The Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini Traits are informed by the tenth Sign of the Zodiac. The Twins are the symbol of this Star Sign, and they show the need for a Gemini to converse with others. The Moon in Gemini is a social butterfly, bringing all your best conversation skills forward.

The Moon in Gemini Traits

Lunar Geminis can get bored easily, when not stimulated. The Moon’s emotional pull on you has you wanting to speak to everyone you encounter. You are outgoing, and love meeting new people. When the Moon is in this position, your gift of gab is celebrated more than ever.

The Moon in Gemini Women

The Moon in Gemini Women heralds the sister spirits, who offer their shoulder for you to cry on. You are always there to talk to, though you may not want the full responsibility for cheering a friend up or giving them advice. Lunar Gemini Women can be the life of the party, as well as knit social circles together.

As a woman with the Moon in Gemini, reflect on your mother and other maternal influences in your life. You have seen many role models who love to communicate, know how to multitask, and tried to pass their tricks of the trade on to you. Although you and your mother may not have ever spoken at length about the meaning of life, you keep in close contact and check in often.

You treat your mother the way she taught you to show love. You show love to others in these same ways you learned from your mother. The Moon represents not only your inner child but also the mother(s) in your life. While the Moon in is Gemini, you will feel encouraged to initiate some much-needed dialogs with the women in your life.

The Moon in Gemini Men

Men with Moon in Gemini are more comfortable speaking in public than men of most other Star Signs. All Geminis have a need for stimulating conversation, constant inspiration, and a sense of momentum. Lunar Gemini Men are eloquent, and they are looking for a woman who can hold her own in an intelligent conversation.

Lunar Gemini Men are well-traveled, well-dressed, and well-groomed. They know how to project themselves to the outside world. All Geminis are great at self-expression and communication with others. If you cannot keep a Lunar Gemini Man laughing and learning, he will not care how hot you are.

Lunar Gemini Men hardly ever stutter. They always know exactly what to say. Or, at least, they usually try their newest pick-up line on you, just to ‘see if you’ve heard that one yet’. They are talkers.

These men are great lovers. Unfortunately, they can have a wandering eye when bored. Depending on their Star Sign and personal history in relationships, he could stray. One way to keep him interested is to spend time on individual projects and come together to share your interests. A Man with the Moon in Gemini does not want a fangirl underfoot—nor would he think that is a good look for anyone.

The Moon and Gemini in Love

The Moon and Gemini in Love need to feel appreciated. Lunar Geminis work hard and play hard, and deserve a partner in love who can fulfill their emotional needs. The Moon governs our emotions and subconscious needs. Study your Moon Sign further to find patterns in your past, on your search for love.

The Moon in Gemini will empower you with the vision to find your past mistakes. This will come to you in private times of reflection, especially around the dark nights of the New Moon (January 17th). With this knowledge, proceed and focus on possible new solutions and a commitment to trying each. The Full Moon in Gemini (September 3rd) is the best time to make a move on your love interest.

If you are single, this is the time you will be finding love and having a blast with this new partner. If you are in a committed relationship, you can look forward to the most fulfilling intercourse you have had in a long while. No matter your current relationship status, use the phases of the Moon to tell you whether it is time to be warming up or cooling down, so to speak. A growing Moon means something is in the works, and a shrinking Moon signifies that something is being resolved.

The Moon draws out your most anxious and emotional side, in relationships. Lunar Gemini, you need to compare your Moon Sign with that of your lover or love interest. To find fulfillment, you will need to mesh with your partner on many levels; two being Star Sign compatibility and Moon Sign Compatibility.

Your best prospects for love are with those who have Moon Signs of Aquarius. Lunar Aquarius are open-minded people. Aquarians are usually fun conversationalists. They also value independence of partners in any type of loving relationship. This Lunar air sign will keep you guessing and laughing.

Less talkative than Lunar Aquarius is the fascinating Lunar Pisces. Given a pair’s Star Signs, you might just be a good match. Pisceans also value alone time and great conversation. They might not be as social, or as transparent, as Aquarians.

Your worst prospects for love are with those who have Moon Signs of Cancer and Virgo. While Lunar Cancers are amazing homemakers, they are homebodies. You are the type that must get out and mingle with the masses. This person will want you at home, away from all the fun.

Lunar Geminis are not great matches with Lunar Virgos. The Virgo is a perfectionist. They prefer strict lifestyle commitments and schedules. Willingness to compromise for love is great and all, but the Moon tells us what we need—and should not be ignored.

Dates for the Moon in Gemini

Dates for the Moon in Gemini occur during the time of your Gemini Sun Sign (December 22- January 19), as well as other times of the year. All Lunar activity will affect you, so it is essential to be aware of key dates and Moon phase changes. Listed below are Lunar activities during Gemini:

The Moon in Gemini shows up first as a New Moon, which started on December 18th. A First Quarter Moon appears on December 26th of this year. As your sign moves into the New Year of 2018, January 2nd brings your Full Moon. January 8th sees the Last Quarter Moon and a New Moon on January 17th.

The Moon in Gemini also occurs throughout the year. On March 5th, a First Quarter Moon is in the Gemini house. September 13th sees the Last Quarter Moon, in Gemini. A Full Moon on September 3rd appears as the emotional Moon parallels your bursting with emotion now.

Final Thoughts

You share so much of yourself with everyone you meet. Make sure that you are not spreading yourself too thin, socially. Or worse, Lunar Geminis sometimes fall into the trap of being friendly with almost everyone and intimate with almost no one. You might have absorbed one or both of your parents’ tendencies to be more rational than emotional.

No one wants you to stop being so communal in spirit. It is one of your most beautiful qualities. However, realize that ‘community’ does not mean the same thing to everyone. Your fulfillment will come in the form of one or two people who you can really talk to. Like, really, really talk to.

Disregard people who are not respectful of you. Let the Moon in Gemini vent the necessary amount of anger, and try to move on. While you know healthy boundaries, you can usually give people second chances, if they ask nicely. Someone is waiting to talk to you!

A Question for You, Dear Gemini:

You are all about communication.

Lunar Gemini, if you had to give up one or another for a month, which would you go without: Your hearing or your voice?

What do you think?

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