What Does It Mean When You Have Dreams About Being Chased?

You’ve probably experienced having a dream about being chased by someone or something. It doesn’t matter who or what is chasing you, but you’re definitely not going to let it catch you!

Dreams about being chased can provide you with a lot of insight when it comes to things or people you can be running away from in your waking life.

The Meaning of Dreams About Being Chased

Being chased is one of the most common scenarios or themes in dreams, which are usually brought about by your fears and anxieties.

Fight or flight is often an instinctive response when there’s a physical danger around you.

In this type of dreams, you are often pursued by a scary monster, a huge animal, a murderous attacker, or an unknown figure, and they seem to be hellbent on hurting or killing you.

As a result, you scream, hide, run, or outsmart your pursuer.

What you do in your dreams reflect how you would respond to the same situation of fear, panic, or stress in real life.

Chase dreams signify that you don’t like confrontations because your instinctive response is to flee and dodge the issue.

It’s also important to note who’s chasing you so that you can figure out who’s causing you to feel scared and anxious.

Whoever is chasing you in your dream also symbolizes an aspect of yourself. Your own feelings of rage, fear, insecurity, and even love can manifest as the terrorizing figure.

It can also be a symbol of your own rejected or unwanted traits. You may be projecting these emotions onto the person or thing that’s chasing you.

When you experience a dream about being chased, you can try stopping and facing your pursuer. Find out why you are being chased or what you’re running away from.

Did you notice how close or how far you are to what’s chasing you? That usually indicates how close or how distant you are to the issue.

If you see the chaser closing the distance, it signifies a problem that’s not going away anytime soon. It will stay a problem until you face it and deal with it properly.

But if you run fast in your dream and can easily widen the gap between you and your pursuer, it only means that you are able to put a safe distance between you and your problems.

It can also be interpreted as your problems fading away the farther you run away. When you dream about being chased, it’s also like being attacked in some way.

This is why dreams about being chased happen more frequently in women because they are more physically fragile.

These dreams also mean that a change in direction in your personal life is also needed.

You might be going the wrong way, and here’s something that can help you go the right way. Only you’re too anxious to do it.

Dreams About Being Chased: Who’s Chasing You?

If you dream about being chased, think of your pursuer as a reflection of yourself or some aspect of yourself.

Negative emotions like fear, anger, or insecurity are projected to your pursuer. These are the parts of yourself that you need to focus on instead of ignoring it or running away from it.

If in your dream you can see a face but you don’t know whose it is, it can represent a situation at work or at home that you are trying to avoid.

You find it easier to pretend that the problem does not exist compared to facing it and dealing with it.

Once you find out why someone is running after you, then you can pinpoint exactly what you are running away from.

If you see an animal as your pursuer, it typically symbolizes your anger that you have been trying to suppress.

Whenever animals show up in your dreams, they often represent the wilder and freer side of yourself.

When all your anger and fierceness is projected onto this animal, you also have the opportunity to distance yourself from any kind of wild behavior that may arise.

Dreams About Being Chased: The Distance Is Also Important

The distance between you and your pursuer holds a lot of meaning. How fast you run is also very important.

How far or how close you are to the thing or person chasing you indicates how far or how close you are to the pressing issue.

If the pursuer is a good distance away and you’re confident that they will not be able to catch up, the message that your subconscious wants you to know is that you can easily resolve your problems.

If they’re right behind you and you feel like you’re in real danger, it means that your problems are urgent and need to be handled as soon as possible.

But if you see yourself in your dream being able to put a good distance between you and whoever is chasing you, it indicates that you’re handling your problems in a good and healthy way.

Dreams About Being Chased: What You Need to Know

This dream is a sign that you have serious concerns and worries in your waking life. It’s letting you know that you need to grow up and face the problems head-on.

You can run and hide all you want, but the problem will still be there when you get back.

There are just some things in this world that you cannot avoid, and there will just be responsibilities that you need to fulfill.

There are people who rely on you, and you need to show a brave face to the world no matter what you’re feeling or thinking.

If a man dreams about a woman chasing him, it usually means he feels stuck or dominated by another.

How close the woman is to him is an indication of how much time he has left before he finally faces the music.

