The Second House in Astrology

The Second House in Astrology

The Second House Meaning

The twelve houses of astrology are a wheel that represents twelve parts of human life. Depending on the time and location of your birth, your astrological signs and planets will be in different houses, indicating the part of your life that sign has the strongest effect on. The Second House in astrology is sometimes called “The House of Possessions.” It rules over both our possessions in the material sense, and our inner selves and desires. Wealth and affluence, career ambition, and success in general, are all ruled by the Second House. However, it also reflects your self-esteem and self-worth. The values in your Second House probably relate to your profession or professional goals, but may also reflect your deeper, hidden feelings about yourself.

The Second House in Aries

Having Aries in the Second House indicates a desire to start projects that, you hope, will lead to the wealth and success that is central to the Second House. You are full of spark, and love to try new things. You frequently get invested in new possibilities for money, and may have trouble holding on to it because you’re so sucked in by potential purchases. You pin your self-worth to being self-made, and value entrepreneurial or leadership activities.

The Second House in Taurus

Taurus is known as a pretty hedonistic sign, so it’s no surprise that when Taurus is combined with the material focus of the Second House, you get people who love a life of luxury. You have expensive taste – you’d rather buy that one Chanel purse than twenty knock-offs. However, Taurus’s earthy, practical nature will protect your finances, because you don’t like to throw away cash you don’t have, and you’re good at making money and saving up for those big-ticket items. You like to show off your material things, but not in a flashy or vain way, simply in a way that shows how much you appreciate them.

The Second House in Gemini

You’re an intellectual type, and are great at making plans and budgets. Sticking to them can be a little tricky, since you’re easily seduced by exciting expenses (especially travel-related ones).But fortunately, you’re quick to adapt them to changing circumstances. Since Geminis can get pretty easily bored, you’ll probably be happiest if you have a variety of money-making opportunities at your fingertips, including work that you’re truly passionate about as well as work that pays the bills.

The Second House in Cancer

Homebody Cancers are excellent at saving, skimping, and sensibly investing their money. While you may not have the go-getting attitude of a Leo or an Aries, you tend to have a much safer and more stable financial situation. For Cancers, money is a means to the end of security, rather than something to throw around on luxury. You connect a lot of your personal worth to your ability to provide for others, and don’t mind going without to do it.

The Second House in Leo

Money is a major source of pride for people with Leo in their Second House. You love to show off your money, sometimes in flashy ways (new sports car? Why not, I can afford it! Drinks for all my friends while I’m at it!). Living beyond your means is a serious risk if you’re not constantly conscious of your bank balance. You love to feel like you have enough money to satisfy your every whim, whether or not that’s actually the truth. Fortunately, Leos’ naturally magnetic personalities and passion make them very attractive hires, so you won’t have too much trouble finding a job that can support your extravagant lifestyle.

The Second House in Virgo

Virgo’s classically practical attitude comes out in your financial activities: whether you have bags of money, or are working a part-time minimum wage job, you have an excellent nose for how to budget so that you’re never living outside your means. You know just where to cut corners so that you’re not living in discomfort but the money’s not pouring out of holes in your pockets. At times, your need for control over your money is a major source of stress and anxiety, for both yourself and your partner or family, but the upside of this stress is that you are seriously committed to avoiding debt and financial risk.

The Second House in Libra

The scales that symbolize Libra reflect balance in work, relationships, and, yes, your budget. You get quite distressed if a sudden change of plans throws a wrench into your financial plans.If Saturn is strong in your natal chart, you might be downright stingy. You will be happiest in conceptual, intellectual and social work, like communications, law, or the arts, where you can meet your financial goals while also doing work you find personally enriching.

The Second House in Scorpio

Scorpios are private people, and you probably keep all your financial details – including your worries – to yourself, not even sharing them with your partner. Similarly, you aren’t big on giving money away, or throwing it into flashy displays of wealth. While your charisma and energy can make you very financially successful if that’s what you decide to channel them towards, many Scorpios aren’t especially interested in material wealth, and would rather do work they find interesting that just barely pays the bills, rather than a job that pays well, but that doesn’t keep their long-term attention and respect.

The Second House in Sagittarius

The bold, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius is more than willing to throw money into ventures and activities without knowing whether they’ll pay off. The journey is more exciting to you than the destination – you’d rather get involved in an interesting start-up or an exciting investment opportunity and lose money than hoard your coins and never do anything big with them. To facilitate this, make sure you chuck some cash in a savings account whenever you can, and have a strong emergency fund, so that when a venture doesn’t work out, you can easily pick yourself up and try again.

The Second House in Capricorn

You are extremely cautious when it comes to financial decisions. Although you’re willing to invest seemingly unlimited time and energy in people, projects, or opportunities, you’re not often as happy to sink any money into anything that you’re not sure will give you good returns. If financial security is a major goal for you, I’m sure you already have an excellent ten-year savings plan worked out, which you stick to religiously. If having your dream job is a higher priority (even if it doesn’t pay well), you’re more than willing to sacrifice luxury in the name of pursuing your ambitions.

The Second House in Aquarius

Aquarius is a natural innovator, and if you have Aquarius in your second house, you’ve probably been coming up with get-rich schemes since you were a kid. Having a stable income isn’t especially important to you, and you don’t feel a lot of emotional connection to your money. Rather, you see money as a means to an end (adventure!) and like to jump on new financial opportunities as they appear and suit your lifestyle.

