What’s the Meaning of Your Dreams About Being Stalked?

People think that it’s sweet and flattering when someone is so interested in your every move, copies your look, and quotes every fascinating thing that you say.

Until things take a darker and more sinister turn and you become the object of a stalker’s fantasy.

Dreams about being stalked are quite common, and the meaning of the dreams can vary on the characters and elements that you see in them.

Here are some of the most common interpretations of your dreams about being stalked.

Interpretations of Dreams About Being Stalked

When you dream about being stalked, it often indicates your difficulty in handling a problem or dealing with an issue in your life.

Maybe you don’t like talking about it and just quickly evade people’s questions. Perhaps you pretend that everything’s fine, hoping that the problem will go away by itself.

Or maybe you try to downplay the situation and make it sound less serious when it’s really something potentially life-changing.

If you are the stalker in your dreams, it signifies your shadow self, which is the negative part of yourself.

You often have stalker dreams when your shadow self is taking over and starting to overshadow your positive aspects.

This often happens when you’re under a lot of stress, or when you’re surrounded by negative and antagonistic people.

Dreams about being stalked also symbolize your bad habits which you have tried to break unsuccessfully.

Dreams about being stalked by someone also signify persistent troubles in your personal or professional life.

They can also represent bad memories that keep coming back, people who refuse to leave you alone, or relationships that you can’t seem to stay away from.

These dreams symbolize anything in your life that makes you feel. It’s anything that makes you feel like a victim.

They also represent people who watch you like a hawk, noticing every little thing that you do, and waiting for you to make a mistake.

When you have dreams about being stalked, you are most likely feeling that your personal boundaries have been crossed. You have lost your sense of privacy.

You also can’t help but feel that someone is after you, and you feel like you need to protect yourself or be protected from any external threat.

Dreams of being stalked also reflect how you feel about being imitated, observed, or watched.

Maybe you have a friend that likes everything you post on social media and seems to always be present wherever you are.

You’re still deciding whether to be freaked out or flattered.

Perhaps you’ve only started dating someone, but you can’t help but notice how much they know about you already.

They know things that not a lot of people do. You don’t know whether you have friends who love to overshare about you or if they got the information elsewhere.

Maybe there’s this person at work you can’t help but notice because of the way they dress and look. It’s as if they raided your own closet because of how much they copied your style.

You want to be flattered because you are influencing their fashion sense, but you also can’t help but be annoyed by them for looking too much like you.

Dreaming about being stalked also signifies that people are jealous of you, but you will not allow people’s negativity to stop you from being a winner.

This kind of dream also signifies that someone is trying to blackmail you for something that you’re scared to be revealed to everyone.

It can also represent how you feel like your life is being toyed with by people or the universe in general.

Meanings of Dreams About Being Stalked

When you dream about yourself stalking someone, it often signifies your feelings of insecurity about missing out on things or not paying close attention.

You also have this kind of dream when you are keeping a close eye on someone.

Maybe it’s someone that you’re interested in dating and you’re gathering intel about their background, past relationships, and views on love, marriage, and babies.

Perhaps it’s the client that you have been trying to woo for the past few weeks. You want to know what makes this person tick so that you can use the info in your business negotiations.

Maybe it’s your friend who borrowed money from you because of a family emergency, and you’re watching their every move to make sure that the money will not go to their bad habits.

Dreams about being stalked will also arise when you’re spending a lot of time watching another person’s every move.

Maybe you’re on a mission to dig up dirt about someone as ammunition.

Perhaps you’re watching this person to get close to someone they know, which happens to be the real object of your affection.

You will also have stalking dreams when something is not going well between you and your boss, or you and someone in a place of authority.

Maybe you’ve bungled something at work and you’re just waiting for your boss to come bursting through your office doors.

Maybe you had a heated argument with your supervisor and you’re worried that they will fire you within the week.

Dreams about being stalked will also happen more frequently when you or someone you know is displaying obsessive behavior.

Maybe you just don’t realize it yet, but this applies to how you stalk their social media pages and pop in at parties you know they’ll be at.

It also applies to how you follow everyone who’s close to them to get more information about the person you’re interested in.

What Are Your Dreams About Being Stalked Telling You?

You may also have dreams about being stalked when you’re having troubles getting over your ex-lover.

