The Sun in Capricorn

The Sun in Capricorn

The Sun in Capricorn shines brightly upon you. As the Goat, you are known to traverse precious terrain without trouble. You are the tenth sign in the Zodiac, and your element is Earth.

The 10 being your Numerology reading, you actually equal the full ten and the ten as one whole. This is seen in adding (1 + 0 =1), showing that the numbers in 10 equal 1. Just as your star sign rounds out the calendar year, you round out the 10, by turning it back into the 1.

The 1 in Numerology represents a new beginning. This is perfect for you, as you can harness the power of the beginning of a new year while the Sun’s power is energizing your star sign.

Your month’s birthstone may be a Blue Topaz or a Garnet, depending on if you were born in November or December. Your associated Zodiac stones, however, are Amber and Onyx. These materials are darker than many birthstones. Your associated colors are also darker than most, being muted tones or earth and purple.

The Sun in Capricorn Traits

Capricorns are known for achieving their goals. You may not seem as energetic as some other star signs, but you are also harder to throw off track. You keep your footing, like the Goat, and keep climbing. You are not afraid of success or solitude.

In fact, you revel in the freedom your ability allows you. You move well up corporate ladders, through social circles, and within personal relationships. You are a practical thinker and generally grounded person.

Capricorns love to serve others, but they also appreciate a ‘Thank You’. They are not the martyr the Virgo can be. They are not the stubborn Taurus, needing their way. The goat is stubborn and willing to sacrifice but keeps healthier boundaries than the fellow Earth signs.

You might be the type to become a survivalist. People may think this is either boring or delusional, but you know it might just save both of your lives one day. You are generally thought to be the star sign Most Likely to Succeed.

Your success will be no accident, Capricorn. You will work hard for everything you get in life. Make sure to take the time to appreciate it. Saving a huge amount for retirement and dying before you can live it out would really be awful. Do not be too rigid; you need to cut loose sometimes.

You have a tendency to overwork yourself, and those around you. Take a day each week to do something that might seem frivolous—just to make sure to do not forget how to enjoy it. Ride a roller coaster, make a decadent chocolate sundae for breakfast. Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said, you have to scare yourself sometimes.

Your good sense will not permanently leave you if you have a few laughs. However, if you forget how to laugh, it is a hard thing to recover. No one or thing is worth your joy in this short time we have on Earth, Capricorn.

The Sun in Capricorn Women

Capricorn women know how to dress the part. They know how to put on a beautiful show. This is not vanity. They truly appreciate beauty created by wearing new and exciting pieces. One famous example of this is found in Capricorn idol, Diane Von Furstenberg (b. December 31, 1946). She literally created the clothing aesthetic for much of women in the past few decades.

She has gathered inspiration from her mother, a Holocaust survivor, and many other women. She is most well-known for wrap dresses. These simple, easy-to-wear, and ultra-flattering silhouettes are a favorite of women in many places. She not only likes to worth with the rich and famous but also has a heart for philanthropy.

Michelle Obama (b. January 17, 1964) wore fellow Capricorn’s designs while in The White House. She is a captivating public speaker, amazing maternal figure, and a powerful role model for all women. She is smart and loved by the masses.

Another Capricorn woman who has captured the heart of the nation she heads is Princess Kate. Kate Middleton (b. January 9, 1982) married into the royal family of England. She won the hearts of not only Brits but captivated the world. Like many Capricorn woman, this sure-footed public figure is never one to wilt in the spotlight.

Blue Ivy Carter and Betty White are also Capricorns. Capricorns want their work to mean something. Whether making people laugh or heading up a country’s government, a Capricorn woman knows how to charm a crowd.

The Sun in Capricorn Men

A Capricorn man tends to be practical. He is handy. He is a problem-solver. He is dependable.

In a crisis, you will benefit from having this person around. They somehow always know how to find safer, higher ground. These Goats are steady, and will not willingly lead you into danger.

Capricorn men are often very attractive, but also rugged. The examples given below can attest to this. Let us just say that many Capricorn men are that one hot firefighter you know.

Bradley Cooper (b. January 5, 1975) is one Capricorn man who has won the title of People Magazine’s Hottest Man Alive. Whether you agree or not, it is hard to question why he got the prize. He has a warm smile and kind eyes and can portray many different emotions on screen.