If the pursuer in your dream catches up to you and attacks you, this indicates that your biggest fears are becoming real.

If you keep having the same dream of being chased, it signifies that you need to take some time out to ponder, reflect, and meditate on the reason why.

You will keep on dreaming this dream until you deal with what’s causing your stress and anxiety.

If it’s something that’s pressuring you at work, you need to sit down with your boss and talk about something that can be done.

If there’s something troubling you regarding your personal life, it’s time to communicate with the people involved and be completely honest for a change.

If a criminal is chasing you in your dreams, it’s a warning from your subconscious to protect yourself from people who may attempt to use you or abuse your kindness.

If your pursuer is hurling expletives as they chase you, this is a reflection of your anger and hostility.

It’s a message from your subconscious to remain silent when you start to lose your temper, else you will surely regret it.

If it’s a monster chasing you, it means that something will reach its conclusion shortly.

If you dream about something chasing you, but when you turn around no one is there, it means that you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

If a huge animal is chasing you, it symbolizes big new opportunities that can be put on hold.

When you can laugh at what’s chasing you no matter how scary or huge it is, this signifies your ability to laugh off your most embarrassing, traumatic, or challenging situations.

A huge animal close behind you can signify new opportunities, only they can get delayed.

When you are gripped with fear and unable to move upon seeing something chasing you, it means that you need to be more responsible.

Your issues and problems are catching up to you. If you refuse to do anything about it, they can swallow you whole and consume you.

If it’s your colleagues chasing you in your dream, it can be a reflection of what they think or feel about you in the workplace.

They might be feeling like you’re not pulling your weight and that you need to work with double the effort.

A dream about being chased also signifies that you will soon be facing financial hardships. Even if there’s no need to worry about money, you always worry about money, so this has to change, too.

If you have dreams about being chased and you’re moving in slow motion, it signifies the need to take a closer look at your relationships.

It also symbolizes what you need to do change these relationships for the better.

If you know something is chasing you but can’t see anything behind you, it means that you need to figure out how you feel.

But when a shadow is chasing you, that’s a different thing altogether. Shadows signify that you are denying yourself something for a long time now, and it’s about time that you stop doing so.

If your dream shows you being chased by a bull, it signifies trouble brewing at work. You can be working with a very competitive bunch and some people may be wanting to get your job.

If it’s a dog chasing you in your dreams, it means that you’re about to be busy very soon.

If you see yourself being chased by sharks in your dream, it indicates that there will be difficult times ahead and you will not be able to avoid them.

If it’s a mob of people or undead people chasing you, it points to relationship problems that you need to handle.

Dreams About Being Chased: Leave Behind Old Patterns

Chasing dreams usually signify that you need to get rid of old habits and behaviors. They are holding you back and preventing you from being the best version of yourself.

When you hold on to the old energies of anxiety, frustration, jealousy, or insecurity, you are also not allowing yourself to be happy and free.

When you can finally accept the fact that some things need to be changed and you have the power to do it, only then will you stop dreaming about being chased.

Dreams About Being Chased: Need to Act Now

Sometimes these dreams mean that you need to be far away from where you are currently and just move ahead to the future.

It could be a physical move, like transferring to a different city or country. It could also signify working on reaching your goals.

Something is propelling you to move, but you’re feeling scared to make that much-needed change. Some things need to change, but you’re too scared to leave your comfort zone.

You keep dreaming about being chased because you are not acknowledging what you are meant to do in this world. It will stay on your mind until you finally do something about it.

This can also be a message from your subconscious to receive instead of resist what the universe is throwing your way.

Dreams About Being Chased: The Main Message

The common theme in all dreams where someone is being chased is avoidance.

You dream about it more often when you’re trying to ignore a pressing issue or pretending that a problem does not exist.

When you want to understand this kind of dream, think about why you can’t get rid of the old and why you are scared to make a change.

If you do break away from your old habits, you will be so much better for it. You will also notice that you no longer have dreams of being chased.

These dreams simply indicate that your mind is making you aware of what you’re avoiding in life.

If you’re the one being chased in your dreams, it means that you are aware of potential threats that surround you.

It also means that your desire to fight is overcome with the desire to take flight, and that is what you need to avoid in your waking life.

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