as pleasure in the field of lovemaking.

The Fifth House in Aries

Your sense of creativity is aggressive – the creativity of a graffiti artist or a performance artist. Art, you believe, needs to come from a place of passion in order to be meaningful. You want to make a point with it, hopefully while also provoking strong reactions. If you have children, you also push them to express themselves and their feelings strongly and openly. You want everyone to take advantage of life the same way you do, which means that you often push your partner and children the way you push yourself. You don’t mind making the first move in a relationship, so you’ll probably attract people who appreciate that – make sure that you’re not wasting time on people who find you “intimidating.”

The Fifth House in Taurus

Taurus’s relaxed, physical nature means that you take a leisurely approach to creativity. While Aries is running around spray-painting buildings, you’re leaning back and watching before making a carefully thought-out comment about them. Your preferred forms of artistic expression are drawing and painting, which you find very centering. You’re an indulgent partner and parent, and enjoy providing your love ones with gifts and showering them with affection. When pursuing a relationship, you’re especially generous, and like to show off by throwing luxury at your date.

The Fifth House in Gemini

Energetic Geminis bubble over with inspiration, and are constantly jumping from one creative project to another, because you just can’t contain your excitement for them! This holds true in your relationships as well, as you’ve bounced around through lots of casual boyfriends (or girlfriends) and crushes. You’re not really a romantic, and long-term relationships aren’t the top of your priority list, but you’ll know when you’ve met The One – they’re someone with just as much energy and passion for change as you! You feel strongly that people – especially children – need to be intellectually stimulated in order to become creative members of society.

The Fifth House in Cancer

The intuition and deep sensitivity of Cancer comes out in all your creative activities. You wouldn’t be caught dead looking at an abstract painting and saying “I don’t get it.” If you believe it might have spoken to the artist’s soul, you don’t even think it matters whether or not it speaks to you, and you wish that others would be as generous about your own creations. Because of your own sensitivity, you can be extremely protective of your children and loved ones – just think of a crab’s pincers! You seek safety and comfort in romantic relationships, so it’s important for you to find someone who can lend you some extra emotional support when you need it.

The Fifth House in Leo

Leos are natural performers. You are both drawn to, and confident in,your abilities in the performing arts, especially acting. Centre stage is your favourite place to be! But you’re similarly confident in any type of creative act, whether that’s running a business or raising children. You’re very attracted to people who share your innate confidence, although sometimes you can get into a cycle of trying to one-up your partner, which is exasperating and, at worst, can lead to real ego-stomping.

The Fifth House in Virgo

“Creative” isn’t necessarily the first word you identify with – you see yourself as too practical for that. But isn’t planning and executing those plans also a form of creativity? You’re great at coming up with ideas and then making them happen. Just because you’re not splashing your blood all over a canvas or performing Hamlet doesn’t mean you’re not creative in your own way. You’ve probably had difficulties starting relationships because you can be quite reserved, but because you take your relationships so seriously, the long-term partnerships you choose are extremely successful.

The Fifth House in Libra

Libra is a sociable sign, so you do your best creative work in partnerships or groups. Your charm and class are magnetic. You’re also a serious flirt, and although you’re not always seeking love, you enjoy the process of flirting with people. You also love the idea of a fairy-tale romance, with a knight in shining armour sweeping you off your feet, although in reality you wouldn’t want to give up everything for someone else!

The Fifth House in Scorpio

If Scorpio falls in your Fifth House, you probably keep most of your creativity quite private. Your “hidden depths” may have made you feel quite isolated or different from other people, especially as a child, but you have bursting sketchbooks or journals to show for it. You’re not especially willing to show your romantic feelings to others, and quickly clam up if someone seems interested. When you do start a relationship, it’s a highly emotional and passionate one.

The Fifth House in Sagittarius

You need your freedom in order to be creative. With every possible option open to you, you feel free and confident in the choices you make. You also feel this way about relationships – you prefer the adventure of starting a romance over the routine that so many relationships fall into after a few months. It’s important that you find someone with a spontaneous spirit and a good intuition for when you’re starting to get bored, so that you can change things up together.

The Fifth House in Capricorn

You prefer the idea of “inspiration” over “creativity,” as your creative acts are almost always driven towards a goal. Even if that goal is something traditionally “artistic” (like opening in a gallery or writing a book), you approach it in a very work-oriented way. Think of novelistHerman Wouk’s immortal words: “I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.” When it comes to romance, you apply the same principles of hard work, and believe that love is a choice, which you consciously make every day. Capricorn is also a surprisingly lovemaking sign, so if you happen to be dating someone with Capricorn in the Fifth House, be prepared for some wild nights.

The Fifth House in Aquarius

Aquarius, the sign of flower children and eternal dreamers, expresses creativity in an eccentric, unique way, without any concern for what is considered normal by the people around you. You seek excitement in your relationships, and may get involved with people who your parents wouldn’t approve of! Experimenting is great, but don’t let your natural rebellious streak cloud your perceptions – that way lies danger.

The Fifth House in Pisces

When Pisces appears in your Fifth House, you may find that, although you seem full of imagination, you have trouble explaining or showing your ideas to others. This can be very frustrating if you’re seeking the approval of friends who aren’t on the same wavelength as you. You have a very idealized sense of romance, which can be attractive, but also potentially disappointing if you try to start a relationship with someone who doesn’t share that vision. Here’s the key thing: find some people who understand you, and don’t be too thrown off when other people don’t.