Fellow actor and lovemaking symbol is Denzel Washington (b. December 28, 1954). He has been in Hollywood for about 30 years, without losing his appeal. He is known for heartfelt acting and strong performances. He has won many awards but is not a boastful person. He is considered to be grounded, a common trait in many Goats.

It is easy to fall in love with a Capricorn because they make life easy on those around them. They are reliable. They are not very needy. Capricorns are straightforward and do not tolerate cheating in their relationships.

He will work hard to provide for those who count on him. He does not find a slacker attitude appealing to others. Security matters more than extravagance to Capricorn. Expect to work hard and play hard with this sign.

The Sun and Capricorn in Love

The best matches for a Capricorn are Pisces, Virgo, and Taurus. You get along well with earth and water signs. You and a Pisces will appear very different. Your complimentary natures will strengthen your bond. Make sure to show this partner a lot of love and encouragement, and they will do the same for you.

You will fall in love with a Virgo’s work ethic. While the tendency towards perfectionism might annoy you, you realize it is a valuable skill to manage as many things at once as they do.They will also push you to be your best self, without being overly aggressive.

The Taurus is another strong sign whose powers you can draw upon during a relationship. They are determined and make great life partners for someone like you. You will appreciate each other’s devotion to order and discipline.

Your worst love matches are the signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The Aries will come on way too strong. They will try to motivate you in your own way. However, their fiery nature may tend to burn you out, emotionally. They mean well, but they scorch your best qualities.

The Leo is another sign which is a little too hot for you. They are more likely to dominate you and intimidate you in matters of love. The Lion and the Goat are not a natural couple. You will want to climb higher and be less social than most Leos.

A Sagittarius might catch your eye, but the attraction will fade quickly. They will not appreciate your minimalist approach to things. You will be frustrated by their flashy clothes or need for attention. They might rattle your cage until you break free.

Two signs are widely considered to be great alternative options for great love matches, but these are not always as steady or reliable as the 3 listed above.

A Cancer could be right for you if you are a homebody. If you can appreciate the work they do to keep everyone feeling safe and happy, they will love you forever. You will find that a Cancer will be very supportive of you. They are also great at problem-solving and will help you plan each new adventure you want to embark on.

A fellow Capricorn could also end up being your soulmate. Because your numbers are both a 10, equaling a 1, in Numerology, you can find just the right fit. You will able to keep the relationship fresh because you will both be up for new things.

The problem you might face here is if you are too much alike. Then, you may both be too work-oriented and neglect the home. Make sure that you are not always locked at the horns with this person.

The Dates for the Sun in Capricorn

You will have most of this year to rest before too much change comes knocking on your door. Be ready when it approaches. On November 5th, Mercury will enter your star sign. This will bring an extra flow of energy into your relationships. You have some changes to make and amends to make.

Do not fret, you have been preparing yourself all year. When Mercury enters, look for new ways to show love to those around you. Mercury will make you want to explore problems in a healthy way. Put new actions into place in attempts to find a comprise with a loved one.

The Sun in Sagittarius will enter on November 21st. Whatever decisions and commitments you made on November 5th should be evaluated now. Ask yourself how well you and your partner have stuck to those resolutions. Ask yourselves how to keep improving

The Sun will help you both through this tough and emotionally draining process. At the end of this, you will be a healthier individual and better partner. Let the warmth of the Sun’s energy soothe your tired soul and soles after such a feat. Do not forget to also congratulate whoever made it through this journey with you.

Express gratitude for the good things in your life. Express your love to those important to you. Venus will enter to assist you on December 1st. Accept the help graciously.

You will have peace in your sign for the rest of the calendar year. Cherish it. These are the best of times. Stay prepared for disturbances.

One such disturbance will come when Mercury enters Retrograde in your star sign, on January 4th of the New Year. You are prepared. You have been working to steady yourself against such issues. Keep your confidence, and ride out the storm.

After this, your sign will be back resting quietly for most of the next year. Take this time to apply the lessons you have been learning. Further, nurture your blossoming relationships. Foster new and healthy relationships, as well.

Final Thoughts

Capricorn, you round out the calendar year, and also carry a number 1, in Numerology. You are a special type of person. You are ambitious, yet warm. You can raise a family and a nation, simultaneously. You can carry responsibility, all with a dry sense of humor.

Many people will love you, just do not fall into the trap of trying to please them, before taking care of your own needs. You will do well to make friends of all types, but take your more negative friends with a grain of salt. You are likely to inspire their lives to be happier, and they will be grateful.

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