December 1 Zodiac

December 1 Zodiac


What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on December 1?

If you are born on December 1st, your Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

As a Sagittarius born on December 1st, you are refined. You are also inspired and are strong-willed. You serve as an inspiration to others as well.

You exude a positive aura that gets people drawn into your presence.

You enjoy reading and want to journey to other people’s cultures as well.

People born on this day hate being ordinary. You always try to go out of the norm and avoid routines and always look for new and exciting things to do.

People often look to you for social signals regarding the proper and right way to act. You are very persuasive in this respect.

You tend to set guidelines as far as social interactions are concerned.

Naturally, people look at you with a great deal of respect.

Love Horoscope for December 1 Zodiac

Lovers born on December 1st are passionate and romantic. They love to surprise their lovers with gifts.

However, a Sagittarius born on this day tend to focus on their career more rather than looking for a lover.

They put love in second place that’s why it’s quite hard for them to settle into long term relationships.

To captivate this person’s heart, you should be able to understand and accept this fact. Make them see that you are still willing to give your heart to them despite this fact.

When they see that their lover is willing to accept them for who they are, they will give you their heart and be loyal to you.

If there is any one thing that you need to work on, as far as romantic relationships are concerned, it is your tendency to deal with people primarily based on appearances.

You have to remember that reality is not perception. While we do keep hearing the phrase “Perception is reality”, that is just a small part of the big picture.

Ultimately, reality is reality. It runs on its own rules. It has its own principles.

Don’t get so caught up in appearances that you let it dictate your emotional responses to people.

Career Horoscope for December 1 Zodiac

As a person with high ambitions in life, people born on December 1st are well suited to become entrepreneurs.

Their willingness to explore new things and take risks is good for establishing start-up companies.

You can look to Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a well-known scientist, for inspiration. Other personalities who have the same birthday as you are Woody Allen and Rick Scott.

You know how to play the game when it comes to social interaction. This is especially true when there is some sort of social hierarchy involved.

Not surprisingly, you do quite well in any type of corporate setting where there are hard and fast rules.

If you pair this with your willingness to take risks, you can go quite far, as far as your career is concerned.

People Born on December 1 Personality Traits

People born on December 1st are frank and sociable. They serve as an inspiration to others.

People aspire to be like them as well. They can fight for something when they believe they are right and motivate others in the process of doing it.

You have a very powerful ability to inspire people.

It’s as if regardless of where you go, people pay attention to you. People instinctively respect what you have to say.

To call you a tastemaker or a trendsetter is to put it mildly.

You have such a tremendous influence precisely because of the fact that you know the power of appearances.

You know that in many cases, it’s better to be perceived as something, instead of actually being that thing.

As you can probably already tell, there is a limit to this.

Do yourself a big favor and make sure that you do not get caught up too much in appearances. Appearances can only go so far.

Positive Traits of the December 1 Zodiac

People born on this day have a great sense of humor and are usually affectionate.

If you were born on December 1st, your friends would say that you are a generous person. They would also see you as someone who they can depend on when the going gets tough.

Given the fact that people instinctively flock to your opinion, consider this a very important responsibility. What you say does have a lot of weight.

It then follows that you need to say only the right things. Say things and recommend things that would benefit most people.

Don’t abuse this ability. Otherwise, your credibility and level of authority will degrade very quickly.

Negative Traits of the December 1 Zodiac

One of the things that people born on December 1st should avoid is being too proud to the point of being conceited.

They should also learn to accept that there are times when they are just wrong and other people are right.

If there is any one negative trait that you need to work on, it is your tendency to believe your own press.

While it is important to pay attention to appearances, and it is important to appear a certain way to people, don’t for a second believe that this is reality.

Don’t believe that just because you put up a great show that you are the actor that you are playing. You are more than that.

Ultimately, you are so persuasive that you might end up in a situation where you will create your own false narrative.

You draw people in, and people end up feeling betrayed when this whole house of cards comes crashing down.

December 1 Element

As a Sagittarius, Fire is your element. Fire is also known to be a symbol of creativity and curiosity.

Having Fire as an element drives you to be enthusiastic and energetic.

People are drawn to you because you have a tremendous positive outlook in life.

You are a very positive person. While many people are quite positive in outlook, they don’t express it the right way.

Not only do you have a positive outlook, but you know how to express it in a way that people expect and can respond most favorably to.

December 1 Planetary Influence

Jupiter is the ruling body of Sagittarius. This planet is also well associated with good fortune and luck.

This is the reason why people born on December 1st are considered to be naturally lucky.

They seem to always find their way to do what they want and be successful in it.

My top tips for those with a December 1st Birthday

You should avoid: Being too impractical at times.

Your positive attitude towards things should depend on the risk that you are taking. If the risk is too much, you might as well rethink your decisions.

Lucky Color for the December 1st Zodiac

The lucky color for those born on December 1st is Blue.

This color exudes living your life according to what you believe in. You aspire to reach your goals.

Lucky Numbers for December 1st Zodiac

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 1st December are – 3, 7, 15, 17, and 29.

People with the 1st December Zodiac are More Likely to Do This

While many a Sagittarius – the star sign ruling over those people who have a birthday on 1st December – will be the first to say they move on quickly when things don’t go their way, there’s a bit of a caveat here worth exploring.

While most Sagittarius people will heal from a broken heart far too quickly for some to find palatable, this is a star sign that never dwells on the past.

Yet those of this star sign born on 1st December are often that much more sentimental, and they continuously get hung up on lost loves.

While this gives them the time to grieve a lost relationship that others of this star sign are too busy running away from to confront, it could be argued, it also means that people born on 1st December are a little slower to heal from the wounds of love than others like them.

It’s a bittersweet thing indeed.

Final Thought for the December 1 Zodiac

If you are a person born on December 1st, you should keep up on being optimistic about things.

However, take caution on the decisions that you will make. You should evenly weigh out the pros and cons and not be impulsive.

Do these things and you are sure to find success in whatever venture you enter into.

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