When the breakup is only recent and the pain is still fresh, your tendency is to look at your old pictures and videos together and find out what they’re up to in their social media.

Sometimes you will also visit your favorite places, hoping that you’ll bump into them or even catch a glimpse of them.

You’ll want to know the new people they’re meeting and going out with.

If you had special powers, you’d probably use all of them to know what’s going on in their head and to watch them as long as you want without being seen.

It’s classic stalker behavior, so it’s really no surprise why you will have these stalker dreams. Dreams about being stalked can also happen when you have an intense crush on someone.

Your first instinct is to know everything that you can about them to find out things you have in common, things you both like or dislike, and people they have dated in the past to know how you compare.

In your desire to increase your chances of being liked by this person, you do your own research so that you will be prepared for your first date. If there ever will be a first date.

Interestingly, you will also have dreams about being stalked when someone accuses you of stalking them!

It will shock, infuriate, and annoy you so much that your subconscious will simply start picking up your signals and transmitting them to you. They will manifest as dreams of being stalked.

The Hidden Meaning of Your Dreams About Being Stalked

When you dream about being stalked, it’s probably because your shadow self or the negative aspect of yourself is making itself known.

You can’t help it because there are so many things happening around you, and your feelings and thoughts are starting to get conflicted.

When you are being stalked in your dreams, it also indicates that you are refusing to deal with your issues in life.

Refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem or trying to avoid them will not make the issues go away, though. This is the kind of thing that you just can’t run away from.

But the good thing about this is that the sooner you handle the problem, the sooner that you will get it out of the way and be able to sleep soundly at night.

You will also have stalker dreams when you yourself are guilty of stalking in real life.

Perhaps there’s someone that you really like but you’re not sure how to approach them and ask them out on a date.

You decide to look them up online and find out everything you can about them, including their family, friends, co-workers, and even their pets.

Maybe you still have strong and passionate feelings for your ex, and you just can’t deal with the fact that they’re no longer a part of your life.

You hold on to the memories and the keepsakes. You look at old photos and other souvenirs of the love that you shared.

You create playlists of songs that you both loved and send the links to them anonymously. And you drive by their house every night just to see if they’re doing okay.

The Message Behind Your Dreams About Being Stalked

When you dream about being stalked, the stalker symbolizes the negative aspect of your personality or your waking life.

You will experience these kinds of dreams when you’re not feeling very happy or proud of yourself for something that you have done.

Perhaps you are taking out your anger and your frustrations about your spouse on your young kids.

You can’t stop yourself from yelling and being impatient with them, and this dark side of your personality makes you hate yourself.

Maybe you participated in a mean prank that ended up hurting the feelings of another person very deeply.

At first, you thought it was all just harmless fun, but now you feel wracked with guilt after things got out of hand.

This can also apply to the dark turn that your life will make when you pick the bad choices and make the wrong decisions.

The same can be said when you fall into the same bad habits and unhealthy addictions.

Whenever you do something that puts you in a precarious situation or is hurtful to yourself and your loved ones, your shadow self rears its ugly head.

And when it does, it will usually manifest as bad dreams, such as dreams about being stalked.

More Interpretations of Dreams About Being Stalked

When you have dreams about being stalked, it can also symbolize your curiosity. You love to know things about life, people, and the world.

It’s this curiosity that will also fuel your desire to know everything about a certain person. You will do so with such intensity that it almost classifies as stalking. Thus, your stalker dreams.

Dreams about being stalked will also be more likely when you are deeply fascinated about something or someone that it’s almost like an obsession.

You desire everything that this object or person represents, and you will do everything in your power just to establish a connection with it.

You will be willing to hire people, spend money, or even make yourself vulnerable just to accomplish this feat.

When you have dreams about being stalked, it’s usually because you want something from someone so badly.

You expect something to happen when you meet this person, and you will make sure that everything goes as planned.

These dreams also arise when you desire control or power over someone because of your own powerlessness in real life.

Dreams About Being Stalked Further Explained

Remember that the meaning of your dreams varies, depending on the cast of characters and the elements that you can see in the dream.

More often than not, your dreams of being stalked don’t mean that you should start putting double locks on your doors and setting all your social media profiles to private (although there’s nothing wrong if you start doing this as well).

A stalker in your dreams or being stalked by one often signifies your shadow self that you need to control. To do this, you must release the negativity and allow your positive side to shine through.

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