Dreams About Aliens

Dreams About Aliens

You open your eyes; you are in an unfamiliar place. The room is bright, painted all-white, and feels foreign. You feel as if you are floating but tied down. Suddenly you hear strange voices. Some high-pitched others low and groaning; you can’t make out what is being said but are filled with fear. Abruptly, something moves into your field of vision; it is a face; unnaturally colored and looking right into your eyes. You realize more of the same beings around you as they begin poking around your body with strange tools. Feelings of confusion and fear take over you. Suddenly, as you move around, you glimpse it from the solitary window—all blackness except a solitary blue and green planet. Slowly the realization dawns on you. Aliens have abducted you.

You wake up abruptly. Covered in sweat, panting, and with your heart beating fast, you check your surroundings to make sure you are safe. Fortunately, you are safe and sound in bed on the same planet. Dreams about aliens terrorize many people, and they think that it is a memory of being abducted. However, this is not true in reality, which is proven to be due to vivid dreaming.

Dreams about aliens can often reflect your current life circumstances. Alien abduction dreams usually depict your state of mind where you are grappling for some sense of stability. It can also be a sign of confronting the less good sides of yourself or an intrusion in your mental space and other insecurities, anxieties, and instability in your life.

Interpretations of having a dream about aliens

There can be many possible explanations of a dream depending upon its nature and theme. However, from the consensus of what people have experienced regarding aliens, there are similar elements in all of them. Thus, we have come up with three possible interpretations about why you have been dreaming of extraterrestrial beings.

1.     Dreams about aliens may suggest a confrontation with the problematic parts of your personality

If you have recently been having recurring dreams of extraterrestrial beings and UFOS, you may be getting in touch with the sides you find problematic. These may be some traits that make you different from your loved ones and friends, and your subconscious displeasure is why you are having this dream of being among aliens.

The depth of your alienation and how you feel about it will usually be shown in how ‘foreign’ or ‘alien looking’ the space beings in your dreams are. The different part of you that you find challenging is also natural and completely normal. You should not be ashamed of being different but realize that you will surely meet people in the future who will be similar to you if not in your current situation.

Being abducted by aliens suggests how you are being ‘abducted’ by your fear of conforming to expectations and inauthenticity. If fitting in with the group comes at the price of your authentic nature, you may be better off not fitting in.

2.     Dreaming about aliens may suggest that there is an intrusion in your personal and mental space

If you have been feeling dull or as if you are on autopilot and have recurring dreams about aliens, the most likely interpretation is that there is something heavy weighing on your mind. There might be something or someone invading your life or your mental space, and your brain’s method of dealing with it is these confusing dreams with aliens.

You may feel like you are not being given space in a relationship, or someone in your life is very overbearing, making you feel poked and prodded all the time. The heavy and alien machinery you see might be a sign of how you are beginning to feel. These dreams signify that you feel so far removed from your life that it feels utterly foreign to you now.  It also means you may come out of this experience having lost a friend or loved one who has become too overbearing. This experience will be a bittersweet one because they have become too disrespectful of your personal space while being close friends. This may be a family member who has gotten too overbearing or a friend who has crossed some boundaries.

The purpose of this dream is to convey to you the message that you need to stop putting up with relationships where your full potential is being minimized. At the same time, the other person only uses the relationship to propel their wishes. Have confidence in yourself and initiate a face-to-face conversation with the person in your life who has become an intrusion.

3.     Alien dreams warn of illusion and an upset in the life balance

If you are dreaming of aliens, you may be blaming everything that happens in your life on yourself. You should work on creating a balance in life. Avoid ruminating and stop blaming yourself for every single problem. You may also enjoy believing in made-up fantasies and illusions that do not exist in the reality we live in. While it is good to be interested in fantasies and the joy of life, it is also vital to learn the facts and truths of life. What you believe about people, and by extension, yourself, may not be the absolute truth.

Try to incorporate different perspectives to weigh in on important decisions and rely on emotions, feelings, and facts rather than assumptions and thoughts. Maybe you have disillusioned yourself into believing your goal is impossible without thinking about it objectively. 

If you dream about aliens, it can also be a sign of warning from your guardian angels. They are putting out a word of caution into your life to explain to you some things. Maybe you need to step back and look at the entire picture, or maybe you are overthinking things when the solution is easy. Either way, it is best to approach things with a sense of caution.

There are also chances of intrigues and gossiping around you. Look carefully at the environment since the offender may be the person you suspect the last. Caution is essential to living a hassle-free life, but you may need much more to prevent struggles later on.

Final Word

It is common knowledge that dreams do not occur without reason. They either reflect your thoughts and actions from the entire day or reveal your hearts deepest wants, insecurities and fear or come as a revelation about your current life situation.

This is because your mind doesn’t shut down even when you sleep; it constantly processes events. Thus, dreams come as a lesson or message to let go of the emotional baggage and leftover trauma. Sometimes you may hold on too tightly to a memory or a thought that hinders you from moving on in life. Most of the time, our dreams are trying to tell us that we have taken up too much on ourselves or have turned a blind eye to something meaningful. It is imperative to interpret and understand the true meaning of our dreams and incorporate the messages delivered by them in our lives.

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