Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini Traits

Neptune takes 165 years to complete its cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs.  Neptune’s position will show up in your natal chart—for Geminis, this is the Third House.

Neptune will offer you a lot of new encouragement to continue on your journey for love and fulfillment.

Your Neptune positioning speaks to the area of your life that your struggle with or procrastinate over.  Do not be discouraged, because Neptune wants to help you find love and fulfillment.

Mercury is your Ruling Planet—and you are seen as the ultimate communicators, The Twins.

Neptune in Gemini Women

Women with Neptune in Gemini often struggle with addiction and guilt issues—especially when you feel that you are not meeting expectations of loved ones.

The worst is when you feel like you are letting your children or pets down, due to your behavior.  Never forget you are worthy of finding love and fulfillment.

With the help of Neptune, you can think of new ways to encourage and help yourself.  You will also share these life lessons with others, and that love and kindness will find its way back to you.

Gemini women are very strong-willed.  You can do anything you set your mind to.

Prior planning is essential to your success, so make sure to use the time while Neptune is in Retrograde this year to figure out when and how to take action.

Daydreams can be a great source of visions, inspiration, and motivation for you, Gemini.

The danger this brings is that sometimes daydreaming is better than your reality, so you get stuck in a non-productive habit of letting your mind wonder a little too much.

When you feel this process kicking up is the exact time you need that person you can communicate with the most.

When you are blessed with a loving partner, make sure to tell them every day how much they mean to you.  Share your fears with each other, comfort each other, and keep each other going.

You will find that love and fulfillment comes to you when you give yourself completely to a relationship.

Hold nothing back.  Be honest; someone needs to hear the exact words you might be afraid to say!

Neptune in Gemini Men

Men with Neptune in Gemini often struggle with the same addiction and guilt cycles as Women.  They face the hardships of failing as a provider, protector, and fatherly figure.

Inside them is so much love for others, but their fears can be immobilizing, at times.

Reassure this man.  Listen when he is willing to talk about what stresses he is facing.  You investing of your time and compassion in him will pay you back, tenfold.

A Man with Neptune in Gemini is adventurous.  He is exciting to be around, and helps you try new things.  He is a great motivator and life partner—and the intercourse is usually pretty powerful.

Neptune stays in each house for years at a time.  This is good news to keep in mind when you are feeling lonely.

You have whole generations of fellow Geminis with the exact same placement of Neptune—think of each other as teammates in life.

Neptune will affect those born in the same generation and house differently, based on the other aspects of your Zodiac charts.

The similarities that you share will help you bond with these folks, who may lead lives very different from your own.

Gaining new perspectives from others in your generational wave will help you better understand your own situation.  You will find love and fulfillment when you embrace this.

Neptune and Gemini in Love

Your worst prospects for love are with a partner who lacks communication skills, or is unwilling to open up, emotionally.  You will always need a commitment in your relationships, as reflected by The Twins.

You might find yourself perplexed at the lack of attention from an Aquarius or Pisces.  An Aquarius may feel too detached, while a Pisces might not want to be tied down, at all.

You will benefit from finding someone you can build a home and a life with.

Your best prospects for love are with a partner who can invest as much as you do into the communication in your relationship.

You need to be with someone who feels comfortable owning up to their fears and mistakes, but also keeps hope that the future will be bright for you both.

A Cancer would make a great partner for you.  This person will fluff your pillows and cook your favorite meals.  A Cancer shows love by helping others feel at home.

Be aware of all a Cancer partner is doing for you.  Often quietly, they put others’ needs before their own.

Make sure to show your gratitude and return the favor—and you will find love and fulfillment.

Dates for Neptune in Gemini

Be aware of Neptune’s Retrograde cycle for this year:  Neptune enters the Retrograde zone on February 23, 2017, and becomes Stationary Retrograde on June 16, 2017.

Neptune goes Stationary Direct on November 22, 2017.  Neptune leaves the Retrograde zone on March 13, 2018.

Neptune’s cycles are very long.  Neptune entered Pisces on February 3, 2012.  Neptune will enter Pisces—in Retrograde—on October 22, 2025.

5 Little-Known Facts About Neptune in Gemini

As the sign of the twins, there are some that fear Gemini is one of the weaker signs.

However, you then need to look at the potential influence that Neptune has when it comes to these matters, and how it can very well improve the overall sense of this combination and the way that it can change your life.

To help, we can look at several facts just to make it easier to follow.

1. Neptune will give encouragement in life.

Thanks to the power of Neptune, you are going to quickly discover that it has the ability to really push you forward in life and to provide a sense of encouragement that may be missing elsewhere.

You are going to see that you are more capable than you ever realised before, and will feel propelled forward like never before.

2. You are a wonderful communicator.

You will also discover that with Neptune in Gemini that your ability as a communicator is going to be greatly enhanced.

This in itself is going to change the way in which people view you as they feel that you are able to put across your point well and there is little to no misunderstanding of what is going on.

3. You may have issues with guilt.

Women that have this particular combination in their life may discover that they are struggling with the concept of guilt and they are finding it hard to overcome various aspects of it.

This is an area that will ease once Neptune leaves the house, but during that period there will be a swarm of negative feelings and emotions that need to be addressed or they will just eat away at you for a longer period of time.

4. You can be very strong-willed.

Another key thing is that you are going to tend to be rather strong-willed, and this does primarily involve the women that have Neptune in Gemini.

You have this ability to set your mind on something and will then seek to pursue it no matter what you may have to do in order to reach your goal.

5. A man will love adventure.

For a Gemini man, there will often be a case of the individual loving adventure, so when Neptune appears, that feeling is going to be increased.

However, that does not mean that they are reckless as they do take calculated risks rather than just going blindly into any situation.

Overall, Gemini is going to be influenced by Neptune, but it may not always be in a positive manner for those individuals that fall under the spell of this astrological sign.

Instead, there can be some negative issues that have to be addressed before they are able to spoil different aspects of your life, and they cannot just be ignored.

However, at the same time, Neptune will certainly bring out stronger parts of your character that you may have even been ignoring because now is the time for them to push you forward like never before.

Final Thoughts

Remember, even if you are dealing with depression or addiction, that you can rise above your circumstances, to find love and fulfillment.

Neptune is always sending you love and hope:  Neptune’s glyph is shown as Neptune’s Trident, with a spiritually receptive open antenna on top.

The open top shows dominance over the lower matter that is related to human existence.  Because you value spiritual knowledge over material goods, you can transcend your problems, with time and focus.

Never forget that you are capable and worthy of finding love and fulfillment.  Your path to enlightenment is through conversations with others.

You will learn what you need to from your many friendships and communications—and this is where love and fulfillment will find you

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