The Second House in Pisces

You’ve probably been criticized for not taking money as seriously as you should. Whether that’s by coming up with money-making or -saving plans that you never follow through on, or buying all your friends extravagant gifts for Christmas, your money often seems to slip away from you. Fortunately, you aren’t too worried about that, as long as you can pay for the necessities, but try to find a trustworthy friend or partner who does care about money (perhaps a Virgo or a Capricorn), who can help you decipher your taxes and make a budget that doesn’t confound you.

Pluto in the Second House

For those with Pluto in their second house, material possessions and money are signs of power and control. Because of this, you can be a bit selfish, and may only be inclined to share when you can see a benefit for yourself, or when it’s for someone who you genuinely respect and care about. Those in your inner circle will thank you, though, because you’re excellent at long-range planning, and probably have a secret vault full of gold and treasure somewhere in your house.

The Sun in the Second House

You have an extremely strong drive for financial success, perhaps tied to a need to “prove yourself” to family, to yourself, or (if you’ve gone into an unconventional career) to a society that said you couldn’t make money doing what you’re passionate about. You happily work yourself to exhaustion, and feel it’s all worth it when you get what you want. You stand by Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule – “Aim ten times higher than you are right now – and even if you come up short, you’ll still find yourself further along than if you had maintained your life’s current status quo.”

The Moon in the Second House

You are very emotionally invested in your financial situation, and feel like you’re losing your mind a little when your bank account isn’t where you want it to be. This often leads to a frenzy of budgeting, job applications, and passionate discussions with your partner about what corners to cut. Sometimes these pan out, but often, you return to a comfortable rhythm as soon as the immediate danger has passed, like when you get your next paycheck. It’s important to have a strong support system that will help you feel safe during these panicked moments, and friends and partners who will keep you in check and following those plans you drew up.

Saturn in the Second House

Saturn is a planet that often foreshadows difficulty. If it’s in your Second House, you may have a long period of difficulty surrounding finances. Perhaps you’re stuck in an unfulfilling job, or – even if your basics are taken care of – you don’t have the money to do things that truly bring you joy. You’re not a big risk-taker, so being in these positions can be pretty demoralizing, and make you feel stagnated or trapped. Fortunately, your cautiousness and good eye for logic and details make you a great candidate for high-paying, high-powered jobs, so take a risk, go out on a limb, and get out of your career rut!

Uranus in the Second House

Most people with Uranus in the Second House are a lot more interested in a stimulating and autonomous career than in having enough money, even if that means falling into debt or living off ramen in a basement apartment for a while. Money is a means to an end for you, and you may not have a lot of interest in making any at all, if you don’t know what you’d spend it on. Your creativity and innovative mind open up a lot of opportunities for unique work, so try to save a chunk of the money you get from doing projects you love. This way, you won’t have to work a soul-crushing job in between ones that personally matter to you.

Mars in the Second House

The powerful, sustained energy of Mars is perfect for jobs that require strong personal motivation and stamina. You’re a hard worker, and can often be found working late and going way beyond expectations. However, if you’re going to throw in all this extra energy, you expect to be properly acknowledged – you aren’t just doing this out of the goodness of your heart, you know! This is a good thing, and you shouldn’t go giving your work away for free, especially because you can be impulsive with money.

Jupiter in the Second House

Jupiter is a very lucky planet, and if you have it in the Second House, you’ve probably had a lot of financial luck roll your way. Whether that was being born into a financially supportive family, finding a great job that pays well while letting you do what you love, or conveniently falling in love with a millionaire, things have really gone your way when it comes to money! Just don’t let this make you cocky – as long as the going’s good, sock away as much as you can in savings. There’s no reason to rely on your luck lasting forever.

Venus in the Second House

You have expensive taste, and love being surrounded with things of beauty – art, expensive furniture, designer clothes, and beautiful people. However, you don’t live outside your means, because you know it’s way tackier to have a diamond necklace and not be able to pay rent than to skip the necklace and have a place to live. Gift-giving is your love language, and you use presents that are both expensive and personally meaningful as the deepest indication of your affection. You love giving and receiving gifts (mostly because you assume that everyone else loves giving them as much as you do!)

Mercury in the Second House

Logical, optimistic, and tenacious, Mercury is the planet every employer hopes rules their employees! You’re a great problem-solver, and follow through every task to the very end, whether or not you’re being compensated: the satisfaction is reward enough. This can make you susceptible to being taken advantage of in work, but most employers will also appreciate and reward your work, and you’ll quickly find yourself zipping up the corporate ladder. You also tend to save a lot, because you’re so busy working that you forget to spend it. Win-win!

Neptune in the Second House

Simplicity and minimalism are favourite lifestyles for those with Neptune in the Second House. You consciously try not to get too attached to material possessions, although this can sometimes lead to sacrificing too much and taking away some of the freedom you sought to find. Resetting your expectations of money can be helpful. Money doesn’t have to be crude or bourgeois – it’s not all about having material possessions. If you focus more on the experiences and memories that you can have with money, you may find your aversion to saving fading.

Final Thoughts

Finances are a touchy and stressful subject for a lot of people (looking at you, Virgo). For the past two hundred years, being financially successful has become more and more linked to being a good, desirable person, so many people feel self-doubt about their finances. Astrology can help you understand your own feelings, and those of the people around you, about money. By getting a grip on the core emotions of your financial experience, you’re primed to improve and meet your financial goals!

Next time you’re thinking about money – either worrying about it, or just thinking – look back on some of the narratives that your signs and planets have about money. Does your thinking match those patterns? How can you break out of the ruts those patterns make? Like and share this post to help others gain insight into their feelings about money and careers!

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