The First House in Astrology

The First House in Astrology

The First House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The First House, sometimes called the Ascendant, the “The House of Self,” or Vita, is concerned with personal identity, ego, and beginnings. It also reflects your “default” setting, and your immediate, automatic responses to your environment – in short, the First House is your “personality.”

The First House in Aries

The First House is ruled by Aries and Mars, so when Aries is in the First House, its classic traits are amplified. People with Aries in the first house are charismatic, bold, even aggressive leaders. Some people might perceive you as bossy or egotistical, because they find your powerful personality intimidating. However, you command immediate respect with your courage and your can-do attitude. People with Aries in their first house need to be conscious that some people may find them overwhelming, and they can become controversial characters (Eva Perón, of Evita fame, is a classic example of a person with the first house in Aries). However, many people will also be drawn to your magnetic personality, and opportunities for success seem to fling themselves at you.

The First House in Taurus

When fixed, earthy Taurus appears in the First House, it’s a sure sign of a stable, sometimes cautious, but determined personality. You’re not easily deterred from getting what you want, although what you want is usually not too crazy – you’re more interested in surrounding yourself with friends, loved ones, and physical comfort than in running away and conquering the world. You are practical, and prefer to find happiness and success inside your present world rather than seeking fulfillment in change. You also place an extremely high value on the quality of your relationships, and invest a lot of energy in harmonious partnerships. People with their First House in Taurus often develop excellent relationships with a tight-knit group of friends and family, as people find them comforting and calming to be around.

The First House in Gemini

Every day is a new beginning for the First House Gemini.You are the consummate free spirit. You’re also a natural-born multitasker, and are excellent at balancing work, social, and personal projects, but you’re not very interested in sticking with projects that you don’t find fulfilling. Whether you’re starting a business or finding your life partner, you’re quick to move on when you realize something isn’t right for you. While the Tauruses and Capricorns around you might be telling you to settle down and stick with something, you know that you find the most happiness when experiencing the new and unknown.

The First House in Cancer

Cancers in the First House are happiest when they are in a safe, secure environment, where they can be free to imagine and explore without fear. You are naturally nurturing, and feel a connection to the innocence and awe of childhood,which makes you a wonderful mother or caretaker. You may be shy, but your sensitive personality enables you to form unusually close bonds with your friends and loved ones. Cancers are extremely attached to their chosen life partners, and highly dedicated to cultivating happiness within the home.

The First House in Leo

Outgoing and creative, Leos in the First House make great leaders. In fact, they’re great at just about everything – especially if you ask them! If you have Leo in your First House, you’ve probably been complimented on your self-assurance and optimism. While people immediately respect you, you’re also fun-loving (maybe even goofy), and quickly put people at ease. You want to stand out, and while you can sometimes come off as narcissistic, you genuinely want the people around you to succeed as much as you do. You can gain a lot of love by people that they can trust that your generosity is genuine.

The First House in Virgo

People with their First House in Virgo are highly observant and practical. You want to be of service, but, unfortunately, people sometimes perceive you as critical or obsessed with perfection, because you like things done just so and aren’t afraid to do them yourself if no one else is getting it right. This can be a serious sticking point in relationships, if you happen to be with a flighty Gemini or a freedom-loving Aquarius. Your best relationships are with people who appreciate order as much as you do, and won’t try to pry control out of your hands.

The First House in Libra

The balance between cooperation and competition is a tricky one for many people with their First House in Libra to strike. You’re sociable, and enjoy working with others; however, you also frequently find yourself pursuing self-interest rather than the interests of a group. It’s difficult for you to match your own interests to other people’s, or to accept that yours aren’t necessarily more valid. You are artistic and creative, but some people find you temperamental at times. You can mitigate this by focussing on the needs and feelings of others, and trusting that they will help take care of your needs in return.

The First House in Scorpio

Scorpios are fighters and warriors, and having Scorpio in your First House guarantees that you will fight, tooth and nail, for whatever you want or need in life. However, like the soft scorpion armed with a venomous weapon, although you might appear dangerous, you’re actually a deeply emotional and sensitive soul. The world can be a scary place, and you’ve found safety and a type of comfort in acting “prickly.” However, you would significantly improve your relationships with others by opening up and allowing people to see your softer side. This doesn’t mean you have to abandon your shell entirely – just let a few more people get close to you without stinging them.

The First House in Sagittarius

Breezy, outgoing, and extroverted, people with Sagittarius in their First House find joy in independence, travel, and the great outdoors. You are always seeking the new, although you don’t do this out of a dissatisfaction with the old. While you’re probably a bit more down-to-earth than your Gemini friends, you share their taste for adventure. Coupled with a willingness to take risks, you open yourself up to incredible opportunities, especially in business and romance. While some people might let these opportunities go, in favour of chasing new ones, you always know which paths to give up, and which ones to follow until the end.

The First House in Capricorn

The urge to be retiring and timid is overwhelmed by ambition in Capricorns. You’re introverted, but you also know what you want and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there. The First House’s tendency to reflect an “outward appearance” means that you may be shy or fearful deep inside, but you put on a powerful mask of determination, and are extremely successful because of it. More than any other sign, you are willing to put aside your fears for the greater good. Because of this, people respect you as an authority figure, and are always coming to you for advice. Don’t be afraid to share it!

