The Fourth House in Astrology

The Fourth House in Astrology

The Fourth House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Fourth House represents your “home base,” both externally and internally. Externally, this refers to your home, your family, and the realm in which you feel most comfortable. Internally, this is the deepest part of your soul, the strongest values and wishes that are the core of your being. Astrologers consult the Fourth House for questions relating to the outcomes of choices that the person makes – learn about the Fourth House so that you can make your own educated predictions for yourself.

The Fourth House in Aries

Home is of crucial importance to people with Aries in their Fourth House. It represents a place of stability, though not necessarily of comfort. You don’t go to your home to relax and unwind, you go there to gather your resources, rally your troops, and get ready to go back to the problem you were working on.So you’re not exactly a homebody, but you love having a solid base of operations from which you can conduct all your affairs. Power and authority are important to you, and you feel it necessary to establish yourself as the ruler of your house.

The Fourth House in Taurus

While Aries has a utilitarian view of the home as her castle and fortress, Taurus believes that home should be more like a palace – beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious. It is a place to recharge, feeling safe, secure, and relaxed. You are a collector of both personally meaningful and aesthetically pleasing items, so your house is probably cluttered with things that bring you joy. While this can be wonderful, it’s also important not to set too much store by material items – it’s the memories and feelings they evoke, not the items themselves, that are truly treasures.

The Fourth House in Gemini

Home is more of a formality for you than a necessity. You like having a stable home as an option, but you’re out of it way more than you’re in it. Geminis are always on the go, and you get pretty restless if you’re tied to your house for too long. You value your alone time as well as your social time, but you’d rather get that alone time while you’re out experiencing nature or wandering around a new city, rather than sitting in front of your TV. So don’t go sinking a lot of money into your “dream house” – even if it seems perfect, you’ll probably get tired of it and start getting the itch to sell it and buy a flat in Thailand instead.

The Fourth House in Cancer

“Home is where the heart is” is more than just an idiom for Cancer – it’s a way of life. You feel a strong attachment to your home as a manifestation of your “roots,” and you fill it with reminders of the people who matter most to you. If you have the chance to move into a family home later in life, jump at it – you will be constantly surrounded by feelings of belonging that you may have chosen to put aside during your youth. Having a place to settle down and be at rest is deeply meaningful for Cancers.

The Fourth House in Leo

Home and possessions are both external status symbols and internal measures of worth for those with Leo in the Fourth House. You set a lot of store by the physical things that you keep in your home, even if they’re not necessarily fancy or expensive – they’ve all been chosen with love and care. You love showing off your house and extending lavish hospitality to your guests. You are also constantly inviting new people into your home and hearth, where you treat them like family, no matter how new your relationship is. There can never be enough affection in the home of a Leo.

The Fourth House in Virgo

You love a well-ordered, well-structured home, where the kids track their chores with stickers on a chart, you and your partner take turns scrubbing the kitchen until it’s spotless, and everything you use during the day goes back into a neatly labelled compartment. OCD? Maybe a tiny bit. You’re most at peace when everything is beautifully and logically ordered. If this is tiring for the people you live with, dig deep into yourself and find ways to make it fun and teach them how to love order like you do. While neatness is important, unhappiness is a much greater disruptor of energy than a few toys lying on the floor.

The Fourth House in Libra

You may be driven by the desire to find the perfect home, while simultaneously held back by your desire to cling to your roots. It’s difficult for you to choose what matters most to you, and you may struggle for a long time to try to get the best of both worlds. Do you move into the new studio apartment in New York City, or stick with the family house in New Jersey where you grew up? Only you can decide what the right balance is between new and old, but I can give you a hint – it’s where you’re surrounded by people who love, support, and stimulate you.

The Fourth House in Scorpio

Your inner self is ruled by an incredible internal strength and determination. No matter what your external circumstances are – and they are often changing, since matters like the type of house you live in, or even the people around you, may be of relatively little interest ¬¬– you stick to your values with unwavering willpower. Your home is a fortress that represents your deepest internal self. You’re very reluctant to let other people into it – the first time you let your partner stay the night was pretty much as significant a move as getting engaged.

The Fourth House in Sagittarius

While Sagittarius can indicate a desire for travel and novelty, having it in your Fourth House often means that you enjoy your own home most, and don’t really think anything else can compare. You’ve spent a long time getting your home exactly the way you like it, and making it suit your needs perfectly, so why let all that effort go to waste by constantly leaving or moving? While you may not be willing to live in a family home, you drew a lot of inspiration from your childhood when you were setting up your place of residence.

The Fourth House in Capricorn

You have a strong sense of responsibility to your home and family. Depending on your circumstances, if you have Capricorn in your Fourth House, you may be a breadwinner, driving all your energy towards providing for yourself and your loved ones. Or you may decide that you can be most useful as a stay-at-home parent who can dedicate your whole self to attending to the personal needs of your family. Either way, you are willing to give everything to the people you care about. Make sure, however, that people are conscious of exactly how much you’re giving – you hide stress well, and if you are constantly undervalued while giving your all, it may breed feelings of resentment.