Pluto in the Fifth House

Pluto represents transformation, and if it falls in your Fifth House, you see creativity as a transformative act, either for your internal self or for the world around you. You take artwork seriously, and believe it should handle the eternal and powerful themes of human life, rather than representing just the light or the beautiful. Artwork that represents human wickedness is of particular interest to you. Pluto is a highly lovemaking planet, often psychologically interleaving lovemaking with danger or anger, so you must seek a partner who is not afraid of this, but who can help you develop more positive feelings around seductiveness. Otherwise, you may find yourself estranged and shunned.

The Sun in the Fifth House

There is no planet like the Sun (obviously, it’s not even really a planet!) those for whom the Sun falls in the Fifth House firmly believe that there is no artistic creator who can ever be like them. You believe in the uniqueness of each and every human being, and that each person can bring new life, light, and insight into the world. Because of this philosophy, you are not afraid to express yourself, whether that’s through art, or just through frankly telling others how you feel. You aren’t interested in hiding the depths of your tortured soul; it is better to put everything out there for the world to see.

The Moon in the Fifth House

People with the Moon in the Fifth House are naturally drawn to all forms of creative self-expression. You were probably an especially artistic child, and may have either continued your art into your adult life, or channelled your imagination and intuition into work that involves working with other people, as you are deeply sensitive and empathetic. You respond quickly to pleasure and happiness, and are on a constant quest for it. Some Moons fall easily into drug addiction because of this – don’t let that be you; the world has plenty of happiness in store for you without the nasty side effects.

Saturn in the Fifth House

Disciplined Saturn takes a practical view of creation. You may feel quite limited or uncertain when you are asked to “express yourself,” but on the other hand, you find more joy and satisfaction in tasks that Moons and Mercuries find mundane. To you, the best form of creativity is that which has a strong structure, and which fulfills a purpose. For this reason, in the field of “art” you’re more drawn to structured narrative poetry than you are to abstract paintings, but you’re even more drawn to a well-crafted story or a clear piece of instructive or persuasive writing. Don’t let other people’s opinions of what counts as “art” limit you from enjoying the artistry in these.

Uranus in the Fifth House

You are on a constant quest for spiritual awakening. You want to force open your own eyes and the eyes of people around you with your creativity. Because of this, you are drawn to art that is shocking or bizarre, preferring new styles over the tried and true ones. You feel the same way about seductiveness, and seek variety in your relationships and your love life, quickly becoming bored with same-old, same-old.

Mars in the Fifth House

You are like a live wire, crackling with energy and ready to pour it all into whatever gets put in front of you. Only some people with Mars in the Fifth House are drawn to art (although those who are, are consumed by passion and create it with verve), but all people with Mars in the Fifth House are full of energy for creating new things and doing things in new ways. You are very self-assertive and are unlikely to be talked out of trying your new approach until you’ve done it yourself – in this way, your creativity is very hands-on.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

You want to live life to the fullest, so you pursue endless endeavours and seek meaning in all of them. Jupiters make great parents, as you strike a good balance between coaching and encouraging your kids, and giving them freedom to make their own choices. You believe strongly that one needs to experience something to fully understand it, which is why you have such a passion for trying new things.

Venus in the Fifth House

You naturally believe that your feelings are worthy of expression, and so you express them without reservation. You don’t care to listen to people who tell you that they aren’t important or meaningful – whether other people “get” you or not, you like the self-affirming process of turning your emotions into something beautiful. Besides this, being an aesthete at heart, you love to be surrounded by things of beauty, whether or not they have a specific meaning – isn’t the appreciation of the beautiful a good enough meaning? We all know that Venus is the planet of love, so it should come as no surprise that having Venus in the Fifth House is the sign of a true romantic – flirtatious, warm, open, seeking the perfect fairy-tale relationship but enjoying the ups and downs of normal human relationships along the way too.

Mercury in the Fifth House

Mercury is a planet that loves puzzles and challenges, so for you, creativity and romance are both grand games. You enjoy intellectually stimulating art, which has a complex message and a lot of technical skill, over art that you judge “meaningless” or “just emotional.” When it comes to romance, you enjoy the “chase” of a new relationship – the wining, dining, tricking, and secrets – more than settling down and watching Netflix in sweatpants. Don’t let this restless soul prevent happiness – remember, there’s always room for spontaneity, even in the longest relationship.

Neptune in the Fifth House

You have the artistic sensibilities of a capital-R Romantic – think Byron or Shelley. If you could, you would leave this life behind and wander the streets of Rome with a quill pen and a dreamy look, composing poems on the Spanish Steps and getting swept into a series of whirlwind doomed romances, about which you write your best poetry. As pleasing as this image might be, remember that the world is not a dream, and you will do more good for yourself and the world by keeping yourself safe, and translating your Romantic tendencies into art that can be enjoyed and appreciated without needing to live in the streets in Rome.

Final Thoughts

If seeking love is one of your primary goals (as it is for so many people), then it’s necessary that you understand the impact of your Fifth House. It may uncover desires you never knew how to put into words, and help you understand why what seems so obviously delightful to you makes your friends wrinkle up their noses and roll their eyes. Additionally, if you are considering starting a relationship, you should find out which signs and planets rule the Fifth House of your potential suitor – while you should never make romantic choices based purely on one facet of astrological compatibility, this may help you foresee what their feelings about love are, and if they are likely to align with yours.

What are you seeking in your Fifth House? What is your partner seeking? Like, share, and keep this post in mind next time you’re thinking about love.


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