The First House in Aquarius

Intuitive, intellectual, and rebellious, people with Aquarius in the First House are voted “most likely to change the world.” You’re an artistic idealist, with a view of the world that relies on an assumption that all people are basically good, which you refuse not to believe. You have big plans about how things should be done, and aren’t afraid to share them. Find a partner who can complement your brainy idealism with a practical (but not cynical) streak, and you’re sure to be remembered for your great works forever.

The First House in Pisces

Pisces in the First House is a sensitive, imaginative, and wise sign. When you were a child, you might have felt out-of-touch with your peers, and retreated into books, music, or art. As an adult, these experiences have formed a deeply romantic soul. You love with an almost religious passion, and are fulfilled by works that help the world. Find work (either paid or volunteer) that taps into your humanitarianism, and surround yourself with people who believe in it as strongly as you do. This ascendant has been said to be linked to magical and mystical powers.

Pluto in the First House

Pluto is an intense, powerful planet, with an affinity for the psychic and supernatural. It can be a frightening or even somewhat dangerous planetary presence, if you shrink from it rather than embracing it. If you have Pluto in your first house, you are strong and independent, and more likely to harness fear than shrink from it – just remember, Stephen King has Pluto in the First House! You project a formidable aura, but may have to fight the urge to bully people who aren’t as bold as you are.

The Sun in the First House

Since the Sun represents a drive for significance, and the First House represents the face you show to the world, if you were born while the Sun was in the First House, you’ve probably already noticed yourself seeking both recognition, and a sense of impact. Whether this is through being the best at your job, finding a partner who believes in you 100%, or just getting out and volunteering for a cause that matters to you, you live by the motto, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

The Moon in the First House

You are eager to please, and find it difficult to get away from your emotions. There is nothing that makes you happier than a warm smile and a genuine “thank you,” whether from a stranger or your best friend. You are an amazing mother and caretaker, but sometimes sacrifice your own wellbeing for others. Don’t be afraid to take a little time for self-care – you’ll be happy you did when you find you have even more energy to dedicate to people who matter to you.

 Saturn in the First House

Some say that births that take place when Saturn is in the First House are difficult, because the soul is unwilling to come into the world. Saturns have “old souls,” but, paradoxically, they sometimes come to have more youthful attitudes as they grow up. You can actively focus on transforming your melancholy attitude to a more zen approach to the world, without losing your deep innate wisdom.

Uranus in the First House

Your sense of individuality is so strong that you might be reluctant to tie yourself down to home, family, a partner, or a career. You don’t want to hurt anyone by running away, which is something you are always battling the urge to do. You might wish you lived in the days when it was acceptable to go live as a hermit on a mountain! You have original and innovative approaches to problems, but sometimes become frustrated with people who aren’t willing to follow your logic, or who just prefer to stick with the old ways.

Mars in the First House

No matter what life throws at you, you throw your whole self back at it, with ten times the force. You’re not scared of challenges or risks, but sometimes, when you see red, you end up in situations that are a little hairier than what you were looking for. Your quick temper and strong ego can get you into trouble, but they also make you a very magnetic person to be around. Try to seek out a handful of friends who can sooth your savage spirit when you need them to.

Jupiter in the First House

Jupiters are the high-powered executives of the zodiac. You have a lot of confidence and a knack for getting people to appreciate you and your opinions. You love to zip around the world, getting involved in any project that looks like it might have a good payoff, especially if it’s a little offbeat. You love a challenge, but also love to kick back and relax, to truly enjoy the results of your efforts. A tendency towards self-indulgence is well-tempered by a genuinely ambitious personality.

Venus in the First House

You’re charming, friendly, and have a serious store of good luck. Maybe you’re so lucky because you know how to make people feel cheerful and at ease without ever forgetting to look out for number one. You want to help yourself, but in a way that makes other people want to help you too. Sometimes, however, when your interests run up against someone else’s, you need to work extra hard to remember that that other person isn’t less important than you. Fortunately, when you put your mind to it, you’re great at coming up with “win-win” situations.

Mercury in the First House

Quick-thinking, adaptable, and good at communication, you make a great teacher, instructor, or person to call when someone else has a problem. You love finding solutions, although sometimes you get blinders on and forget that other people can come up with good solutions too. In fact, you’re so focussed on needing to find all your own solutions that you sometimes end up stressed and jittery. Learn to relax and trust that the people in your life can take care of you and themselves – after all, you probably chose to have them in your life because you thought they were pretty bright.

Neptune in the First House

You are deeply emotional and intuitive – some might even say psychic. You have a deep connection to nature, and may find yourself blurring the lines between concrete reality and your imagination, especially when you’re away from human civilization. Spiritual orientation is extremely important, whether that’s through organized religion or a strong guiding philosophy. Love for another person, either a partner or a family member, is also a wonderful source of guidance for you. Although it might be tempting to float freely in your own psychic milieu, in the long run, you’ll be much happier if you have some central pillars to anchor you.

Final Thoughts

By understanding the First House, you understand yourself, your individual personality, and your most automatic reactions to the people around you. This is one of the most important parts of the zodiac to come to terms with, because the qualities found in your First House influence every other sign and planet in your horoscope. You need to understand your own personality before you can get a truly solid understanding of your place in the world.

Today, try to pay attention to your immediate, visceral reactions to the world. What are the patterns in your feelings? You might be surprised at how they reflect what you’ve read here! Like and share this post to help others get thinking about their identity in the stars.


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