The Fourth House in Aquarius

The desire for freedom that characterizes the Aquarius drives those with Aquarius in the Fourth House to build a home that allows them this kind of freedom. They aren’t often excited about the idea of “settling down,” even if they’ve actually already chosen to spend years in the same place – it’s the principle of being “tied down” that doesn’t appeal. If you are living with someone who has Aquarius in their Fourth House, try not to bring up the idea of “settling down” too fast or too often – talking about it will make them cagier than actually doing it.

The Fourth House in Pisces

With Pisces in the Fourth House, you are willing to sacrifice everything for the happiness of those with whom you share your household. This can be difficult, as you’ve probably already opened your arms to a large group of people, all of whom you care deeply about. Try to develop some more casual ties to temper this, and make sure that the people in your circle all care as much about you as you do about them – you’re worth it.

Pluto in the Fourth House

Pluto is a secretive planet, so if it manifests in the Fourth House, it indicates a desire for security in the home. This doesn’t just mean getting a high-powered alarm system (although you’ll probably want one of those too). You want strong ties to the people within your household, and will not settle for anything less than mutual devotion. There is also a powerful wish for the household to be a place of safety, where you can let down your guard and relax from your normally focussed life.

The Sun in the Fourth House

The Fourth House is an emotional place for the Sun to be. You may be ruled by a fear of sudden loss, so, like a squirrel, will save up whatever you can while the going is good. Your primary focus is yourself, and you believe that you need to take care of yourself properly before you can help anyone else. This is often true; however, be careful not to abandon others in need in the name of self-care – there is a balance that must be struck.

The Moon in the Fourth House

Even more than the Sun, the Moon in the Fourth House is self-focussed. The world is a scary place, and you retreat into yourself to deal with it, since you often feel alone and helpless when you try to deal with issues directly. You instead do your best to ignore uncomfortable reality and retreat into the home as a well-curated hideaway. However, you also are strongly attached to your loved ones, especially parents, siblings, and other family that was present while you were growing up. You value peace and harmony in that group, in order to keep your home a safe space.

Saturn in the Fourth House

Since Saturn can be a cold and self-centred planet, it is important that Saturns spend a period of time away from their home, preferably in a situation that seriously pushes their boundaries. This will be very helpful in helping them to develop a more rounded and selfless perspective on the world. Staying in the same home, especially with parents, feeds an urge to cling to the past that can lead to a self-victimizing attitude. Getting out into the wide world will temper these and help Saturns develop a better sense of empathy.

Uranus in the Fourth House

Uranus is a planet that represents rebellion and independence, which does not make it the most solid foundation for the Fourth House. This planet can indicate upsetting home conditions, because of the innate restlessness in the Uranus personality. Even if the home is relatively harmonious, those with Uranus in the Fourth House will often be plagued by wondering “is this really what I want?” You value freedom in your home, and will feel more comfortable if you know you can change things if it comes to that.

Mars in the Fourth House

Any internal tension you might be feeling manifests quickly in your home surroundings. You aren’t very good at hiding your emotions, so partners and children notice very quickly when you’re unhappy, which can lead to a home that is stressful rather than comforting. However, if you articulate your feelings effectively to the people with whom you share a home (and encourage them to do the same), your home can become a literal power house, because you’re amazing at helping people amp up their energy and direct it towards their goals.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

Jupiter is associated with travel, but astrologers traditionally remind those born while Jupiter is in the Fourth House that success will be found close to their place of birth. It’s all very well to go on a wild world tour, but family is important to you, and you will find as you grow older that getting closer to your birthplace just makes a lot of sense. Don’t let your urge to move reign supreme – places both near and far can hold success for you. Physically, you prefer a roomy home, and don’t like feeling “hemmed in.”

Venus in the Fourth House

People with Venus in the Fourth House are cheerful, popular, and traditionally said to be very fond of their mothers. All this (including learning from a gracious mother) means that you’re a great hostess! You are the are happiest when your house is bursting with life. You take great pride in your home, whether it’s lavish or modest, and love having parties and hosting guests in it. Your artistic eye and skill for decorating certainly don’t hurt! Your home doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be filled with love and happy people for you to enjoy it.

Mercury in the Fourth House

High-strung Mercury may spend a long portion of her life shifting from house to house, either following a job or passion that requires a lot of movement, or from a perpetual sense of dissatisfaction. While moving itself is not necessarily bad, it could contribute to a sense of general anxiety about the idea of a “home,” and an unspoken fear that you couldn’t stop moving if you wanted to. Do your best to practice mindfulness, appreciate where you are when you’re there, and try not to worry too much about the future.

Neptune in the Fourth House

Neptune in the Fourth House is often associated with a “skeleton in the closet” – whether that’s a family secret, personal unhappiness, or past tragedy. It’s important not to let this hidden sadness rule you – bring it into the open, tell your trusted partner or chosen family about it, and don’t let yourself be so caught up in wanting a perfect life that you try to keep the imperfections hidden and let them eat you from the inside.

Final Thoughts

The home is an aspect of your life that, ultimately, you have complete control over, so use these messages as a guide to help you build the household that you love and that fulfills you. Share them with the other members of your household too, so you can have a frank discussion about how to create a place that fulfills all of your needs – whether that’s for comfort, support, safety, or freedom.

How will you use your signs to make changes to your home? Like this post and share it with your partner or cohabitants so you can start on the quest for a fulfilling household.


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